Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine DaoAlchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao Chapter 3268 - 3268: Troublemaker

Chapter 3268 - 3268: Troublemaker

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Tuoba Tianhuang had been the top prodigy in Huju City for many years. It was only when Ling Han appeared that he was pushed down. However, it had only been a mere two months.

He had never lost his confidence because of this. He was still extremely proud.

Atter entering the Imperial Capital Academy, he vowed to be the second Hong Tianbu and make all the prodigies regret being born in the same era as him.

Therefore, how could he be afraid of Xu Youliang?

The two of them fought.

One was a Third Change and the other was a First Change. Originally, there should have been a huge gap between them. The outcome of the battle would not have been decided immediately, but it should not have exceeded a hundred moves. However, a hundred moves had already pa.s.sed, and the two of them were still fighting fiercely. In fact, it was impossible to tell who had the upper hand.

It was clear how talented Tuoba Tianhuang was.

After all, even though there was more than one person who unlocked his Hidden Meridians, there would definitely not be more than 20 of them in the younger generation. That was enough for Tuoba Tianhuang to stand proudly at the peak of the younger generation.

Hu Yang waited for a while and finally said, “Youliang, you can step back first.”

Although Xu Youliang was indignant, he knew that he could not defeat Tuoba Tianhuang in a short period of time.

Although he didn’t boil his blood and unleash an extremely powerful attack, Tuoba Tianhuang was also in the Blood Transformation Tier like him and also had a period of eruption. At most, both sides would be even.

Furthermore, given how freakish Tuoba Tianhuang was, his outburst might be even stronger than his. If that were to happen, he might only be at a disadvantage.

Therefore, although he was indignant, he could only retreat.

Tuoba Tianhuang was proud. Although he did not defeat Xu Youliang, the fact that he could fight a Third Change to a draw despite being a First Change was enough to show how powerful he was.

As expected, all the new students in the surroundings cast admiring gazes at him, and even the members of the Hu Clan Gang had a whole new level of respect for him. This young man was really strong, and his talent could probably be ranked in the top ten of Blood Transformation Tier.

Clap! Clap! Clap! Hu Yang clapped. “Not bad, not bad at all. Junior Brother

Tuoba is indeed a martial arts genius!”

Tuoba Tianhuang smiled faintly. The Tuoba Clan was already destroyed and he was the only survivor of the Tuoba Clan, bearing the mission of bringing the clan to greater heights.

This made him carry a huge pressure, but at the same time, he did not lose his arrogance. He felt that he was enough to reign supreme even in the capital.

In his opinion, Hu Yang’s praise was only natural. Naturally, it could not move him.

This made the corners of Hu Yang’s mouth curl up slightly. It seemed that he had to temper this kid’s spirit first. Otherwise, he would not listen obediently.

“However, there are crouching tigers and hidden dragons in the academy.

Junior Brother Tuoba is too arrogant.” He walked out. “I’ll suppress my cultivation level to First Change and spar with you.”

Tuoba Tianhuang glanced at him sideways. “Don’t regret it.”

Hu Yang smiled and shook his head. “Come, let’s spar.”

Of course, he could not suppress his cultivation level to First Change. Although he had also opened twenty meridians, he had no chance of winning. Therefore, he would only suppress his cultivation level to Second Change. In any case, no one would be able to tell.

“Attack.” He beckoned to Tuoba Tianhuang.

Tuoba Tianhuang was extremely arrogant and charged forward immediately without any fear.

He also had a slight understanding of the academy’s situation, so he also had his own ambitions. He wanted to make a name for himself. This way, after he left the academy in the future, the underlings he subdued here would be of use and contribute to the resurgence of the Tuoba Clan.

Hu Yang was his stepping stone.

The two of them fought, but Hu Yang’s advantage was immediately displayed. He suppressed Tuoba Tianhuang and did not give him any chance to retaliate.

This was an absolute suppression of strength.

The freshmen who were excited about Tuoba Tianhuang’s battle with a Third

Change Senior Brother immediately wilted. It turned out that a real Senior Brother was so powerful, and there was not the sligthest suspicion that Hu Yang had only suppressed his cultivation level to Second Change.

Tuoba Tianhuang did not expect the other party to set a trap for him either. He roared repeatedly and released his ultimate moves, but he could not turn the tables.

In less than fifty moves, he was defeated.

Hu Yang’s victory was not easy. He had the advantage of strength of a single Change, but it still took him more than 50 moves to defeat his opponent. This made him think even more highly of this young man.

“I’ve lost,” Tuoba Tianhuang said with a grim expression. He initially thought that he could sweep through cultivators of the same cultivation level and did not expect to be dealt a blow so quickly.

“You’re already very good. After all, even though I’ve suppressed my cultivation level, my foresight and battle experience are much higher than yours.” Hu Yang also started to feed honey after striking a blow on Tuoba Tianhuang.

“Follow me.” He extended an olive branch. “If you join my Hu Clan Gang, not only will no one dare to bully you in the academy, you will also have a vast s.p.a.ce for development in the future.”

Tuoba Tianhuang thought for a moment and nodded slowly.

Firstly, he had indeed lost to Hu Yang. Secondly, he also thought that if he wanted to revive the Tuoba Clan, he had to rely on external forces. Hu Yang’s father was one of the three dukes of the current government, and this backing was strong enough.

He might as well take advantage of the situation now. When his strength was absolutely strong in the future, he would naturally get the Hu Clan to suck up to him.

When Hu Yang saw that Tuoba Tianhuang had agreed to join the Hu Clan Gang, he couldn’t help but be delighted. He looked at the other freshmen and asked, “Are you guys willing to join the Hu Clan Gang?”

Everyone looked at each other. Hu Yang clearly looked like he was going to beat them up if they didn’t join him. What choice did they have?

“I-I’m willing.” “Me too.”

“I’m willing.”

Many people agreed after thinking about it. Among the new students this time, other than Hong Tianliang, the others were all from poor families. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have partic.i.p.ated in the screening.

To them, they indeed needed to find a backer in the academy. That Hu Clan Gang was also a good choice.

However, not everyone was willing to be coerced by others. Lian Xuerong immediately shook her head and said, “I’m not interested in joining any gang.” She turned around and was about to leave.

“Beauty, what’s the hurry?” Xu Youliang immediately jumped out and blocked Lian Xuerong’s path.

“Get out of the way!” Lian Xuerong said coldly. She had been the Banner Lord for several years, so she naturally had an intimidating aura that made Xu Youliang choke.

However, Xu Youliang was also a Third Change elite. It was impossible for him to be intimidated by the aura of another Third Change elite.

He revealed a frivolous expression and said, “Junior Sister Lian, why are you in such a hurry to leave? Could it be that there’s a lover waiting for you in the house?”

Shua, a whip shadow whipped over.

Xu Youliang retreated and dodged the whip. He licked his lips and said, “Yo, it’s a rose with thorns!”

Lian Xuerong held a long whip in her hand. Her expression was solemn, but when paired with her curvaceous figure and seductive face, this charm was incomparably alluring, making everyone stare dumbly.

Even Hu Yang was no exception. At first, he didn’t pay much attention to Lian Xuerong, but now he realized that this delicate flower was surprisingly alluring.

Hmm, it seemed that the gains this time were not limited to just a few subordinates.

“Scram!” Lian Xuerong shouted coldly..

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