Permanent Martial ArtsPermanent Martial Arts Chapter 1480 - 1480: You're Finally Here!

Chapter 1480 - 1480: You’re Finally Here!

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How difficult would it be to lure out three 10 billion-level Emperors?

Lin Feng also fell into deep thought.

Only by successfully luring out the three 10 billion-level Emperors could he annihilate this Celestial Devil World. However, speaking of which, as long as he could lure out the three 10 billion-level Emperors, even if he did not annihilate this Celestial Devil World, how much world origin could he obtain just by killing the three 10 billion-level Emperors?

Then, he would be able to obtain at least tens of billions of portions of world origin!

At that time, it would no longer matter if he could annihilate the Celestial Devil World.

However, Lin Feng did not know the situation in the Celestial Devil World. It was not easy to draw out the three 10 billion-level Emperors either, unless there was something that could tempt even three 10 billion-level Emperors.

“That’s right, I can use myself as bait!”

Inspiration flashed through Lin Feng’s mind. He needed the three 10 billion-level Emperors for conversion into world origin. However, to the three 10 billion-level Emperors, wasn’t Lin Feng also very valuable?

After all, Lin Feng was a 10 billion-level Supremacy with over 10 billion worlds. Once he was devoured by the Celestial Devils, even 10 billion-level Emperors would benefit greatly and gain a lot.

Lin Feng already had a plan in mind. He did want to use himself as bait, but he had to behave naturally. Otherwise, if he aroused the suspicion of the three 10 billion-level Emperors, it would not be worth it.

Then, Lin Feng simply flew back in another direction. Moreover, he released his aura without restraint. Coincidentally, there were also some Celestial Devils in another direction.

“Come out. I have 10 billion worlds. I don’t believe you won’t be tempted!” A sharp glint flashed across Lin Feng’s eyes.

In the Celestial Devil World of the Deep Domain, the three 10 billion-level Emperors actually did not cultivate in seclusion. What was the use of cultivating in seclusion to the Celestial Devils? What they needed was world origin, not to mention that this was an extremely critical period.

“Right now, the half of the small chiliocosm we control is filled with Controllers. They are already wreaking havoc in our territory. I can’t accept this!”

“If we attack, those Controllers wouldn’t be so impudent.”

“We can’t act rashly now. We have to endure it! Although the Celestial Devil

Ancestor was suppressed by Supremacy Epoch, he can only be suppressed for 10,000 years at most. Sooner or later, Ancestor will break free. Then, it will be time to completely settle scores with those Controllers. Right now, we just need to conserve our strength and endure it for a while. Don’t be rash.”

These three 10 billion-level Emperors were all very cautious, especially Emperor Deep Domain. He saw the current situation very clearly. The Epoch Alliance seemed to be very aggressive, and had even charged into the hinterland of the Celestial Devils, vowing to eliminate them completely.

But in reality?

In the largest Celestial Devil World alone, the Controllers of the Epoch Alliance had besieged it for so long, and still failed to achieve anything. They could not shake the largest Celestial Devil World at all.

Emperor Deep Domain knew very well that they only needed to stall for time now, and the longer the better. It would be best if they could stall for thousands or up to 10,000 years. At that time, they would just have to wait for the Celestial Devil Ancestor to break free from the suppression of Supremacy Epoch.

However, although Emperor Deep Domain had a good plan, he could not deter the thoughts of the other two Celestial Devil Emperors, nor could he stop the accident from happening.

Now, the three 10 billion-level Emperors had suddenly discovered an unexpected situation.

“There seems to be a Controller ahead. He’s not coming for us.”

“Eh? This Controller is very extraordinary. Based on his aura, he has at least billions of worlds!”

“No, not billions of worlds, but… 10 billion worlds. This person is a 10 billion-level Supremacy!”

“How do you know?”

“His name is Lin Feng, the Dark Domain Supremacy. He’s already risen to fame for a while now, and the entire small chiliocosm knows about him. Heh, so he’s come here. Could he be plotting something?”

“There doesn’t seem to be anyone around. He should be here to sweep through the Celestial Devils. There are some Celestial Devils in the direction he’s heading. He should be making a sweep.”

“d.a.m.n Controller, he actually came openly to sweep through the area.”

“If he’s alone, does that mean that we…

The three 10 billion-level Emperors were somewhat tempted.

They knew Lin Feng’s ident.i.ty, status, and even strength, but it was this very thorough knowledge that tempted them a little. Moreover, they were certain that there were no other Controllers.

It was simply too common for many Controllers to sweep through Celestial Devils in the chiliocosm domain like Lin Feng. Moreover, Lin Feng was not here for the Celestial Devil World.

However, the Celestial Devil Emperor of the Deep Domain still had some reservations, or rather, some hesitation.

“What if it’s a trap?”

Emperor Deep Domain did not want to leave the Celestial Devil World. He could still hold himself back, but the other two Emperors could not.

“Emperor Sinking Domain, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. You’re very cautious, a tad too cautious. So what if this Lin Feng is 10 billion-level

Supremacy? Can’t three 10 billion-level Emperors like us do anything to him? Once we defeat him and divide his internal worlds, how much world origin can we obtain?”

“That’s right. We’ve always stayed in the Celestial Devil World and held back. Our strength has not improved at all. Now that a 10 billion-level Supremacy has finally delivered himself to our door, we can’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

The two 10 billion-level Emperors were already tempted. Emperor Deep Domain pondered for a moment, but in the end, he could not go against their wishes. At last, he could only nod and say, “All right, but the three of us have to act together. If anything goes wrong, we’ll give up immediately and return to the Celestial Devil World.”

“Of course we know. Even if it’s a trap, as 10 billion-level Emperors, how can the three of us not be able to escape? Moreover, we’re not too far from the

Celestial Devil World.”

The three 10 billion-level Emperors all came to an agreement.

A 10 billion-level Supremacy was indeed tempting. Even 10 billion-level Emperors could not quite hold themselves back. Hence, the three 10 billion-level Emperors silently left the Celestial Devil World and approached Lin Feng.

At this moment, Lin Feng did not know that the three 10 billion-level Emperors had already left the Celestial Devil World. In order not to alert the enemy, he did not even release his mental power.

He had no idea about what the three 10 billion-level Emperors were doing at all.

He seemed to be really fully focused on watching the Celestial Devils in front of him.

Finally, Lin Feng rushed to the void in front of him. There were about a hundred Celestial Devils there, but they were all just ordinary Celestial Devils. Lin Feng looked like he was “sweeping through” them normally. His internal chiliocosm domain suddenly descended, enveloping hundreds of Celestial Devils at once.

Little did he know that the three 10 billion-level Emperors had already approached him.

“As expected, he’s really here to clear out the Celestial Devils.”

“Haha, you’re really bold. You’re making a sweep under our noses. You simply underestimate us too much. ‘


When the three 10 billion- level Emperors saw that Lin Feng really seemed to be here to make a sweep, and did not discover the three of them, they were incomparably excited.

Although Emperor Deep Domain was a little hesitant, seeing that the other two Emperors had already attacked, Emperor Deep Domain could only attack together.

The mighty Celestial Devil’s true forms of the three 10 billion-level Emperors, accompanied by invisible Celestial Devil’s force fields, instantly shrouded Lin Feng.


Lin Feng’s entire body shook. He felt like his entire body had been locked onto, as if a mountain was pressing down on him. A terrifying pressure landed on his body. However, he did not panic at all. Instead, he slowly turned around, and a smile appeared on his lips. “You’re finally here!”


Emperor Deep Domain’s heart skipped a beat. He immediately had an ominous feeling..

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