Heaven Extinction Martial EmperorHeaven Extinction Martial Emperor Chapter 645: Chapter 644-do you admit defeat?

Chapter 645: Chapter 644-do you admit defeat?


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Zhang Lian Xing was aware of grudgy’s strength. It was at least ranked 70th on the universal board.

In the end, he was defeated without even knowing it!

Ye Linglong raised a pair of scissors and said with a smile, “”As a defeated opponent of this hero, you must hand over some spoils of war!”

She took a pair of scissors and cut all the fur on grudgy’s body!

Then, he put away all the fur and happily threw it into his spatial storage.

A cool mountain breeze blew past.

Grudgy was blown by the cold wind, causing it to wake up unnaturally.”Where am I? Why did she fall asleep … Ah!”

Grudgy immediately let out a 180 decibel scream, “”My fur! Which heartless person cut off my beautiful and Holy dog fur?”

“Hehe, of course it’s the invincible heroine.” Ye Linglong said proudly.

Grudgy glared at her and immediately barked. wretched girl! Lord dog will let you know why flowers are so red!

Just as he was about to pounce.

Suddenly, a huge rock on the slope loosened and rolled down.

Grudgy was caught off guard and was sent flying by the huge rock on the spot!


Grudgy once again spat out white foam. It raised its paw unwillingly and pointed to the sky.”I … Your grandmother …”

Bang! Bang!

A fist-sized stone, after a few jolts, smashed into grudgy’s dog face.

It groaned in pain and fell unconscious again!

Ye Linglong couldn’t help but raise her head and laugh, “”The sunrise the East, and exquisite is invincible! Wahahaha …”

Just as he was laughing, a date fell from the sky and fell into his throat.

ah, cough, cough, cough … Waa …” Ye Linglong’s throat was blocked, and she struggled for a long time before she managed to force the date out.

Her little face was red and tears were coming out.

He had almost died because of this!

d.a.m.n it, wretched heavens, you’re playing with me … Ye Linglong shouted towards the sky.

To his surprise, a rain of dates fell from the sky and hit ye Linglong’s head.

Soon, his head was full of bruises …

She shed tears pitifully and touched the red and swollen spots on her forehead. She was extremely aggrieved. isn’t it just challenging a person? do you think it’s easy for me? ”

After he spoke, he bared his teeth and glared at Xia qingchen. Come over and compete with me! If I win, I’ll immediately leave this d.a.m.ned place.”

Xia qingchen cast a glance at grudgy, who was like a dead dog, and smiled calmly. “I don’t want to compete.”

Anyone with a discerning eye should be able to tell that ye Linglong was possessed by bad luck.

Every word and action could lead to bad luck!

However, if someone tried to harm him or sparred with him, his bad luck would immediately be transferred to the other party.

Grudgy’s sparring and hostility had all come true, and its outcome was too tragic to look at.

If Xia qingchen were to spar with him, bad luck would definitely befall him.

“Why? You’re the number one expert in the sky moon Ridge!” Ye Linglong took it for granted.

Zhang Lian Xing’s mouth twitched. How long ago was this news about the strongest person in sky moon Ridge?

Moreover, why does the number one in sky moon Ridge have to spar with you?

Was he looking for trouble?

However, unexpectedly, Xia qingchen didn’t reject her. “I can spar with you, but what will I take from you if I win?”

Whoever ye Linglong won, she would take an item from that person.

She couldn’t be an exception just because she lost, right?

“Me!” Ye Linglong patted her chest. I once made an oath. As long as he can defeat me, I will be his! she said.

Xia qingchen smiled. then what do you want from me? ” he asked.

Ye Linglong held the big scissors and glanced at the hair. “I’m going to turn you into a monk!”

Uh …

Xia qingchen’s expression stiffened slightly. “Why?”

Ye Linglong snorted. I am a chivalrous woman and I hate bad guys who hurt young girls the most. You, Yue, are loved by thousands of young girls. In order to prevent them from being harmed in the future, I can only let you become a monk!

The corners of Xia qingchen’s lips twitched slightly.

Kacha Kacha-

Ye Linglong waved the scissors with a smile. “For the sake of your baby, you have to do your best.”

“Alright then!” Xia qingchen walked over.

Ye Linglong stood still with a smile on her face, mumbling with a naughty smile, “”What an idiot! Can’t you see that those who spar with me will all have great bad luck?”

“There’s going to be another glorious stroke on my battle record.”

Ye Linglong stared at Xia qingchen, who was getting closer and closer, with a blissful expression on her face. She was antic.i.p.ating that bad luck would suddenly befall him.

However, Xia qingchen didn’t suffer any bad luck even when he was three feet in front of her.

Not only was ye Linglong not worried, but her eyes also lit up.

In his past experience, the later the bad luck came, the more terrible it was!

The most terrifying thing was that once, a moon tier enemy had struck her with a palm, only to be struck to death by a bolt of lightning from a clear sky …

Her greatest strength was not her own strength, but her invincible bad luck!

“You’re not going to resist?” you lost! Xia qingchen grabbed his shoulder. you lost!

Ye Linglong said proudly,”only when I admit defeat verbally will it be considered my loss.”

She was secretly looking forward to the arrival of a powerful misfortune. That scene would definitely be wonderful.

“Good! I’ll let you obediently admit defeat!” Xia qingchen spread out her palm and smacked it ruthlessly.


The crisp sound reverberated clearly in the forest.

Ye Linglong couldn’t help but laugh out loud as she looked up at the sky, “”Hahaha! Lightning, she touched me, hit her!”

However, the sky was cloudless, and the world was quiet.

Not a single fart was heard!

Ye Linglong’s large eyes stared unblinkingly at the sky. The lightning she had been antic.i.p.ating didn’t appear. Instead, Xia qingchen’s words rang in her ears.”Do you admit defeat?”

“Of course not! If you have the ability, hit harder!” Ye Linglong firmly believed that the more time pa.s.sed, the more terrible the bad luck would be.

Xia qingchen didn’t have it now. This meant that he would be even more unlucky later on!

“As you wish!” Xia qingchen picked up a wooden stick and ruthlessly hit her palm.


Ye Linglong cried out in pain and then immediately looked up at the sky, hoping for a flash of lightning.

However, with the White clouds and the mountain breeze, everything was at ease.

Ye Linglong endured the pain in her palm and said stubbornly, “”Heavier!”

She did not believe that bad luck would not come!

This bad luck was born from birth, and it had never failed since young.

Those who bullied her would not have a good ending.

It should be the same now.

“It’s useless even if it’s a hundred times heavier. Your bad luck can’t be transferred to me.” Xia qingchen teased.

Even G.o.dking Frost’s statue could not withstand the G.o.d’s power and crumbled under the pressure.

A mere stroke of bad luck would be dispersed by the impact of the figure when it got close to him.

Even if he were to beat ye Linglong to death, he wouldn’t be the least bit unlucky.

“Don’t try to trick me!” Ye Linglong snorted.

Xia qingchen didn’t hold back any longer and slapped her over ten times in a row, causing ye Linglong to cry out in pain.

However, it was just as he had said. No bad luck befell Xia qingchen at all.

At this moment, ye Linglong’s palm was already swollen like a white steamed bun, and she was groaning in pain.

When she saw that Xia qingchen was about to slap her again, her line of defense was finally broken. She cried, “”I’ve lost, stop fighting!”

“Can you fulfill your promise?” Xia qingchen asked.

Ye Linglong stood up immediately, ignoring the pain. She patted her chest. “I, the Linglong swordswoman, have walked the pugilistic world, and I’m willing to accept my loss! From now on, I’ll follow you!”

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