Chapter 924: It’s All Over

She immediately rushed out of the private room and called her parents. “Uncle, Aunt, Lele seems to be in trouble!”

“What happened?” Mr. Mai and Mrs. Mai immediately asked.

“Lele finished filming tonight, and we were having dinner with the production team to celebrate. However, Su Bei’s fans rushed over and insisted on looking for Su Bei. It was very scary. Lele was also with Su Bei. In order to avoid these crazy fans, she ran off to G.o.d knew where. I can’t find Lele now, and I can’t get through to her phone either. I’m very worried, so I called you guys immediately.”

“Where are you? We’ll be right there!”

Yao Jing gave them the address.

Mrs. Mai’s heart was about to break. She said to Yao Jing, “Jing Jing, you two are close. Please help us find Lele immediately. We’ll owe you a favor after this!”

“Of course. I’m already looking for her,” Yao Jing said immediately.

After that, Yao Jing called the police. She purposely made a mess of things. Her words were also very messy.

The police repeatedly confirmed with her that the case only involved a few fans. Moreover, the missing person had been missing for less than 24 hours. They told her that she could not file a case and only promised to arrange for two policemen to come and take a look later.

This was the effect Yao Jing wanted. She didn’t want the police to interfere too much either.

However, she had to call the police to show that she had done her best.

After making the call, she ran out and pretended to look around, so as to capture her anxious figure in the surveillance cameras.

However, even though there were so many people in the private room, she didn’t inform any of them. She was afraid that the scene would be ruined and she wouldn’t be able to push the blame to Su Bei’s fans. She wouldn’t be able to make the Mai family vent their anger on Su Bei if that was the case.

Yao Jing was very happy. She thought of the slap Su Bei gave her. This time, not only would Su Bei be hated by the Mai family but her career would also be ruined!

With this scandal, everything would be over for her!

Su Bei, I’ll pay you back for how much you hurt me back then!

Mr. and Mrs. Mai were sleeping when they received the call. When they heard that such a big thing had happened to their daughter, they got dressed and called Mai Shanheng to drive over.

Mr. and Mrs. Mai were in the car. They kept calling Mai Lele’s phone, but they could not get through to her phone. No matter how many times they called, no one picked up.

This made them even more anxious.

Mai Shanheng had also called the police. However, Mai Lele was an adult and was missing for less than 24 hours. Hence, there was no way to establish a case.

Mai Shanheng punched the steering wheel angrily.

Mr. Mai said angrily, “I told you before not to let Lele enter the entertainment industry. Look at what happened now! That industry is tainted! There are not many good people there!”

“I didn’t want this to happen either. Now that something has happened to my daughter, don’t I feel sorry for her?” Tears streamed down Mrs. Mai’s face. “If something happens to my daughter, I won’t be able to live anymore!”

Seeing how anxious his wife was, Mr. Mai could not bear to blame her anymore.

On the other hand, Mai Shanheng’s face was filled with anger. Now that his sister was in trouble, he even wanted to kill someone!

He stepped harder on the accelerator, wis.h.i.+ng he could fly over.

The car finally came to a stop in front of the clubhouse. There was the disgusting smell of tires and scorched earth.

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