Arms OtomeArms Otome Chapter 21

TL: Yuki


「Ente, Jenny, Maevis. Engage with the Demon in full power! 」

Yato's voice echoed through the silent wilderness of the evening. Despite hearing her call, the Demon Molva didn't move. To him, it was certain that this party is strong. They could even be considered in the upper cla.s.s if compared to other triple party.

But he knew, they won't be enough to defeat him.

Even if several Triple parties fought against him, Molva was confident that he would be able to beat them easily.

As a matter of fact, a demon is certainly a very powerful being. If strength is to be tested, Molva alone could bring down the town of Valsa into ruins.

But that won't be interesting is what he thought.

The same is also true when he tried using the power of undead to take over the town. It was not only to stay out of Ruruka's radar that is after him, the main reason was because it was more fun to do so.

For him, even making the mage Ganga be engulfed by his feelings and turning into an undead was interesting along with seeing a former human and other humans fight each other.

But all of that meticulous work ended up as a failure because of a saint. And in order for Molva to ease the feeling of frustration from his failed plan, it was important for him to take her life in the most unpleasant way possible.

His fun time might have been prematurely disrupted, but now she will instead use the saint as a form of entertainment in exchange.

He certainly wanted to slowly have his entertainment using the saint for a while, however……

Right in front of them Molva unleashed his attack, but that didn't even reach Ente、Jenny、Maevis.

Although it was not with all his strength, he was expecting that they would at least suffer a few wounds. He was even expecting it to be close to fatal wounds. After that he thought that it would have been quite interesting to see how the saint would react when her friend become undead one by one.

Molvathen laughed horrendously as if he had come up with a great idea.

But as Molva attacked, he felt a little strange when Maevis received the blow.

(What is this? It felt like I hit something extremely hard just now)

It was obviously not the same as before.

As a matter of fact, instead of stepping back Maevis actually presses forward.

Molva was astonished by the fact that he was losing against her in terms of strength.


Ente quickly comes out from the side to strike his body.

Her movement was clearly different from before, it's to the point that even Molva couldn't follow it with his eyes.

(Fun~, it would be useless anyway)

Molva didn't dodge and instead received the attack with confidence. Before, the most she could do was put a scratch on his outer sh.e.l.l is what he expected. That is what he expected, that is until it pierced through Molva's sh.e.l.l and cut into his muscles.


For the first time since the battle started, this was the first real damage the he has received.

A deep wound made its way through Molva's stomac, and blood was dripping down from it.

(What the h.e.l.l is this? Why is this happening? )

Molvais certainly confused. During the battle until now, it was impossible for him to receive any damage. Not to mention the people who actually wounded him was mere humans.

As he noticed another one attack, he prepared to fire his black flaming breath.


Molva barely dodged the piercing attack from the lightning infused spear. However it was not a complete evasion as a deep laceration could be found that was gouged through his shoulder.


She pierced through his hard sh.e.l.l, tore through his muscles and even burnt them with lightning. It was definitely not on the same level as the previous attacks. For the first time since the fight has started, Molva understood that there was no more room to just play around.

Good luck everyone.

I pray as I watch the fight between Ente's group and the Demon. I could clearly see the difference in their movements compared to before. The reason for that is because I leveled up everyone in exchange for almost everything I've saved up.

It was not only from the money that I have saved and left untouched, only the pocket money of 150 thousand was left.

Also by defeating the huge amount of undead from before, that money was also increased by a lot.

The system where one can't raise levels during battle is not exclusive to 「ARMS Otome」 but also to other games that I could think of.

But now that everything became a reality, such restrictions were also removed.

Of course, there was also the possibility that they may not be able to win even with the upgrades, but………

Believing in everyone's is also not wrong!

I firmly held Erina who became a bow. I will definitely get you some treatment when we return to town.

So please be patient and wait a little more.

A voice saying 「You don't have to worry, Ojou-sama」is what I felt that I have heard coming from Erina.

The demons are certainly strong beings. I was thinking that the power of the demon is still certainly stronger even if they have leveled up.

That is just how strong a demon―― a quasi-disaster cla.s.s monster is.

It may not be definitely wrong to consider that was a Raid Boss.

But if Ente and the others are working together, they're power can become many times much stronger.

It is not just based on numerical data.

Those children are the ones who think and act on their on their own using their strategies.

But still, the demon might still not have been an opponent that would be easily matched.

Even when I'm looking from a faraway spot from the battle, I am still able to understand that his attack patterns have changed and became even more complicated.

The battle continued as Ente's white silver sword tears the demon up every time a gap was present. Jenny also does the same delivering lightning charged attacks pierces through his hard sh.e.l.l.

The shockwaves and flames were easily blocked and prevented by Maevis. Also during momentary gaps, she also engages with attacks. And during that moment, she was able to trigger a paralysis attack. Of course it would easily be resisted in just a moment, but that moment alone would already be enough for Ente to deliver a strong attack.

I was thinking that it would have been really bad if the demon became serious when the fight began. But right now Ente and Jenny's attack was definitely taking effect.

Right now, my special skills would probably be very effective.

The demon was getting more and more irritated as he sheds off blood when they continue their attack. Although you could only hear shockwaves from his attacks, Ente and Jenny are now dodging it with ease. Also along with them dodging is a counter attack. But as expect of a demon, it was really tough. Ente and Jenny were certainly delivering damage, but were still moving as if it wasn't even wounded. But despite the seemingly endless physical prowess, there will always be a limit to how much one can last. I wonder if Ente's ability to reduce attack power of demons and undead is also taking effect. Maevis also slams the demon with her shield every time she gets a chance.

As I was watching the girls fighting, I couldn't help but think that it was beautiful. Ente was like a dancer moving around the demon while swinging her sword like she was in a dance. Jenny was also in the same way who was guiding the demon like a weird moth as she danced paired with Ente. In between the two people who move in fluent offense, Maevis continues to block and take away the Demon's attention. It also seemed like it tried releasing several shockwaves towards me but was all blocked by Maevis.

I kept on wishing for everyone to succeed as they continued the battle. And I know, the long seemingly endless battle was about to reach it's endd.

「Guaaaaa, this annoying humans… For me to actually be like this!!」

Probably thinking as a last resort, the demon aimed straight at me. His scorching red eyes were lock-on to me. Although I prepared to receive an attack, it was futile because it was not able to close in to me.

「Don't you dare approach Master!」


Ente with her shining sword cuts a deep wound on the demon's neck, while Jenny with her sparking spear pierces through his stomach.

「Gah……Impo……For…a mere…human…to…I…」

After the attack which became a finishing blow, the giant demon fell down on the ground.

I was still on alert waiting if the demon would still move. Ente also didn't drop down her guard yet. However, a few moments later, the demon turned into golden particles of light. The particles then like always, flowed into me.

「Finally, ended………」

Listening to the sound of coins in my head, I couldn't help but sit down as the tension goes away. It hasn't been a full day yet since I was kidnapped and morning hasn't arrived yet. But still, it fekt like it was a really long time that pa.s.sed. But finally, it's over.

Ahhh, I want to take a bath, eat delicious food and then after that, have a little bit of beer!

I really want to be turned into a slob and just sleep with everyone today.

I could see everyone headed towards my place.

Un, un, you did well everyone. Erina too, thank you.

I greeted everyone with a smile in full bloom.

About an hour after Yato departed. A pair of young man and woman stood near the catacombs.

「SO, what do you think, Ruruka?」

「What do you mean, what do I think?」

「No, you see, didn't you sense the Demon's power?」

「That is without a doubt」

The man could only scratch his head in response. The girl called Ruruka was emotionless. She did nothing but stare at the aftermath of the battle.

「The demon is not here. The one who fought it also couldn't be found」

「Because the battle ended, only the winner is to be found」

The girl didn't show any emotion as she replied. The man couldn't help but shrug his shoulders to her reaction.

「We arrived here as fast as we could. Was it probably ended much earlier than we expected? 」

「Guy was only late to arrive」

Ruruka cut off the man's excuse.

Guy who was reprimanded couldn't help but stare at the sky and replied in disatisfaction.

「Oi oi, It's not that I am slow at using my skills.

How far did you think we have to jump off just to arrive here? 」

「We are late because you couldn't make it in time. That is all」

Guy decided to ignore Ruruka's remarks because he understands that it would be pointless even if he argues.

「But…… It's weird the there isn't any trace of the demon left here」

Ruruka touched the ground where she calculated to be the place where the demon fell.

「Don't they erase everything in order to escape?」

Ruruka shook her head to Guy's response.

「That's not it. Everything is gone. The possibility of being defeated is high, but the disappearance is too unnatural」

「A person with capabilities of defeating a demon, did you hear of anyone arriving in this country?」

「Don't know」

Guy thought about it. Is it some unknown hunter?

There are supposedly few hunters capable of defeating demons. There are also some of them that they are acquainted with.

「Could there also be a possibility of two demons fighting each other」

That is what Guy responded to Ruruka. But he also understood that such an occurrence is extremely rare.

If it was a high ranking dragon, or maybe a legendary mythical beast then it would be possible. But then it wouldn't leave just this small amount of destruction. The terrain itself might even be changed in the aftermath of such fights. Then the best conclusion they could find would be two demons of the same rank fighting each other.

「Is probably someone like Ruruka?」

Ruruka didn't respond to Guy's words.

「It would have been great if we can fight together」

「Don't expect it. Demons basically hate humans to their core. I am the only exception」

Guy responded to what Ruruka said in a joke.

「That's right. I am just praying that I won't go against you one day. Oh, even though I am a human, Ruruka doesn't hate me, right? 」

「I don't hate humans. But I hate Guy」

After Guy received her answer, he held Ruruka's hand and then the figure of the two disappeared in the wilderness.

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