One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet LoveOne Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love Chapter 4279 - The Other Side 248

Chapter 4279: The Other Side 248

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“I want to go kite-flying.”

“Kite-flying??” Gong Jie was surprised as well.

The actor immediately explained. “I bought a kite a while back, but the weather has been capricious. It’s either raining or it’s too cold, so she’s been looking forward to flying a kite when the skies clear.”

Gong Jie nodded at that. “Well, isn’t it supposed to be sunny tomorrow? Get some sleep. We’ll go kite-flying tomorrow after breakfast.”

“Can Daddy fly a kite?”



“What? But you said you’d take me kite-flying.”

“Don’t you know how to do it?” Gong Jie smiled. “Just teach me. Daddy learns fast.”

“Alright! It’s a deal. We’ll go kite-flying together. No going back on your word.”

“Uh huh, it’s a deal.”

With this a.s.surance, Natalia went to sleep.

The two men backed out of the room. Once outside the room, Hua Jin immediately said, “I’ll prepare you a bed?”

“Where’s the bathroom? I need to shower.”

“Upstairs, second room on your left. It’s my room. Go ahead and shower.”

As only Hua Jin and Natalia had been staying in the villa, the other guest rooms had not been made up. Hua Jin was about to go to the nanny’s room to get her to prepare a bed.

Gong Jie headed upstairs to take a shower. “Bring me a set of pajamas.” He instructed the actor as if he were instructing a servant.

Although the actor was reluctant, he agreed quickly and nodded. “Alright.”

So while Gong Jie was in the bathroom, the actor went to the cloakroom, found a fresh bathrobe, and grabbed a fresh change of clothes. Then he headed back to his room and said to Gong Jie through the bathroom door, “Shall I leave your bathrobe outside the door? Will that do?”

Gong Jie, however, replied in a chilly voice from inside. “Are you expecting me to walk out naked?”

“Uh…” Hua Jin felt his face heating up just imagining that scene.

Forget it! Send it in to the guy!

Hence he went to the door and knocked. “May I bring it in for you then?”

With that, the door opened from the inside.

The actor thought that Gong Jie would open the door just a crack, but instead, it swung wide open as a cloud of vapor rushed out from the bathroom and enveloped him. Unable to see clearly, Hua Jin waved his hand gently to clear the fog. Then, he saw Gong Jie standing at the doorway of the shower room, casually toweling his wet hair with a towel.

His gaze wandered downward uncontrollably, following the water droplets that were sliding down the well-defined contours of the man’s sculpted muscles… then his eyes widened. He didn’t dare look anymore. He turned around abruptly. His heart started thumping violently as if he were on a speeding roller coaster.

Gong Jie frowned in confusion at Hua Jin’s sudden movement as the actor nervously turned his back to him.

What was the guy doing?

“The clothes.”

“Oh … oh …” Distracted, still with his back to Gong Jie, Hua Jin pa.s.sed the bathrobe backwards.

Gong Jie noticed how nervous the actor was. It was as if he were being deliberately evasive. Then he looked down at his own naked body and seemed to realize.

“Why are you acting as shy as a woman?”

As shy as a woman!? Despite himself, the actor frowned.

What did he mean, like a woman?

Gong Jie asked, “Have you never seen another man’s body before?”

The fuss made him seem all the more suspicious.

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