Life Simulation: Add Tags Starting with Wellness TechniqueLife Simulation: Add Tags Starting with Wellness Technique Chapter 733: Outer Demon Wrecks Chaos! Responsive Dragon Soaring To The Heavens! (1)

Chapter 733: Outer Demon Wrecks Chaos! Responsive Dragon Soaring To The Heavens! (1)


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[At 249 years old, the “Time Seal” has obtained the power of the Law of Time Crystal.]

[You didn’t immediately use the “Time Seal” to travel through s.p.a.cetime to return to the past. Instead, you prepared to settle the matters of the Origin World first.]

“Although an accident happened during this tribulation and the world of the Origin World changed greatly, and spiritual qi recovered in advance, we still have to let the various grotto-heaven worlds return to the Origin World.” Han Zhao thought to himself.

Now, he was no longer fulfilling his promise to the Origin World’s Heavenly Dao Will. Instead, he took the opportunity to collect a wave of grotto-heaven World Origin Spirit Crystals and Heavenly Demon Stones when the various grotto-heaven worlds returned to the Origin World.

As for the Heavenly Demon Yin energy, when he returned to the past, he should be able to encounter many powerful Heavenly Demons.

Thinking of this, Han Zhao’s attention returned to the system interface.

[You directly arranged to meet the Devas of the various grotto-heaven worlds on an abandoned planet in the Outer World and directly explained the situation to them.]

[Although all the Devas already had psychological expectations, they were still stunned by your straightforwardness. Although everyone was unwilling to agree to your suggestion, they didn’t dare to reject it directly at all. Instead, they used the Heavenly Realm behind them to talk about it. The world of the Origin World had changed drastically, and the spiritual qi had recovered. It would not be long before it could accommodate the arrival of high-grade Perfected Lords of the Heavenly Realm. Moreover, they would not be suppressed by the will of the Origin World. At that time, even Emperors could descend to the lower realm.]

[In the face of the faint threat in everyone’s words, you laughed it off. Then, you explained to everyone that if you took the initiative to let the various grotto-heaven worlds return to the Origin World, you would receive the care of the Origin World’s Heavenly Dao Will. At that time, the probability of everyone becoming a Perfected Lord in the Origin World would increase greatly.]

[Otherwise, when the Spirit Qi in the Origin World naturally recovered, when the Perfected Lords of the Heavenly Realm descended to the lower realm, this benefit would not be theirs.]

[No matter how powerful the faction behind them is, as Devas, they were naturally the upper echelons of the Origin World. However, after the spiritual qi recovery in the Origin World, Perfected Lords could descend to the lower realm, and Devas couldn’t make the decision.]

[At that time, these ancestors who held great authority could only listen to the

Perfected Lords.]

[The benefits of the native Devas would also be divided between the Devas and Perfected Lords of the Upper World. After all, strength was respected in the cultivation world. Your own strength was the key.]

[After you finished speaking, you didn’t persuade them anymore. If they really didn’t agree, you could flip the table again. The essence of this conversation was to inform them, not to discuss.]

[At this moment, the Perfected Sect Master of Heavenly Saint Grotto-Heaven,

Yuan Xiyu, was the first to stand up and express his support for your suggestion.]

[Seeing this situation, Perfected Sun Shrouding of the Freedom Heaven also agreed. She also said that she would hand over a portion of the territory occupied by the Freedom Heaven and return to the Origin World.]

[The Devas of the other grotto-heavens did not express their stance, but they understood that what you said was right. Actually, they also understood this logic, but they couldn’t accept it for the time being.]

[You didn’t care about the silence of the others. Instead, you left first and returned to the Qian Heaven Palace,]

[As the Time Seal gradually finished charging, you discovered that your cultivation level had actually increased to the Perfected First Level Spirit Refinement Realm. You were prepared to enter seclusion and try to break through to the Second Level Spirit Refinement Realm.]

“Previously, the Time Saint Body could retain a portion of its cultivation when it pa.s.sed through s.p.a.cetime Travel. Now that my physique has already evolved to the Time Immortal Body, I should be able to retain more cultivation.’

Han Zhao thought to himself.

[Not long after you entered the inner hall of the Qian Heaven Palace to enter seclusion, Split-Soul led Han Nianxuan into the inner hall to inform you that something big had happened outside.]

[So, not long after you entered seclusion, an Outer World Demon appeared in the Outer World. This demon killed many Devas in the Outer World and even attacked the grotto-heavens, exterminating all living beings in the Mystic Nether Heaven and the Sky Demon Heaven. The strength of the various factions in the Outer World and Origin World was terrifying.]

[You were shocked when you heard that. It’s not difficult to kill a Deva in the Outer World, but if you directly headed to the grotto-heaven, you had to have the combat strength of a Perfected Lord.]

“Why did an Outer World Demon descend?!” Han Zhao’s eyes narrowed.

The reason why he easily destroyed Heavenly Demon Grotto-heaven and killed Weapon Lord Thousand Spirits was because he had a deep foundation and his strength far exceeded his peers. In addition, the Demon Vanquishing Light attached to the Demon Vanquishing Heavenly Emperor was extremely effective against the power of Heavenly Demons. When resisting Heavenly Demons, it doubled his strength.

If he went to other grotto-heavens, although he could attack them, it would definitely not be as easy as destroying Heavenly Demon Grotto-heaven.

This Outer World Demon was able to destroy two grotto-heavens in such a short period of time, his strength was quite shocking, he was probably from the upper world.

Thinking of this, Han Zhao entered an immersive simulation.

[You asked Han Nianxuan for details. This matter was sent by Heavenly Saint

Grotto-Heaven. No one had seen the true appearance of the Outer World Demon. Anyone who encountered the Outer World Demon would definitely die. Even when the Heavenly Demons treated the human race and other races, they basically raised them as livestock. They won’t use terrifying methods to exterminate all living beings in the world.]

[Seeing this, you headed to Heavenly Saint Grotto-Heaven and met Yuan Xiyu.

You wanted to know more about the Outer World Demon.]

[Yuan Xiyu told you that wherever the Outer World Demon pa.s.sed, all living beings were exterminated. He must have used this method to cultivate evil techniques, so he will definitely attack again. He has already tried to communicate with the Heavenly Realm, but there is no response from the Heavenly Realm for the time being.]

[The Devas of the remaining grotto-heavens knew that you went to Heavenly Saint Grotto-Heaven, so they came together. They had already contacted the upper world. Before the Perfected Lords of the upper world descended, they were willing to form the Demon Slayer Alliance and elect you as the alliance leader. They would follow your lead and destroy the Outer World Demon


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