Permanent Martial ArtsPermanent Martial Arts Chapter 1479 - 1479: Three 10 Billion-level Celestial Devil Emperors!

Chapter 1479 - 1479: Three 10 Billion-level Celestial Devil Emperors!

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Lin Feng only had ten days. He would not charge into territory of the Celestial Devils without thinking and slowly search for those Celestial Devils. Otherwise, ten days would not be enough to search for traces of the Celestial Devils.

Lin Feng had to find the exact location first, and come up with a precise plan.

Hence, Lin Feng found some Supremacies who knew the area where the Celestial Devils were very well, and asked them about the internal situation of the Celestial Devils. Apart from the Celestial Devil World, where else could a large number of Celestial Devils be found?

Those Supremacies did not disappoint Lin Feng.

According to the intelligence they received, there were actually many Celestial Devil Worlds, far more than one. The elders of the Epoch Alliance went to the largest Celestial Devil World to besiege it. Many top-notch Celestial Devils were in that Celestial Devil World.

Apart from that, there was also a large number of Celestial Devil Worlds. The Celestial Devils ruled with the Celestial Devil World as the epicenter, and their forces radiated in all directions.

The larger the Celestial Devil World, the greater the range of radiation.

“Dark Domain Supremacy, you want to take down a Celestial Devil World directly?”

“If possible, of course.”

Lin Feng did not conceal anything. He did want to break into a Celestial Devil World. He had to obtain a large amount of world origin in just ten days. Just one or two Celestial Devils were not enough. He would need a large number of Celestial Devils.

“There are simply countless Celestial Devil Worlds in the half of the small chiliocosm where the Celestial Devils are. I happen to know that a Celestial Devil World is located not far from the border region. However, there are 10 billion-level Celestial Devils presiding over that Celestial Devil World, and there are three of them!”

“Three 10 billion-level Celestial Devil Emperors?”

Lin Feng’s eyes narrowed slightly, then he nodded solemnly and said, “This Celestial Devil World would do. I need the detailed location. If it can’t be done, I won’t force it.

A Celestial Devil World was not so easy to breach. Lin Feng knew that very well. However, he was unwilling to give up just like that. If he had a chance to take down a Celestial Devil World, Lin Feng would do whatever it took to take it down.

In the end, Lin Feng obtained the exact location of the Celestial Devil World. Hence, he left some instructions to the Epoch Alliance Headquarters. No matter what, he would definitely return within ten days.

Hence, Lin Feng left the Epoch Alliance Headquarters alone and flew towards the location marked on the map.

The Epoch Alliance had always been unknown in the past. Under the lead of the Supremacy Epoch, it had always been recruiting high-level Supremacies, such as some Two-star Supremacies.

Hence, most Controllers did not even know about an ancient organization like the Epoch Alliance. Even Lin Feng only learned about the Epoch Alliance when he received an invitation after becoming a Two-star Supremacy.

However, as time pa.s.sed, the development of the age and various changes in the situation caused the Epoch Alliance to gradually surface. It was no longer so mysterious.

Supremacy Epoch had sacrificed himself to suppress the Celestial Devil Ancestor for 10 ,ooo years. The Epoch Alliance seemed to have lost its backbone. Some advocated continuing to lay low, while others advocated stepping into the open.

As the war with the Celestial Devils broke out, those that advocated stepping into the open gradually gained the upper hand. After all, without Supremacy Epoch, it was actually very difficult to completely defeat those Celestial Devils by relying on the members of the Epoch Alliance alone. Only by gathering the power of all the Controllers might there be a slight chance of completely defeating the Celestial Devils.

The emergence of the Epoch Alliance allowed many Controllers to learn of its existence. Even those ordinary Controllers already knew about its existence.

It was why after Lin Feng swept through the 13 Two-star Supremacies of the Proclamation Alliance and destroyed the Proclamation Alliance, he became famous in the entire small chiliocosm at such a fast speed.

Recently, the Epoch Alliance had sent out some news one after another that Boundary Stones could be exchanged for world origin, and it was an exchange ratio of one portion of world origin to ten Boundary Stones.

Many people could not believe it. Boundary Stones could also be exchanged for world origin?

However, the requirement was at least One-star Boundary Stones, so many people gave up. Even so, it caused an uproar. Many Supremacies were discussing excitedly.

After all, who wouldn’t want to obtain world origin?

However, if they wanted to obtain world origin, they had to slay Celestial Devils. Was it that easy to slay Celestial Devils? If they were not careful, they would probably get themselves killed in the attempt to slay Celestial Devils.

It would naturally be best if they could exchange Boundary Stones for world origin directly.

Hence, many Supremacies were tempted. Although One-star Supremacies were not too common, they were not too rare either. Many Supremacies had deep foundations, and would occasionally have one or two extra One-star Boundary Stones.

If they could exchange them for world origin and improve their strength, why not?

Moreover, the small chiliocosm was simply too huge, and there were too many Controllers. Some people might not be interested in those world origins, but some Controllers felt that it was very cost-effective.

Hence, some Controllers had already begun to travel towards the Epoch Alliance Headquarters.

The entire small chiliocosm was shaken by this news from the Epoch Alliance.


Lin Feng’s flying speed was extremely fast. When he even encountered a chiliocosm domain with relatively complete s.p.a.ce, he would warp s.p.a.ce directly to save time. Lin Feng only had 10 days. He did not want to waste too much time traveling.

Traveling at full speed, Lin Feng only took one day to arrive at his destination.

“That would be the Celestial Devil World of the Deep Domain!”

Lin Feng’s eyes narrowed slightly, and his gaze turned solemn.

The Celestial Devil World of the Deep Domain was established by the Deep Domain Celestial Devil Emperor. It was not too ancient, but it had been established for more than 10 billion years. The Deep Domain Celestial Devil Emperor was an Emperor with a 10 billion-layer Celestial Devil’s true form himself. Ever since he established this Celestial Devil World, Emperor Deep Domain had recruited two Emperors similarly at the 10 billion-level in succession.

The three 10 billion-level Emperors presided over the Celestial Devil World in the Deep Domain together, which also made this Celestial Devil World famous. Many Celestial Devils came because of its reputation, and simply became members of the Celestial Devil World in the Deep Domain.

As this place was not too far from the border region, some Celestial Devils had already left the Celestial Devil World silently and headed for the border region, trying to break through the defense line of the Epoch Alliance in the border region to enter the hinterland of the Controllers.

Hence, there were at least one-tenth fewer Celestial Devils in this Celestial Devil World than usual.

Lin Feng did not care how many ordinary ordinary Celestial Devil Emperors there were. Lin Feng would not pay much attention to even Two-star Supremacies. The ones that Lin Feng really took seriously were the three 10 billion-level Emperors. They were what Lin Feng needed to pay attention to.

If he could not deal with these three 10 billion-level Emperors, Lin Feng would not be able to completely annihilate this Celestial Devil World, let alone devour it.

If he attacked by force, with the strength of these three 10 billion-level Emperors and the defense of the array in the Celestial Devil World, even if Lin Feng had the rules of time, he probably would not have much of a chance.

“I have to lure the three 10 billion-level Emperors out of this Celestial Devil


Various thoughts flashed through Lin Feng’s mind..

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