Chapter 927: Anger

“What do I mean? In that case, please listen carefully. Let me explain it simply. Someone bribed four hooligans to pretend to be my fans. That person planned to plot against me and Mai Lele. Unfortunately, my bodyguards found out and figured out that person’s plan.”

Su Bei calmly recounted the incident.

Mr. and Mrs. Mai weren’t stupid. They just loved their daughter too much, and everything happened so suddenly that they didn’t think about the loopholes in Yao Jing’s words.

But now that Su Bei had told them everything, they had many doubts in their hearts. “Yao Jing, what’s going on? Do you know these fans?”

“Uncle, Aunt, I really don’t know them. How would I know them…”

“Are these the crazy fans you saw just now?” Mr. Mai asked.

“I think so… No, no, no, no…” Yao Jing was completely fl.u.s.tered now.

Mr. Mai connected the dots and found even more suspicious points. “You said that there were many fans following Su Bei and Lele, but neither Su Bei nor Lele saw any fans! You said that someone saw Lele in the washroom. Who saw her? Who told you this? Why are Su Bei and Lele’s situation completely different from what you said?”

“I… I really saw a bunch of crazy fans…” Yao Jing couldn’t answer these questions.

“Why couldn’t anyone get through to Lele’s phone? Why are you the only one who knows so much?” Mr. Mai asked.

Mai Lele said in surprise, “My phone was switched to airplane mode. Did I accidentally press it? Su Bei, you used my phone just now too. Did you notice anything?”

“When I borrowed your phone, I realized that it was on airplane mode. I thought that you didn’t want to be disturbed, so I didn’t use your phone in the end. Do you remember?” Su Bei said evenly.

“Yes, yes, yes. You borrowed my phone but you only took a glance at it before returning it. I thought you were just looking at the time. But Yao Jing, you touched my phone before too. Did you do it?” Mai Lele was very angry.

Yao Jing shouted, “I really didn’t do these things! I swear to the heavens that everything I saw tonight was real!”

Su Bei smiled and said, “What you said might not count. After all, there are still four witnesses here, as well as their phones. I’m afraid they still have their chat records with you.”

When Mai Shanheng heard about the situation, he immediately picked one of them up and asked him who was the leader. Then, he took that man’s phone and unlocked it.

With one look, he found the conversation between Yao Jing and the leader. Mr. Mai also went over to take a look.

Although Yao Jing hid her real name, her vicious arrangement made everything clear!

Looking at the chat records, no matter how she hid her ident.i.ty, anyone could guess that the woman who arranged this must be someone who was close to Mai Lele and knew her character very well.

Recalling Yao Jing’s performance just now, Mr. Mai was really angry.

Mr. Mai slapped Yao Jing’s face. “So it’s you! You arranged for these hooligans to molest Lele and even wanted to push the blame to Su Bei! How could you be so vicious? How did Lele offend you?”

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