Cultivation Chat GroupCultivation Chat Group Chapter 2319 - 2319: Bursting with Fury!

Chapter 2319 - 2319: Bursting with Fury!

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“Why is this sealing pillar here?” the fat ball wondered aloud.

“Where’s Bai Youyou? Where was Bai Youyou, who was originally sealed? Why has he disappeared? Logically speaking, this seal should have kept Bai Youyou sealed for at least 5,000 years!

“Why was my sealing pillar transferred to the main world? How was it actually used to deal with my Heavenly Dao Relic body?”

A hundred possibilities and doubts instantly flooded the fat ball’s mind. However, it didn’t have the luxury of time to contemplate them.

If it had been just a moment slower, the entire Heavenly Dao Molt Ball might have been scooped up into the sealing pillar and taken away.

“Stop!!!” the fat ball roared in anger.

Since it was the creator and owner of the sealing pillar, it could control it remotely. A liquid metal arm extended from the fat ball’s body and reached out to grasp the seven-colored sealing pillar in Song Shuhang’s hand from a distance. “Stop! Ahhh!”

But before the fat ball could complete its action, it let out a series of screams.

From its own shadow, a despicable figure suddenly emerged. A dagger made of the Holy Light Element was brutally thrust into its body.

This dagger was clearly no ordinary weapon. It easily pierced through the projection of the fat ball boss.

“Hahahaha, Fellow Daoist Fatty Ball, I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long!” a malicious voice came from behind the fat ball.

The fat ball boss didn’t need to turn around to know who it was—the only person capable of such a despicable act was Bai Youyou.

In fact, the fat ball boss didn’t even have a head to turn.

“Holy Light Dagger, you filthy b.a.s.t.a.r.d,” the fat ball boss exclaimed, fl.u.s.tered and infuriated. It had never expected that Bai would use a Holy Light Element weapon to harm it.

It squeezed its body, and a dragon’s roar emanated from within. It activated

the power of the Third Wielder of the Will’s magical treasure, the dragon-shaped commander’s seal. The Holy Light dagger was forcefully ejected, corroded by the fat ball’s Netherworld evil energy and reduced to ashes.

It was a pity that such an exceptional Holy Light Dagger had met such an end.

Senior White Two chuckled while removing his gloves and incinerating them into ashes with the Nine Netherworld Devil Flame.

Then, Senior White Two stretched his arms and stood in front of the fat ball while speaking with an air of righteousness. “With me here, if you want to cross over today, you’ll have to do it over my dead body.”

“If I could step over your corpse, I would have turned it into meat paste long ago!” the fat ball boss nearly went mad.

While Senior White Two and the fat ball confronted each other, Song Shuhang made a decisive move.

In this critical moment, Song Shuhang’s mind remained clear. After rolling up the shovel in his hand, he swiftly activated the Saber Nurturing Technique to reseal the pillar.

The sealing pillar’s body and base merged rapidly—song Shuhang acted swiftly with the understanding that the sealing pillar was the fat ball’s creation.

If the fat ball boss seized the opportunity, it could have taken the sealing pillar and nine-tenths of the Heavenly Dao Molt Ball within.

So, Song Shuhang made the immediate decision to close the sealing pillar and swiftly stowed it within his Inner World.

Inside the Inner World, diligent a.s.sistants were already prepared. As soon as the sealing pillar entered, it was expedited to the world of the Black Lotus and handed over to Senior White Two’s primary body for safekeeping.

With Senior White Two around, the sealing pillar and the Heavenly Dao Molt Ball inside it were absolutely secure.

As for the remaining portion of the Heavenly Dao Molt Ball in the main world,

Song Shuhang planned to offer it as another blood sacrifice.

“Bai Youyou,” the fat ball roared.

“Yes, yes, I’m here,” Senior White Two responded cheerfully.

The fat ball boss was so infuriated that it nearly exploded.

“Thank you for the compliment,” Senior White Two accepted the fat ball’s praise without hesitation. As the ruler of the Netherworld, he should be an ent.i.ty both hated and feared by others.

Senior White Two felt exceedingly delighted watching the fat ball explode in anger. Such moments of pleasure were rare and precious, so one should savor them.

Unfortunately, Senior White Two forgot to record this scene. Otherwise, when the fat ball disappeared in the future, he could relish this pleasure by watching the video.

While Senior White Two and the fat ball confronted each other, Song Shuhang suddenly clenched his teeth and used his hand to touch the remaining body of the Heavenly Dao Molt Ball.

He activated the secret appraisal technique. Under Song Shuhang’s deliberate control, the blood loss was still extremely significant. A large amount of

Tyrannical Song’s precious blood sprayed onto the remaining Heavenly Dao Molt Ball.

Buzz, buzz, buzz—corrosive white smoke billowed from the last portion of the Heavenly Dao Molt Ball. As it corroded, the white smoke came into contact with Song Shuhang’s body and transformed into the power of virtue.

Seeing that Song Shuhang had dealt a fatal blow to the last part of the

Heavenly Dao Molt Ball, the fat ball’s rationality was on the verge of collapse.

“Bai Youyou, I’ve said it before: whoever makes me unhappy for a moment, I’ll make them unhappy for the rest of their life.” The fat ball’s clone suddenly expanded.

Simultaneously, the fat ball’s will spread out, and a powerful spatial seal extended and instantly froze the surrounding s.p.a.ce.

This time, it wasn’t playing games; it was determined to destroy this precious clone.

“Not good, the fat ball is really going to explode,” Senior White Two transmitted his voice to Song Shuhang.

If the fat ball exploded, all the cultivators present and the entire Jiangnan area below would be flattened. In fact, if the Heavenly Dao Law didn’t intervene in time to stop it, the explosion of the fat ball’s clone could be like a real-world map-altering device and wantonly smudge the world map.

“Let’s go!” Senior White Two’s body moved, and he appeared next to Song Shuhang. He picked him up and fled into the distance—As for the other cultivators, they weren’t within the range of the Netherworld ruler’s power, so they could only hope for the best.

Boom- The fat ball’s body exploded.

However, the explosion’s force wasn’t as powerful as Senior White Two had antic.i.p.ated.

At the moment of the explosion, the dragon-shaped commander’s seal turned into a stream of light and rushed into the remaining Heavenly Dao Molt Ball and scooped it up.

“I was actually tricked by the fat ball. That fat ball is getting craftier,” Senior

White Two remarked..

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