Against The Gods

Against the Gods summary: Against the G.o.ds is an exciting book of mixed genres. It is a combination of action, comedy, fantasy, adventure, martial arts, romance, and other genres, so there is something interesting for many readers. All prefer at least one of these genres, so this book is potentially suitable for them. Against the G.o.ds is published on NovelOnlineFull, and you can find other interesting details on the subject and content there. That's something you should definitely do. The book is available to registered users, but anyone can make an account on the website.    It is free and simple, so it should not take more than a minute from you. Against the G.o.ds is a very popular novel on the website. It has gained over one thousand positive votes and maintained a very high rating thanks to that fact. The book is quite large, so you can read more than 1300 chapters. It receives frequent updates, so it is not finished yet. The ongoing status makes it clear, the final plot is yet about to come. If you love long books with mixed genres, you should consider this one too, especially if you are a member of the website.    The main plot surrounds a young boy who possesses different kinds of fortune and treasuries. He is completely alone, and that's why he becomes the target of criminals and evil people. They believe the boy is an easy pray, so they can become rich after they take his own fortune. But the kid is not as naive as they think, and he is ready to defend himself and his treasuries. He always jumps off and prevents any type of attack or theft.    The criminals are often surprised by his sudden brave actions, so they are forced to return back and stop their own evil plans. That's how this young boy hast kept protecting his fortune. New evil people will come again, but they will not succeed to achieve what they planed. So the treasuries stay the boy's possession in the long run. There is one secret when it comes to the boy's strength and skills. He started learning some secret martial arts when he was a baby. Yun Gu was his master, and they performed different types of training. The boy is still little, but he is fully and intentionally prepared to defend himself from any type of attack.    That's why no one can steal his fortune, and he can compete and defeat even mature warriors without too many problems. The boy is also completely capable to protect people around him too, thanks to these abilities he has. And different twists and turns will force him to do that that often during the story.    Against the G.o.ds is written by Mars Gravity, who is also an author of some other books and texts. If you love exciting stories, you should certainly check Against the G.o.ds. Different events and happenings can scare and surprise, so there are all the preconditions to enjoy every moment while reading this book. 

Alternatives: Atg, Contra Los Dioses, Heaven Defying Evil God, Nghịch Thiên Tà Thần, Ni Tian Xie Shen, 逆天邪神
Status: ongoing
Genres: Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Harem Martial Arts Romance Mature Xuanhuan Seinen
Views: 16787463
1 Chapter 1 Yun Che, Xiao Che
2 Chapter 2 Losing Control
3 Chapter 3 Marry Me?
4 Chapter 4 The Wedding Procession
5 Chapter 5 The Wedding Ceremony
6 Chapter 6 Peerless Beauty
7 Chapter 7 Frozen Cloud Asgard
8 Chapter 8 The Wedding Night
9 Chapter 9 Wife, Are You Asleep?
10 Chapter 10 Star Concealing Grass
11 Chapter 11 The Red Haired Girl
12 Chapter 12 If You Werent My Little Aunt
13 Chapter 13 The Dangerous Haze
14 Chapter 14 Letter From the Xiao Sect
15 Chapter 15 Xiao Yulongs Probing
16 Chapter 16 Young Master Xiao, Looking for Death
17 Chapter 17 Would You Believe That Im a Doctor of Miracles?
18 Chapter 18 A Silver Needle to Release the Cold
19 Chapter 19 Opening the Profound
20 Chapter 20 This is Really Interesting
21 Chapter 21 Sharing the Same Bed
22.1 Chapter 22 Upheaval (1)
23.2 Chapter 23 Upheaval (2)
24.3 Chapter 24 Upheaval (3)
25.4 Chapter 25 Upheaval (4)
26.5 Chapter 26 Upheaval (5)
27.6 Chapter 27 Upheaval (6)
28.7 Chapter 28 Upheaval (7)
29.8 Chapter 29 Upheaval (8)
30.9 Chapter 30 Upheaval (9)
31 Chapter 31 Frozen Clouds Seven Fairies Chu Yueli
32 Chapter 32 The Ice Fairy Deterrent
33 Chapter 33 Star Concealed, For the Hated Blood Sacrifice
34.2 Chapter 34 Star Concealed, for the Hated Blood Sacrifice (2)
35 Chapter 35 Birth Secret
36 Chapter 36 My Names Yun Che
37 Chapter 37 Heavenly Gods Spiritual Veins
38 Chapter 38 Peerless Sage
39 Chapter 39 Blood Soaked Jasmine
40.2 Chapter 40 Blood Soaked Jasmine (2)
41.3 Chapter 41 Blood Soaked Jasmine (3)
42 Chapter 42 Master Jasmine
43.2 Chapter 43 Master Jasmine (2)
44 Chapter 44 Immortal Blood of the Evil God
45 Chapter 45 Rebirth of the Profound Veins
46 Chapter 46 Evil Gods Seven Realms
47 Chapter 47 The Boundary of Life and Death
48 Chapter 48 Seed of the Evil God Fire
49.2 Chapter 49 Seed of the Evil God Fire (2)
50.3 Chapter 50 Seed of the Evil God Fire (3)
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