9 Coffins Of The Immortals

9 Coffins of the Immortals summary: Authors Synopsis:————————–Some say he is like a bad apple in a bunch, rotting all that around him with disgrace and corruption.Some say he is the biggest sc.u.m in Nan-Zhan, colluding with the dark sects, cheating, stealing, and committed to all kinds of atrocities.Some also say, he is the most wanted playboy, “Lock your daughters at home to keep Fang-Xing away!”To all the haters out there, “That’s right, I am that big rotten apple. Any problems with that?”Translator’s Synopsis:——————————-An orphan who was brought up by a bunch of bandits who are hated by all, is our anti-hero Fang-Xing. He’s not afraid of making enemies who are stronger than him in this world, where the weak pays a hefty price with their lives. The story follows unexpected turns and twists that will have you reading at the edge of your seats and many sleepless nights.

Status: ongoing
Genres: Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Harem Martial Arts Xianxia
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