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 Chapter 49: Casually sweeping magic beasts with the little Loli.

 Blood lineage? It's another blood lineage!

 Charlotte could not help but wonder, is the ancestor of Wu Ling Feng the Creator? He has also has an alchemy blood lineage, and made it possible to produce high-level dolls such as this Loli doll in the beginning.

 It's too shocking. Compared with Wu Ling Feng, Charlotte feels that she is a poor wizard. Her family's bloodline is worse than others. Is this still human, a divinity, a reincarnation of a saint?

 Wu Ling Feng looked at the girls around him and saw that they are looking at him as if he was a monster. He could not help waving his hand and said shyly, " Don't stare at me all the time, you know what let's just eat, yes let's eat ..."

 " Alright let's have our meal first, your blood lineage is just too precious. My estimation is that you're the only one in the world..." Charlotte can't help but look at Wu Ling Feng plaintively, sitting on the table as she ate her meal.

 Helena nodded. This guy has shocked her one after another. He led the army and fought with great wisdom. Now his blood leneage turned out to be so precious. It is not too much to say that he is the reincarnation of the G.o.ds. He is really the son of a legend.

 Shania sighed in her heart, afraid that in a year's time, he would really have the strength to defeat herself.

 Winnie is feeling happier on the other hand. It's really good to have a boy like Onii-chan by her side.

[As some of you may had forgotten she doesn't know the meaning of Onii-chan and just preemptively use it as she was asked to.]

 Wu Ling Feng looked at the various expressions of the women and said, " If you want, I will send you this kind of doll later. However, the strength of this kind of doll is probably the level of a senior wizard. If people other than me want to control it, they must reach the level of a senior wizard or a silver knight.

 Helena and Shania should be able to control them, but shania, I prefer not to give her one ... "

 Hearing Wu Ling Feng's words, Shania immediately snorted coldly and said, " Fine I don't want it anyways..."

 Helena was pleasantly surprised and said: " Can't you do it? Is it very expensive perhaps?"

 Wu Lingfeng said: " Although the production cost is very high it is doable the problem is that who made our relationship be fire and ice? When the time comes, we will make one for you. However, the doll I made is a kind of doll card. It takes energy to summon such a doll. You know, you need to input your Doubts Xi..."

 " Doll card? Summon? " Charlotte said in surprise, " It seems that this is indeed divine. If this is the case, it should be under the control of some kind of law power. Master Ling Feng has the blood of the G.o.ds, and your magic is mixed with divine power. When making it, the magic doll is engraved into a magic circuit. If it is stimulated, it makes sense to input Energy as a way to summon them."

 " How?" Wu Ling Feng asked.

 Charlotte explained: " Legend has it that there are similar examples. Like the precious leaves of the tree of life of the elves, the input of energy can call ancient tree people, and the totem of orcs can call totem G.o.ds to come ...

 Through specific laws, this power exists, such as magic dolls, compressed into something easy to carry; it may be as leaves, cards, totem poles and so on. The time duration is limited, and it will disappear after the use if the designate period of time has pa.s.sed.

 Such magic alchemy has, but must itself be rules or have divine power. So you can already guess that it is as well may be that you have the blood of a G.o.d but which G.o.d it belongs is not clear. "

 Wu Ling Feng couldn't help laughing in his heart. His great G.o.d is the system, which in itself contained and inherent in laws.

 " Anyways let's just continue to it... Helena will organize the soldiers first in the afternoon. I'll go to the lost forest to practice, to improve my strength, and then attack the next city." Wu Ling Feng said.

 " Well, I see, leave it to me ..." Helena nodded.


 After lunch, Wu Ling Feng took the Loli doll to kill some magic beasts in the lost forest. The lost forest is located in the contact area between the Holy Light Empire and the thorns flower Empire. It's in the center of the mainland, and also has contact with the southern Gaudz alliance country, by a large area.

 Lost Forest is an ideal place to kill magic beasts. They are numerous. From periphery to its depths, the level of the magic beasts have been gradually increasing. However, it is worth noting that sometimes advanced magic beast will come out from time to time to take a stroll. If you are unlucky, you will encounter it.

 Arriving at the periphery, Wu Ling Feng said to the Loli doll, " Go and fight those magic beast and try to avoid the getting damage ..."

 The Loli doll nodded lightly and threw a snowman directly at the lowest leveled water arrow rabbit. Immediately, the water arrow rabbit was frozen into ice. In a split second, Wu Ling Feng nodded with satisfaction. The damage was good. The water arrow rabbit gave Wu Ling Feng a gold coin. But, he was somewhat speechless. The drop rate of the money was too low. There was more in the game than a mere gold coin dropping even if it's the lowest magic beast.

 However, no matter how small the mosquito is, it's still meat. Wu Ling Feng let the Loli doll rush up in the forest. It is worth mentioning that the Loli doll quickly Returns from time to time after she killed one, the efficiency is much faster and much safer too.

 In such a low-level area, a large amount of low leveled magic beast has been wiped out by the loli doll, and more than 1,000 gold coins have been dropped. A gold coin has been dropped uniformly. Wu lingfeng thinks that the drop rate is not that bad. The cost of making the loli doll has already been recovered including his first failed attempt. What's important is that he still has 15 days before the summon ends.

 After sweeping through the low-level areas, Wu Ling Feng ordered the Loli doll to went further in and fight with those more higher leveled magic beasts. However, this time Wu Ling Feng also joined the fight, because the magic cooldown of the Loli doll was less than the time she would use to rush to a magic beast to fight hand to hand combat, he let the Loli doll use the former in fighting while at the same time being speechless by her power.

 In order to avoid damage to the loli doll, Wu Ling Feng can only attack himself and let the Loli doll put magic in the distance. After all, this is not a game. The Loli doll can also lose health and get its durability down.

The freezing state from time to time makes it much easier for Wu Ling Feng to fight, and the ice wall can also timely give Wu Ling Feng to resist enemy attacks.

 With the cooperation of Wu Ling Feng and the loli doll, magic beasts are basically in a constant state of being abused.

 Sure enough, it's really a great choice to choose the puppet master as his first sub cla.s.s. Plus it's great to have a companion while grinding.

 Evening came, Wu Ling Feng and the Loli doll came back with a full load. The gold coins they acc.u.mulated has risen to more than 2,000G. The downside. Side though is that his level did not increase. It is not as fast as killing people. Thus in order to upgrade, he has to find someone to kill and level. He may be crazy for thinking this but it is necessary. The question is, are the mages and gold knights that easy to kill?

 Before, I killed them by plotting against them. It was luck. If I was alone, it would be a death wish if I challenged any of them. Well, is have troops now so It was better to rely on the strength of the ma.s.ses until I get enough strength to do so myself ...

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