Chapter 43 Beiming Family
In the Stone Woods.
Mo Yanyu was leaning her plump behind against an oval rock under the hot sun. Frowning slightly, she seemed to be deep in thought.
A Mo Family escort with a plain and pimply face was standing next to her and was also deep in thought while narrowing his eyes.
The sound of inconsistent heavy steps gradually came from afar.
Mo Yanyu opened her eyes and fluttered her eyelashes. She glanced at Johnson, who was rapidly running towards her, and coldly reproached, “Why are you in such a hurry?”
“We’ve spotted them!” Johnson answered with a twisted face, “Two girls! According to the Star Emissary, that’s who we want!”
Mo Yanyu’s adorable eyes suddenly lit up while her expression calmed down, “Is the boy with them too?”
“Seems not...” after a short pause, Johnson said calmly, “We will know where the boy is once we catch the girls.”
“Had Third Uncle got this message?”
“One of our Star Emissaries had been sent for him.”
“In which direction?” Mo Yanyu stood her beautiful body upright and stretched her limbs slowly, “Are they further away from us or Third Uncle?”
“Further away from us. If everything goes well the Third Master and his people should arrive here soon.” Johnson replied.
“Well then, let’s not worry about it right now.” Mo Yanyu frowned, as she talked to the pimply Mo Family escort next to her, “Uncle Li, do we need to go up there and meet them?”
“No hurry, our target hasn’t shown up yet.” Li Han smiled and shook his head, “Third Master and the people from the Dark World are all there, so it will be fine. This pa.s.s is very crucial as well. We’d better stay on high alert. Our goal is that boy. All our previous efforts will go to waste if that boy slips away.”
“That makes sense.” Mo Yanyu nodded, without saying anything else.
“Wooowoowoo! Woowoowoo!”
While stopping beside a snake-shaped rock, Mu Yu Die took out a silver horn and began to blow it.
The sound of the horn rippled away like waves to far away places.

Figures hiding in every corner of the Stone Woods came out one after another after they heard the horn, quickly rus.h.i.+ng in the direction of Mu Yu Die.
“Sister Lan, don’t worry, some people will come to our rescue.” Mu Yu Die smiled lightly, “We are really safe here. No need to worry about the Dark World.”
“Hopefully...” Di Yalan barely smiled. She couldn’t settle down as she was worried about s.h.i.+ Yan. She sighed, “I hope he is fine...”
Shortly after, shadows appeared one after the other from far away. The man in the lead turned out to be the Crescent Emissary from the Dark World, and beside him were Mo Chaoge and Bernard, as well as several other Mo Family warriors and Star Emissaries.
“Miss Mu, nice to meet you again.” The Crescent Emissary’s vicious eyes were wandering over Mu Yu Die’s body like a cunning snake. His voice was like ice, “You nearly managed a perfect escape! But too bad. Unfortunately for you, you didn’t quite make it to the Merchant Union. You will instead be taken away by me.”
“Really?” Mu Yu Die smiled calmly, showing no fear.
The Crescent Emissary frowned and was confused. Mu Yu Die was too calm at this time. This was too abnormal.
“Where is that young guy who was hanging around with you?”
Mo Chaoge came over, glanced at the girls, and said coldly, “Tell me where the boy is! Or I will kill her first!”
Mo Chaoge pointed at Di Yalan.
“She is mine!” Bernard angrily stared at Mo Chaoge, then flashed over to Di Yalan like lightning and stretched his hand towards her.
Noise from a zither rang out suddenly. The sound was like a sharp weapon, lightly cutting into one’s nerves.
Bernard quivered and his face suddenly twisted in pain. He stepped back quickly and stared at Mu Yu Die in astonishment.
Holding her zither, Mu Yu Die had already sat down. She looked at Bernard with a cold expression on her face, “You wanna try again?”
Bernard’s brain felt like it was being stabbed by a steel needle and he felt like his head was splitting. Hearing that, his face became even more distorted, but he didn’t dare step up again.
“That’s impossible!”
The Crescent Emissary’s face twisted and showed panic for the first time, “It has only been a few weeks, your Music Martial Spirit shouldn’t have recovered so soon!”
After a pause, he seemed to remember something and sneered, “I know, you forced yourself to operate your broken veins! You are seeking death!”
“Oh?” Mu Yu Die replied indifferently, “Maybe you can give it a try? I know you have reached the Disaster Level. But if you could remember, you should know that I killed a Crescent Emissary at the same level as you with my Music Martial Spirit before we entered the Dark Forest.”
This not only made the Crescent Emissary hesitate, but also made both Bernard and Mo Chaoge also panick. They stared at her with an unbelievable look in their eyes.
“Emissary? This… is it true?” Mo Chaoge felt his mouth go dry and he took several steps back. He made a gesture to tell the Mo Family warriors not to take action.
“She could do that if she is in a good condition… but now, I don’t buy it.” The Crescent Emissary grunted.
“Haha, Emissary, it’s up to you.” Mo Chaoge retracted further, and stood amongst the Mo Family warriors, showing that they were not going to take the initiative.
“Whoever comes up first, dies first.” Mu Yu Die said coldly, and then turned her head away, not bothering to say anything more.
Di Yalan was standing beside her on alert with a stoney face.
Suddenly all was silent.
Though suspicious, the Crescent Emissary didn’t take action blindly.
At the same time Bernard and Mo Chaoge quieted down after they heard that Mu Yu Die was capable of killing a Disaster Level Warrior. They made eye-contact with the Crescent Emissary to urge him to test Mu Yu Die.
At that moment, shadows appeared from all directions from the surrounding rocks.
A tall man suddenly stood beside Mu Yu Die and said softly, “Miss Mu, how are you?”
Everyone in the area, including the Crescent Emissary, Mo Chaoge and Bernard, who were all Disaster Level warriors, couldn’t figure out how he appeared.
That man just appeared next to Mu Yu Die like a ghost.
“Martial Spirit of Teleportation! Beiming Family!”
Mo Chaoge screamed in shock.
“Look who we have here... the Mo Family!” The handsome young man beside Mu Yu Die looked around in arroganceand said coldly, “Huh? You wanna fight with my Beiming Family?”
“We dare not.”
Mo Chaoge took a deep breath and calmed down. He said to the young man politely, “It’s the Third Young Master, no wonder Miss Mu was so confident. Third Young Master, I didn’t know that Miss Mu was protected by the Beiming Family. If I knew that earlier, I wouldn’t have bothered coming here. Please forgive me, Third Young Master...”
Beiming Ce waved his hand and said impatiently, “If it’s none of the Mo Family’s business, just leave with your people. Don’t get involved. I’m gonna clean up the Dark World.”
As he was talking, warriors wearing Beiming uniforms arrived one by one.
Two old men, one thin and the other fat, stood next to him silently and fixed their cold eyes on Mo Chaoge and the Crescent Emissary separately.
“Well then, I will take my leave.” Mo Chaoge smiled respectfully and left at once.
The Mo Family warriors turned quiet after they saw Beiming Ce, and left immediately with Mo Chaoge.
As for Bernard, he stepped back and was about to run away into the Stone Woods.

Mu Yu Die touched her zither softly and said, “Third Young Master, please kill that guy.”
The sound of the zither rang out.
Benard’s body quivered heavily and he almost fell down. He jumpedbehind a rock immediately and ran as fast as h.e.l.l.
“Old Yin, please.” Beiming Ce ordered softly.
The thin old man behind him suddenly rushed out like a ghost and, after a moment, disappeared.

Three seconds later, Bernard’s miserable horrifying scream came from within the Stone Woods.
Five minutes later the thin old man, Old Yin, flew back like a ghost and stood still beside Beiming Ce, all without saying a word.
Note from the TL: Hey guys, thank you for reading this excellent novel! And yeah, I know, though it’s perfect, there’s something funny...such as the author sometime has bad memory that he forgets to make Di Yalan and Mu Yu Die call s.h.i.+ Yan “Ding Yan”, and the Pinyin “Die” is like the English word “die”...haha, anyway, it IS an intriguing novel, isn’t it?
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