Dragon-Marked War God

Dragon-Marked War God summary: Dragon Marked War G.o.d is a very popular, and highly rated online novel with exciting and interesting content. The story is combined with different genres such as action, adventure, comedy, fantasy, martial arts, and romance among others. Su Yue Xi is the author of this book, and it is published on NovelOnlineFull. So if you are interested, you can find it there. The story is most suitable for readers who prefer long stories because there are almost two thousand chapters available as part of this novel, and the new updates are on their way as well. So if you are a fan of a story that never ends, this is the right solution for your entertainment. This story contains one great character with extraordinary abilities and power. He is so powerful that he can make real miracles. He is even capable to create new worlds, so his power can be of tremendous benefit for millions. However, he can also be dangerous at moments, especially when enemies appear. This powerful figure was the greatest saint in the past life, so he inherited many of his powers from that period. However, he was born again at the beginning of the story, and he is ready to start and develop new adventures. It is almost impossible to compete against this guy because he is virtually unbeatable. With effectiveness of 100%, he is a real nightmare for every opponent in this story. The saint speed is also unquestioned, so others are unable to oppose him even when it comes to that aspect of the martial arts. This former saint has preserved the enormous experience fro the past life. And it now enables him to use all kind of fighting techniques and eliminates virtually any enemies out there. You can find truly good fighters in this story. The action is the main genre, however, no one of these great masters possesses the skills and experience from the past life. That’s why the former saint is much better than any of them. And he was very powerful in the past life, he was not just a regular guy so that matters too.   But he is not the satin anyone as well, and he is named Jiang Chen in this new life. Jiang has dressed appropriately to a man of his abilities and supernatural powers. There are different features of his cloths, and he has a handsome figure and long black hair. It is totally clear that he is a very strong individual even at first sight. You do not have to know about his past, but you can conclude that by his appearance only. Jiang has a big love for his friends and family, however, he is merciless to his opponents. That’s why many are willing to avoid any type of confrontation with him. Jiang is calm in every situation, no matter how dangerous that can be. He can handle it without any problems. Despite his kind nature, he can also manipulate with others to take different advantages if necessary. All in all, the story hides different twist and turns, so you can enjoy various events. And that’s the best thing a reader can get from a novel of this kind.

Alternatives: Dmwg, Long Văn Chiến Thần, Long Wen Zhan Shen, 龙纹战神
Status: ongoing
Genres: Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Martial Arts Romance Shounen Xuanhuan
Views: 26917966
1 Chapter 1 – Jiang Chen
2 Chapter 2 – I won’t do it,do it yourself!
3 Chapter 3 – Brother, please marry into the Mu Rong family
4 Chapter 4 – The Mighty Dragon Transformation Skill
5 Chapter 5 – Let’s calculate our debt
6 Chapter 6 – Anyone can insult those who start insulting!
7 Chapter 7 – Pay me for this casket!
8 Chapter 8 – The Six Solar Fingers
9 Chapter 9 – Young Master wants to concoct pills?Stop fooling around
10 Chapter 10 – This isn’t a genius
11 Chapter 11 – The ancestor’s tomb must have exploded
12.1 Chapter 12 – The Massive Influence of 100%Effectiveness Pills
13 Chapter 13 – Money Sent to our Doorstep
14 Chapter 14 – Only one strike needed
15 Chapter 15 – Castrated
16 Chapter 16 – Young Lord Lee
17 Chapter 17 – The First Dragon Mark
18 Chapter 18 – A Written Challenge
19 Chapter 19 – You are a disgusting poser.
20 Chapter 20 – A poser’s destiny is to die
21 Chapter 21 – The Rising Wind Forebodes the Coming Storm
22 Chapter 22 – Forming the Qi Sea
23 Chapter 23 – Ferocious
24 Chapter 24 – I’ll give you a chance
25 Chapter 25 – The Rule of the Cruel
26 Chapter 26 – Young Master’s Confidence
27 Chapter 27 – Calamity introduces a man to himself
28 Chapter 28 – Powerful Voice
29 Chapter 29 – Deserves to Die
30 Chapter 30 – The Misty Rain Tower
31 Chapter 31 – The Killing Sword
32 Chapter 32 – I Can Heal
33 Chapter 33 – Undeniably Beautiful
34 Chapter 34 – Scolding a Mortal Core Warrior
35 Chapter 35 – Soul Refining Pill
36 Chapter 36 – Mid Stage Qi Hai Realm
37 Chapter 37 – A Young Maiden’s Heart
38 Chapter 38 – Big Bro Jiang Chen
39 Chapter 39 – Causing Trouble at the Front Entrance
40 Chapter 40 – Lee Chang Hao
41 Chapter 41 – Killed in an Instant
42 Chapter 42 – Double Whammy
43 Chapter 43 – Ten Thousand Miles Pursuit of a Dog
44 Chapter 44 – Searching the Entire City for a Dog
45 Chapter 45 – Don’t Provoke Me, the Consequences Will Be Very Serious
46 Chapter 46 – Killing a Black Striped Rhino with Two Punches
47 Chapter 47 – Poison, Become Mine!
48 Chapter 48 – Rude Dog
49 Chapter 49 – Human and Dog Fighting
50 Chapter 50 – Counter Kill
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