Heaven Extinction Martial EmperorHeaven Extinction Martial Emperor Chapter 646: Chapter 645-whimsical (1)

Chapter 646: Chapter 645-whimsical (1)


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“Is that so?” kneel! Xia qingchen pondered. squat down!

Ye Linglong immediately squatted down and blinked as she looked at Xia qingchen.

“Reach out!”

Ye Linglong immediately obediently stretched out her little palm.

Xia qingchen took out a box of healing medicine and stuffed it into her palm. After that, he stroked her head. “Call me master!”

“h.e.l.lo, master …” Ye Linglong said subconsciously.

But after saying that, he realized that his words and actions were just like a pet dog!

“Ah! Do you think I’m a dog?” Ye Linglong exploded in anger.

Xia qingchen replied, ” they are all master’s things. Isn’t it the same being a human or a dog? ”

Ye Linglong tilted her head and thought for a while. They’re all master’s, there’s no difference!”

Children were easy to fool.

“Follow me.” Xia qingchen spoke.

Ye Linglong hesitated for a moment. I have to go back first. I have to tell the elders in the clan. Otherwise, they will be worried about me.

Xia qingchen replied without hesitation,’alright! After you’re done, come to the military Palace to find me. ”

With the zimu chirping bug, it would be very easy for ye Linglong to find Xia qingchen.

“Ah? Aren’t you afraid that I’ll run away and never come back?” Ye Linglong had thought that Xia qingchen wouldn’t let her go.

don’t worry, ” Xia qingchen said leisurely. even if you run away, your elders will tie you up and send you to me!

He didn’t have the time to spar with a little girl.

When he slapped her b.u.t.t just now, it seemed like a lesson, but in fact, he was injecting a part of his divinity into ye Linglong’s body.

This would offset her bad luck and make her life a little smoother in the future.

She might not be able to sense it herself, but her elders should be able to sense it.

“Alright, I’ll bring my new follower to you.” don’t worry, ” ye Linglong said. I, ye Linglong, am not someone who goes back on my word!

After she finished speaking, she put on her bamboo hat and cloak again, which were longer than her, and walked into the divine mountain and old forest.

Not long after, she heard a scream of someone being tripped …

Lian Xing didn’t feel that it was a pity to let ye Linglong go. it’s a good thing that she left. Otherwise, if we were to be with someone who was possessed by an unlucky person, we would have to stuff our teeth even if we were to drink water in the future!

Unexpectedly, Xia qingchen said faintly,’the one who possessed her isn’t some unlucky fellow! Instead, it’s an unlucky G.o.d!”

what? ” Lian Xing’s eyes widened. there’s really an unlucky G.o.d in the nine Heavens? ”

Xia qingchen felt a slight headache as he replied,’of course! For short, the G.o.d of bad luck, anyone who meets it will be unlucky, even me … I’m saying that even G.o.dking dustless would suffer a little bit of bad luck from time to time.”

The moldy G.o.d was a G.o.d who was more experienced than him.

It was said that he was one of the ten oldest G.o.ds in the nine Heavens.

No one dared to provoke him, because at the very least, they would be unlucky and lose something. At the very worst, a disaster would fall from the sky and they would die on the spot.

He still remembered that year when he was competing for the G.o.dking position with a strong rival.

The latter was originally far ahead of Xia qingchen. In the end, he met the G.o.d of misfortune halfway and was given an extra glance.

What was the result?

Just as the compet.i.tor was about to win, he accidentally sneezed and spat out his G.o.dhead, dying on the spot …

What Xia qingchen didn’t expect was that such an ancient G.o.d of bad luck would actually attach a projection to ye Linglong’s body.

Ye Linglong was a mortal, how could she bear the bad luck brought by the projection of the G.o.d of bad luck?

That was why he made a move to simply offset his bad luck.

It could be considered as fulfilling his promise to take care of his little sister.

“No wonder!” “No wonder Night Demon Qiong left in such a hurry after telling you to take care of his sister,” Lian Xing said in realization.

This guy, how was he asking for help from his sister?

He was clearly blaming the disaster!

let’s go. Xia qingchen didn’t mind. let’s set off.

He, Lian Xing, and grudgy stepped onto the ship heading to the Liang Prince’s residence.

A few days later.

Su Xin came to Lingnan.

As she walked along the river, she felt a lot of emotions.”I haven’t been to Lingnan for many years. I didn’t expect the world to be turned upside down today.”

The river flow that was once cold and quiet was now overcrowded!

Merchant ships with all kinds of flags were densely packed on the river surface and headed toward the headquarters of the five treasures Hall.

Su Xin did not recognize most of the flags.

It should be a merchant group from the outer realms.

“Even the distant Prince Liang has heard of the business scale of the five treasures Hall, right?” Su Xin found it difficult to calm down.

She touched the letter in her arms uneasily and said to herself, “”Xia qingchen really knows how to make things difficult for others? I don’t even know if I’ll be able to meet their higher-ups, let alone the head of the five treasures Hall.”

Not long after.

In the headquarters of the five treasures Hall, there was a huge Palace-style courtyard that was no smaller than the temple. It stood on the top of the heartbreak cliff.

From the foot of the mountain to the peak, there was an endless stream of caravan representatives holding all kinds of agreements, waiting for the summoning of the head of the five treasures Hall.

They arrived at the foot of the mountain.

Su Xin saw a large hall. The new guests entered one after another and filled in their application forms.

She also stepped forward, but before she got close, she heard a series of crackling sounds.

Two white-robed little moon realm cultivators were sent flying by a powerful force.

A majestic and oppressive warning came from the palace.”I have already said that the five treasures Hall refuses to cooperate with the silver Lake! Two people from the silver radiant Lake, yet you pretend to be from another domain to get through this. Do you not put me in your eyes?”

While everyone was still in shock, an old man in a Daoist robe with spa.r.s.e hair slowly walked out.

There was a natural birthmark on his head, like a b.l.o.o.d.y print.

“Blood marks?” su Xin exclaimed in a low voice.

This person was a great expert at the middle stage of the little moon realm. His strength was even more tyrannical than the hall master of the skymoon divine Hall!

The reason why su Xin knew him was because Xue yinzi was once the hall master of a hall in another region.

He had come to the sky moon Ridge to exchange pointers with the sky moon divine Hall master.

He had even managed to defeat the skymoon divine Hall’s Hall master in ten moves.

It was at that time that the b.l.o.o.d.y mark had left an indelible impression on su Xin.

The two silver Lake elders ‘faces were filled with fear and misfortune. I didn’t expect that a former Hall master of a territory’s Hall would be a Guardian of the five treasures Hall. What an eye-opener!

“Five treasures Hall can give me what I want, why can’t I be inferior to them?” Xue yinzi laughed. As for you guys, if you don’t leave now, you won’t be able to.”

The two old men immediately left, not daring to stay in the slightest.

Xue yinzi turned around expressionlessly and suddenly saw su Xin from the corner of his eye. He actually recognized her and waved his hand,”You’re from the heavenly moon divine Hall, right?”

Su Xin’s heart leaped with joy and she immediately stepped forward.”Su Xin greets senior blood mark!”

“It really is you! I was wondering why it looked so familiar.” Xue yinzi helped him up and sighed, ” I’ve already heard that the heavenly moon Ridge divine Hall has been destroyed. You need to pull yourself together!

Su Xin nodded,”I will follow senior’s instructions.”

“Why are you here?” asked Xue yinzi casually.

Su Xin’s heart relaxed. She had met an acquaintance of a senior. It should not be difficult to meet the head of the five treasures Hall.

“If I may be so bold, please introduce me to the head of the five treasures Hall.” Su Xin said.

With b.l.o.o.d.y Mark’s ident.i.ty and status, it should be easy for him to bring her to the head of the family.

Unexpectedly, Xue yinzi sighed bitterly,”you’re indeed a little too bold!” The head of the five treasures Hall also wants to see him? What a whimsical idea.”

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