Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine DaoAlchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao Chapter 3271 - 3271: Losing One's Confidence with a Loss

Chapter 3271 - 3271: Losing One’s Confidence with a Loss

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Although Ling Han had not gone to test his strength for a long time, he believed that his physical power had definitely exceeded 250,000kg.

The medicinal bath from before, coupled with the subsequent use of Red Clouds Stone, made the strength of his physique soar.

Of course, if he didn’t have the Indestructible Heaven’s Scroll, he wouldn’t have been able to progress so quickly. However, he was once an Invincible Paragon Saint, and he had grasped countless techniques in his hands. His horizons were clear, and improving his cultivation technique was a trivial matter.

With a stronger physique, his vitality would naturally be vigorous as well. Hence, how could he be frozen by a little bit of chill from Tuoba Tianhuang’s attack?

“You still haven’t improved much!” Ling Han shook his head, and swung his fists repeatedly. His battle prowess was completely unaffected.


Tuoba Tianhuang could not accept this; the current Cold Ice Saber had been enhanced by him as a Blood Transformation cultivator – it was more than ten times stronger than before!

Even this could not affect Ling Han?

“Looks like you don’t have any new moves.” Ling Han revealed a dull expression. “Then I won’t play with you anymore.”

Tuoba Tianhuang almost shouted, ‘Play? Are you playing with me?’

This was a huge humiliation to him!

“You’re still so arrogant!” he said menacingly. “But you’ve forgotten what is the most powerful part of the Blood Transformation Tier!”

Hong, his blood boiled. Instantly, a terrifying aura surged out of his body, and his strength soared.

“Take a palm strike from me again!” He unleashed a strike of Cold Ice Palm.

He already had the strength of 500,000kg to begin with. Now that he had unleashed such an explosive power, his strength even exceeded 1.25 million kilograms. This was incomparably terrifying.

Ling Han did not take it head-on. Although he had already grasped Tuoba Tianhuang’s attack frequency and could completely neutralize his opponent’s attack, it was really not worth it.

This was not his ultimate opponent.

Thus, Ling Han only used the Shuttle Steps, and continuously dodged the attack.

No one laughed at Ling Han, because most people would choose to dodge when faced with the eruption of a Blood Transformation Tier cultivator. They would not fight head-on—unless they could crush him with their power.

On the contrary, with Ling Han clearly being no match in terms of power, if he still wanted to take the attack head-on, that would be too foolish indeed.

Ling Han didn’t channel the Shuttle Steps to the extreme, and instead used it once and stop for a moment before channeling it again. He only needed to ensure that he wouldn’t be blasted by Tuoba Tianhuang. Otherwise, even if his physique had improved, he wouldn’t be able to last for more than ten minutes.

Well, he needed a stronger physique.

Ling Han thought so to himself.

Seeing him safely dodging the attack repeatedly, everyone’s scalps went numb. So Meridian Opening Tier could be this strong?

One must understand that Tuoba Tianhuang’s current battle prowess was comparable to an ordinary Fifth Change.

In other words, when Ling Han faced a true elite of the Fifth Change, he could at least withstand a few moves.

It ought to only be a few moves. Everyone thought so. With his current high speed, it was impossible for him to maintain it for too long.

However, Ling Han’s toughness exceeded everyone’s expectations. One minute, three minutes, seven minutes pa.s.sed, yet he was still dodging.

Hiss, in another three minutes, Tuoba Tianhuang would fall from his explosive state.

Tuoba Tianhuang’s expression turned more and more grim as time pa.s.sed. His outburst period was not just 10 minutes but 11 minutes. However, the problem was, so what if there was an additional minute?

He still had a sliver of hope, and that was to take advantage of the general mentality, believing that the Blood Transformation Tier’s explosive period would only last for ten minutes. Perhaps Ling Han would relax, and then he would be able to succeed in one strike.


Fight, fight, fight. Ten minutes pa.s.sed quickly. However, to Tuoba Tianhuang’s disappointment, Ling Han did not launch a counterattack. Instead, he continued to widen the distance between them.

Aren’t you being too careful?

Tuoba Tianhuang was speechless. Against such a cautious opponent, his calculative plan would only fail.

He was speechless. How could this brat’s combat experience be so rich? He didn’t look like an 18 or 19 -year-old young man at all. He was practically an old warrior who had experienced hundreds of battles!

Of course. How many big and small battles had Ling Han experienced in the Genesis World? Scheming against him?


As soon as Tuoba Tianhuang’s outburst period was over, Ling Han launched a counterattack. He still didn’t use too much strength and was only slightly stronger than Tuoba Tianhuang. He seized the opportunity to strike Tuoba Tianhuang.

This didn’t affect Tuoba Tianhuang’s ability to fight again at all, but after being hit by a Meridian Opening Tier cultivator, how could he still have the cheek to fight again?

His face was filled with disappointment, and his confidence was shattered. He held the advantage of a wide zap in cultivation level, and even his blood was boiling. Even with such a great explosion, he still couldn’t take Ling Han down. Would he still have face to appear in front of Ling Han?

Clap, clap, clap. Hu Yang applauded and laughed. “Wonderful, truly wonderful!”

Ling Han looked at him, and asked, “You were the one who injured Banner Lord Lian, right?”

Lian Xuerong was a Third Change. Even in the entire academy, not many people could defeat her.

“It’s just a spar,” Hu Yang said calmly. “Ling Han, right? I think very highly of you. Among the younger generation of the Imperial Capital, there aren’t many who have reached the first limit of Meridian Opening, and you’re… probably the only one who hasn’t broken through to the Blood Transformation Tier.”

“Even if you flatter me, you won’t be able to escape the outcome of being beaten up by me,” Ling Han said calmly. He had only fought with Tuoba Tianhuang because he hated him for not defending and instead was helping outsiders bully his own people.

But against Hu Yang, it was different. He had injured Lian Xuerong, and with Ling Han’s protective personality, there was absolutely no way he would let him off.

Hu Yang’s expression couldn’t help but darken. He thought highly of Ling Han, but that didn’t mean that Ling Han could go over his head and behave atrociously.

This troublemaker must be eradicated. Otherwise, even if he was lured into the Hu Clan Gang with benefits, he would still become a disaster in the future.

“Ling Han, you’re really too arrogant,” he said calmly.

“If one don’t have abilities, that would be considered as arrogance. If one have abilities, then it would be regarded as confidence.” Ling Han cracked a smile. “Come on, are you also suppressing your cultivation level to fight with me?”

“Alright, I’ll make you admit defeat wholeheartedly,” Hu Yang said casually. “I’ll fight you with my First Change cultivation.”


Ling Han stomped on the ground, and a shockingly high speed instantly erupted. He threw a punch at Hu Yang.

Hu Yang also threw out a punch. His cultivation level was so high, so there was absolutely no way he could avoid Ling Han.


The loud noise was like thunder, and vigorous energy shot out. Hu Yang was seen to be retreating seven steps consecutively, his face filled with surprise.

What? Hu Yang was actually no match for Ling Han?

Although everyone knew that Hu Yang had suppressed his cultivation level, he was still so strong. As long as his cultivation level was higher than Ling Han’s, he shouldn’t be no match for him.

Only Hu Yang himself knew how much power he had used in that punch.

He had actually suppressed his power to the Second Change, and the power of his Second Change was enough to reach around 600,000kg. However, he was completely no match tor Ling Han.

Hiss, that brat was even hiding his strength when he fought with Tuoba Tianhuang earlier on.

F*ck, he was deliberately setting a trap for him!

Hu Yang’s expression was dark. Was this really a young man from a remote village? Such scheming was really too deep.

Simply two-faced!

He took a deep breath and said, “It turns out that your true power has surpa.s.sed the first limit. In fact, it’s far more than that!”

What first limit?

Tuoba Tianhuang was bewildered and asked the people from the Hu Clan Gang for guidance. After the other party briefly explained the limits of 500,000kg and 1 million kilograms, he couldn’t help but be shocked and sink into deeper despair.

It turned out that he really was a frog at the bottom of a well. To think that he had thought that he was only slightly inferior to Ling Han..

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