Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine DaoAlchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao Chapter 3270 - 3270: Battling Tuoba Tianhuang Again

Chapter 3270 - 3270: Battling Tuoba Tianhuang Again

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Seeing this scene, everyone was shocked. What was going on? Tuoba Tianhuang’s attack was actually blocked? By a Meridian Opening Tier brat?

Who could believe it?

Only Lian Xuerong, Ge Qiuling, and Huan Xue behaved normally. They had long known how powerful Ling Han was, so they were naturally not surprised by this.

Hu Yang’s eyes also lit up. It seemed like there really were a few treasures hidden among the new students this time. He was going to have a great harvest.

Tuoba Tianhuang was not too shocked. He had only used 200,000kg of power in this punch, which was slightly more than his limit of 150,000kg power when he was at Twenty Meridians. Considering that Ling Han had stayed at Twenty Meridians for such a long time, it was not impossible for him to increase his power by a little.

However, 200,000kg of power was nothing to him. Even though Ling Han had blocked his first strike, could he block his second and third?

“At least you didn’t let me look down on you too much!” Tuoba Tianhuang said indifferently. This time round, he pointed out with a condescending att.i.tude. Ling Han snorted, and said, “You’ve learned to be a lackey so quickly?”

Tuoba Tianhuang’s expression changed involuntarily. Although he consoled himself that joining the Hu Clan Gang was only a temporary measure and he was just borrowing the Hu Clan’s power and reputation for the time being, he could not change the fact that it was called “Hu Clan Gang”.

It was not the Tuoba Gang!

“You’re still so sharp-tongued!” he said coldly. “You’ve put all your energy into talking, right? No wonder you couldn’t break through to the Blood Transformation Tier!”

“As a frog at the bottom of a well, you should not keep talking to yourself.” Ling Han shook his head. “Come, make your move. I’d like to see how much of my abilities you can force out.”

Tuoba Tianhuang almost went mad with anger. He was the one in the Blood Transformation Tier, alright? He was the one with the stronger abilities. This sentence should have been said by him!

“How arrogant and conceited!” He snorted coldly and exerted strength under his feet. Peng, he rushed out and punched angrily.

250,000kg power!

He understood that 250,000kg of strength was the limit of the Meridian

Opening Tier, and he did not believe that Ling Han could reach such a height.

Ling Han casually returned a punch. He planned to teach Tuoba Tianhuang a lesson today, so he decided to play along with him.

Peng, their fists collided, but once again, it was a draw.

Tuoba Tianhuang was truly surprised this time. “You’ve actually reached the limit of the Meridian Opening Tier!”

Ling Han was astounded. Since when was 250,000kg of strength the limit of the Meridian Opening Tier? Where the h.e.l.l did you hear that from? He shook his head, and was too lazy to educate the other party. He said, “Again. I’ll make you be in complete despair today!”

When Hu Yang saw this, he was also a little surprised. This Meridian Opening Tier really gave him a pleasant surprise. To be able to possess 250 ,oookg of strength, not only did he open up all the Hidden Meridians in his body, he even became a Body Arts cultivator.

It was really hard to imagine that a person from a remote city could actually cultivate Body Arts!

In reality, it was not impossible for there to bw Body Arts cultivators. For example, Extreme Bone Tier clans could afford a few packets of medicinal bath ingredients no matter what. The key was that a few packets were not enough. They needed to invest continuously. If this sum was taken into account, those who could truly be called Body Arts cultivators actually belonged to Inscription Tier clans.

He was also a Body Arts cultivator, but when he was in the Meridian Opening Tier, he had only pushed his power up to 100,000kg. There was no other way. If he wanted to increase it further, the materials needed would be too expensive, and even the Hu Clan could not afford it.

“Arrogant, I’ll let you be arrogant!” Tuoba Tianhuang sneered. His strength was as high as 500,000kg, comparable to an ordinary Third Change. This was a height that Meridian Opening Tier cultivators could only look up to.

Who asked you to be so stubborn?

The third time he attacked, he struck out with a palm strike. Boom, a gust of force whooshed. This time, he increased his power to 400,000kg.

He didn’t need to use any techniques. He just needed to crush his opponent with pure power. This kind of victory was the most satisfying.


Ling Han also met the attack with a palm strike. Their hands collided, and a powerful shockwave instantly reverberated through the air. At the same time, a loud thunderous sound rang out. It was still… a stalemate situation!


Tuoba Tianhuang wasn’t the only one who was shocked, even Hu Yang and the others also revealed shocked expressions. Even though they didn’t know how much power Tuoba Tianhuang had used, they knew that it definitely exceeded 250,oookg.

Hu Yang’s heart trembled. Could it be that he was going to encounter a little freakwho had reached the first limit of the Meridian Opening Tier?

Tuoba Tianhuang’s expression finally turned solemn, because 400,000kg of strength was already close to his limit. However, from the looks of it, Ling Han still seemed to be holding back.

For the first time, he was unsure. Could the other party really be comparable to him?

How did this brat cultivate?

Only now did he know that it wasn’t that Ling Han was inferior to him, but that he had gone even further in the Meridian Opening Tier, reaching a height that he couldn’t even imagine.

“In that case, let me see how far you’ve reached!” Tuoba Tianhuang charged out once more. This time round, he did not hold back at all and released 500,000kg of power.

His speed had also reached the speed of sound, and his entire body seemed to be wrapped in a layer of air current.

Ling Han only unleashed a force of 500,000 kilograms to clash with Tuoba Tianhuang.

Everyone was dazzled by what they saw. So Meridian Opening Tier cultivators could be this strong.

On the other hand, Hu Yang saw more.

Normally, Blood Transformation Tier cultivators would only be able to reach the speed of sound when they reached the Third Change. From this point of view, Tuoba Tianhuang was indeed an extraordinary talent, but Ling Han was clearly only in the Meridian Opening Tier, yet his speed had actually reached the speed of sound.

This was what was truly terrifying.

He had to recruit him.

Hu Yang thought to himself. Initially, he thought that he could nurture Tuoba Tianhuang into the number one general under him. But now, it seemed like he had to replace him.

“Ling Han, I take back what I said before. You didn’t disappoint me!” Tuoba Tianhuang laughed loudly, his fighting spirit blazing. He had always wanted to fight with Ling Han again, and now, he had finally gotten what he wanted.

Ling Han smiled in his heart. If he really had unleashed his full strength, how could Tuoba Tianhuang still dare to boast? By now, he would have already been beaten and lying flat on the ground.

However, his target was Hu Yang. So of course, he would not completely reveal his trump card now.

The two of them exchanged blows, but their power was equal. They were both martial arts prodigies, so it was unrealistic for them to rely on their techniques to suppress the other party. Thus, their battle was incomparably intense, yet it was difficult to determine the victor.

Hu Yang was incomparably excited. This brat had reached the first limit of the Meridian Opening Tier. Even if it was only after his physical power and mystical power fused together that he had reached such a height, it was still astonis.h.i.+ng.

He had picked up a treasure, a treasure.

“Take a hit from my Cold Ice Saber again!” Tuoba Tianhuang hollered. When he struck out again, there was a dense white aura around him and the surrounding temperature dropped rapidly.

He had used this technique during the battle in Huju City, but its power had increased by more than ten times now.

He believed that this kind of chill would definitely have a huge impact on Ling Han’s body. Even if he was only s.h.i.+vering from the cold, it would still cause a huge flaw in this kind of confrontation.

Ling Han felt a chill a.s.sault him, but when it touched his body, he was basically unaffected.

This was because his physique was too strong..

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