One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet LoveOne Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love Chapter 4278 - The Other Side 247

Chapter 4278: The Other Side 247

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As she waited, she was so tired that she drifted off to sleep. It wasn’t a deep sleep, though, and she slept lightly, so when Gong Jie came in and sat on the bed, she was startled awake.

By then, she was nestled in his arms like a newborn kitten, and he couldn’t help feeling sorry for her. The tedious business of the past few days was swept away in an instant, replaced by this sense of well-being.

Holding her in his arms, he asked her gently, “Be a good girl and go to bed early! It’s late…”

“No… I want to be carried a little longer.”

It felt like a hundred years had pa.s.sed since she last saw him. Natalia, being a very reserved girl, rarely mentioned how much she missed Gong Jie. Just because she didn’t say it didn’t mean she wasn’t missing the man.


Gong Jie stroked her cheek gently, unable to resist giving them a little squeeze.

“Have you been behaving at home?”

“I’ve always been on my best behavior. Mommy can testify!”

“Mommy!?” Gong Jie’s eyes widened slightly in consternation at that. From where did the little guy acquire a mother for herself during this time that he had not been around?

Now, as soon as Hua Jin heard Natalia say that, he flushed guiltily and cleared his throat awkwardly. As if she hadn’t heard, Natalia crooked a finger at Gong Jie.

Gong Jie leaned in closer to her. “He’s Mommy,” she said in a low voice.

She pointed a finger.

Hua Jin saw that she was pointing at him and thought that she had to be whispering something. In a moment of panic, he said, “Hey, Natalia, don’t talk nonsense!”

Gong Jie looked back meaningfully, studying him intently. He was greatly amused. “Mommy?”

The actor was speechless.

“Huh. Did you sneak off for a s.e.x change while I was gone?”

“Of course not!” The actor muttered aggrievedly, “That’s how she wanted to address me! I can’t argue with a child, can I?! I told her not to do it in the presence of others. It’s fine if she addresses me that way in private!”

“Because I think everyone else has a mommy, but not me. I don’t have anyone else by my side. Besides, no matter which other mommy there is, she’s not going to be as beautiful as our Mommy Hua Jin!”

“Cough… cough…” Fortunately, he wasn’t drinking water, or he would have choked. “Stop addressing me that way.” Hua Jin glared at her and emphasized, “Otherwise, I’ll be the b.u.t.t of jokes!”

Natalia covered her mouth and snickered. When Hua Jin glared at her again, she immediately said weakly, “Got it!”

Even though she indicated that she understood, she had an extremely aggrieved expression, although not without a hint of a snicker.

What Hua Jin didn’t notice was the subtle smile on Gong Jie’s face. The man had deliberately turned his face away so the actor wouldn’t see it.

“Stop fooling around now.” He chided her, his authority as a father apparent in his words.

Natalia heard and knew Gong Jie wouldn’t allow her to sleep late. She let out a disappointed “Oh” and obediently crawled back into bed.

When the man had tucked her in earlier, she had asked cautiously “What will tomorrow’s weather be like?”


“Is it going to be sunny?”

Gong Jie turned to look at Hua Jin.

“If I remember right, tomorrow should be sunny.”

Upon hearing this, Natalia murmured softly, “I want to go kite-flying.”

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