Ancient Strengthening Technique (Portraits Of Beauty)

Ancient Strengthening Technique (Portraits of Beauty) summary: Ancient Strengthening Technique is an interesting and compelling online book currently available at NovelOnlineFull. The topic of this piece is based on an ancient technique used for the increase in strength. The book is a mixture of several different genres, and that makes it suitable for many readers. It is a combination of action, adventure, martial arts, romance, and other genres, so a big majority of readers can find interesting parts for themselves. This is a popular novel that the public loves considering all the available details and data.    There are a number of positive reviews and hundreds of positive votes on the content. That's why the book has maintained a quite high rating. If you are a fan of these genres, you will definitely enjoy every moment of reading, and you should not miss such an excellent opportunity. The book is very long, and you have to keep that in your mind. There are over 2200 chapters, so it is not an easy task to read it from the beginning to the end. You have to be aware of that fact too. And the status is still ongoing which means new updates are about to come and the book will get new chapters.    The main character in Ancient Strengthening Technique is a warrior called Qing Shui. He is a very powerful individual that even possesses some supernatural powers. He is, for example, capable to move through different dimensions in seconds, so he can come to another very distant place very fast. But he is also a very dangerous character with various fighting skills and weapons. He is typically a real nightmare for his enemies and only a few dares to stand against him.    He trains a lot at the beginning of the story as a very young warrior, and he succeeds to attain all kinds of fighting skills during these intense preparations. He, in fact, spends approximately ten years during the training, so he comes completely ready to the stage. Revenge is the main motivation for such extreme preparations. He seeks vengeance against those who forsake his mother, and he is at their trace. The path is full of different twists and turns, so this warrior is about to meet many interesting people. Some of these will become his good friends, while others will more likely become his enemies.    The warrior will find out some exciting places and towns on the path, so the real adventure for him can start there. The Hundred Miles City is one of these cities, and a beautiful lady called Yu He is waiting for him at that location. However, there will be many problems next to these positive events, and some of these will lead this warrior into different fights and battles. He will mostly make victories, however, some compet.i.tors and situations are going to be very challenging for him, so he will spend a lot of time and energy to resolve them properly. The story yet has to continue, so you should read it and wait for the end.   

Alternatives: Ancient Strengthening Technique
Status: ongoing
Genres: Action Adventure Harem Martial Arts Romance Tragedy Chinese
Views: 9279922
1 Chapter 1 - Qing Clan, Qing Shui
2 Chapter 2 - Three Years Later
3 Chapter 3 - Body Transformation!
4 Chapter 4 - Ancient Strengthening Technique
5 Chapter 5 - Qing Shui Cultivates!
6 Chapter 6 - Blue Lotus Art
7 Chapter 7 - Impurities Cleansing
8 Chapter 8 - Divine Strength
9 Chapter 9 - Break Through To The Second-Layered Heavens!
10 Chapter 10 - Solitary Rapid Fist
11 Chapter 11 - First Handling Of Hidden Weapons
12 Chapter 12 - Demonic Beast, Emerges
13.3 Chapter 13 - Break Through To The 3Rd Layered Heavens! [Insert New Skill Here].
14 Chapter 14 - Still A Trash
15 Chapter 15 - Lan Clan’S Lan Yan`Er
16 Chapter 16 - Revered Professions – I Wanna Be A Alchemist
17 Chapter 17 - The Eldest Grandson Of Qing Clan
18 Chapter 18 - Ravishing Beauty
19 Chapter 19 - Portrait Of Beauty
20 Chapter 20 - Grades Of Medicinal Herbs
21 Chapter 21 - It Is Tough To Be Strong
22 Chapter 22 - Helpless Lies
23 Chapter 23 - Questions About Martial Grades
24 Chapter 24 - Miraculous Pill Or Forbidden Medicine?
25 Chapter 25 - Library Of Qing Clan, Elder Lin Appears!
26 Chapter 26 - Continental Medical Annal
27.28 Chapter 27 - & 28 – Off To The 1,000,000 Li Mountains
28 Chapter 28 - The Line Between Life And Death
29 Ancient Strengthening Technique Chapter 29
30 Chapter 30 - Realm Of The Violet Jade Immortal
31 Chapter 31 - Limitations Of The Spatial Realm
32 Chapter 32 - >
33.1 Chapter 33 - It Takes 10 Years To Forge A Good Sword
34 Chapter 34 - Iaido
35 Chapter 35 - Consumption Of The Energy Enhancing Fruits
36 Chapter 36 - Return To The Qing Clan
37 Chapter 37 - Night Market At The Town Of The Setting Phoenix
38.1 Chapter 38 - Annual Competition Amongst The Third Generations (1)
39.3 Chapter 39 - Annual Competition Amongst The 3Rd Generations (2)
40.3 Chapter 40 - Annual Competition Amongst The 3Rd Generation (3)
41 Chapter 41 - Qing Bei Vs Lan Yan`Er
42 Chapter 42 - One Move
43 Chapter 43 - Qing Shui’S Magnificent Strike
44 Chapter 44 - Coming Of Age Ceremony
45 Chapter 45 - A Divine Crippling Pill
46.1 Chapter 46 - Circumstances Of Qing Shui’S Birth (1)
47.2 Chapter 47 - Circumstances Of Qing Shui’S Birth (2)
48 Chapter 48 - Lingering Charm
49 Chapter 49 - The Mysterious Feng Wu Xi
50 Chapter 50 - The Prosperous Hundred Miles City
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