Permanent Martial ArtsPermanent Martial Arts Chapter 1481 - 1481: One Against Three, Killing by Force!

Chapter 1481 - 1481: One Against Three, Killing by Force!

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“Petty tricks! ”

Even though Lin Feng’s sudden words shocked the three 10 billion-level Emperors slightly, they relaxed when they confirmed that there were indeed no other Controllers lying in ambush around Lin Feng.

Even if Lin Feng was a 10 billion-level Supremacy, how could he turn the tables against three 10 billion-level Celestial Devil Emperors?


Among the three Celestial Devil Emperors, although Emperor Deep Domain had a faint premonition, he had no way out at this moment. They had to suppress Lin Feng in one go.


The three Celestial Devil Emperors did not waste any time talking and attacked directly. Every Celestial Devil Emperor was a famous 10 billion-level Emperor. When the three Emperors attacked together, the power of the invisible Celestial Devil’s force fields instantly increased explosively.

Even Lin Feng was suppressed by the Celestial Devil’s force fields.

At this moment, Lin Feng did not dare to be negligent. Even if he was deliberately using himself as bait to lure out these three Emperors, he was actually not absolutely confident.

If he was not careful, he might even fail by accident and get himself into trouble. Of course, Lin Feng would never let this happen. What he wanted was to defeat the three Celestial Devil Emperors completely, and obtain a large amount of world origin converted from the the three Celestial Devil Emperors’ tens of billions of layers of Celestial Devil’s true forms.

“Stop time!”

This was the first time Lin Feng had used the rules of time against three 10 billion-level Emperors. The three 10 billion-level Emperors had attacked together just now. Even from afar, Lin Feng felt a terrifying pressure. Hence, Lin Feng used the rules of time immediately.

As the most mysterious and bizarre rules, the rules of time had always made Lin Feng victorious in battle. Even the power of Chiliocosm Sovereigns could be stopped when Lin Feng used the rules of time.

The only difference was whether Lin Feng could withstand the burden.


The three Celestial Devil Emperors, despite their powerful strength, seemed to have “frozen” after the rules of time descended. Their expressions were lifelike, and they were completely still.

Such were the rules of time. No matter what power or ability, everything would be stopped under the rules of time.

However, the burden of three 10 billion-level Emperors was unimaginable. Lin Feng felt as if his internal chiliocosm domain would collapse at any moment.

The burden was simply too great. Forget about the span of a breath, he could not even hold out for half a breath.

Fortunately, Lin Feng was already sufficiently prepared. The moment he used the rules of time, he had already taken action.

Worlds floated above Lin Feng’s head. There was even a huge lotus flower stretching across his head. Streaks of light shone, making Lin Feng look like a deity.

Lin Feng’s internal chiliocosm domain no longer had the combat power of 12 billion worlds, but a total of 15 billion!

The reason why it increased by three billion was that Lin Feng had obtained 100,000 One-star Boundary Stones from the Proclamation Alliance, which was about two billion worlds. Then, there were hundreds of millions of ordinary Boundary Stones.

In total, it added up to the combat power of about three billion worlds!

This was also an important reason why Lin Feng dared to fight the three of them alone, and even tried to kill all three Celestial Devil Emperors. His strength was already above the three Celestial Devil Emperors.

Although these three Celestial Devil Emperors were also 10 billion-level Emperors, they were only very ordinary 10 billion-level Emperors. The strongest one was Emperor Sinking Domain, but he only had 11 billion layers of Celestial Devil’s true form.

As for the other two Emperors, they only had Celestial Devil’s true forms of over 10 billion layers. They were far inferior to Lin Feng’s combat power of 15 billion worlds.


Lin Feng struck Emperor Deep Domain hard. For this attack, Lin Feng did not attack the three of them together. Instead, he only targeted Emperor Deep Domain, and attacked him alone.

Lin Feng knew very well how important Emperor Deep Domain was. He was a key figure in the Celestial Devil World of the Deep Domain. No matter what, he had to kill Emperor Deep Domain first.

Only then would Lin Feng have a chance to completely take down the Celestial Devil World of the Deep Domain, and obtain a large amount of world origin.

Boom. Boom. Boom.

In less than half a breath’s time, Lin Feng attacked Emperor Deep Domain in a frenzy. As Lin Feng had the combat power of 15 billion worlds, and Emperor Deep Domain was frozen in time on top of that, he had no effective defense at all. He was just a live target.

For these three attacks, Emperor Deep Domain would lose a large amount of his Celestial Devil’s true form every time. Lin Feng would destroy about 200 million layers of his Celestial Devil’s true form each time.

In the blink of an eye, after the effect of stopping time pa.s.sed, the three Emperors had already returned to their senses. Only four billion layers of Emperor Deep Domain’s Celestial Devil’s true form were left.

Emperor Deep Domain was terrified. He had never expected that he would lose more than half of his power in the blink of an eye. This loss was heavy to the extreme.

Emperor Deep Domain even sensed the threat of death.


At the same time, the combined attack of the three Emperors also landed on Lin Feng. In order to defeat Emperor Deep Domain as soon as possible, he almost spared no expense to buy time to defeat Emperor Deep Domain first. Hence, he did not dodge the combined attack of the three of them. Now, he was resisting it head-on.

However, how terrifying was the combined attack of three 10 billion-level Emperors?

Even Lin Feng’s chiliocosm domain membrane was very thick, and he was much stronger than the three Emperors, now, after enduring the combined attack of the three Emperors, Lin Feng’s entire body shook. Hundreds of millions of worlds in his internal chiliocosm domain collapsed.

This was despite all kinds of comprehensive conditions. Lin Feng had already minimized his losses. Otherwise, if he had taken the combined force of the three Emperors head-on, he would have lost more than just hundreds of millions of worlds.

However, even if he lost hundreds of millions of worlds, Lin Feng would not hesitate to keep attacking Emperor Deep Domain. At this moment, even if he did not use the rules of time, with only four billion layers of Celestial Devil’s true form left, Emperor Deep Domain was far from Lin Feng’s match.


Lin Feng threw a hard punch at Emperor Deep Domain.

The other two Emperors hurriedly shouted, “Stop!”

Bang. Bang. Bang.

With every heavy strike, Emperor Deep Domain suffered heavy losses. Even though he was not frozen by the rules of time, and even used his full power to defend himself every time, ultimately, he had lost the opportunity to make the first move. With four billion layers of Celestial Devil’s true form, the difference between him and Lin Feng was just too great.

After three attacks, Emperor Deep Domain was completely defeated. His Celestial Devil’s true form exploded instantly.


Lin Feng heaved a sigh of relief. In a short period of time, he had lost about 300 million worlds. Currently, there were less than 15 billion worlds in his internal chiliocosm domain.

However, he was very happy. Emperor Deep Domain alone had provided Lin Feng with about 8 billion portions of world origin.

That was eight billion portions of world origin. If not for the intense battle preventing Lin Feng from safely converting the Celestial Devil’s true form into world origin, and consuming a lot of the Celestial Devil’s true form, it would probably be more than eight billion portions.

Seeing that Emperor Deep Domain had been completely defeated and his

Celestial Devil’s true form had been destroyed, the remaining two Celestial Devil Emperors were also afraid. They thought of retreating.

“Run! Run back to the Celestial Devil World. There’s nothing Lin Feng can do with the defense of the Celestial Devil World!”

The two Emperors were terrified. They wanted to escape back to the Celestial Devil World immediately. Moreover, they were indeed very close to the Celestial Devil World in the Deep Domain. With the speed of 10 billion-level

Emperors, they could quickly escape back to the Celestial Devil World.

“Don’t you think it’s too late to run now?”

Lin Feng’s voice rang out in the ears of the two 10 billion-level Emperors like perennial ice..

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