Chapter 989: Cousin


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Gu Chen was still showing off his skills. When he turned around, he saw two girls blocking Shen Xi’s view.

Gu Chen frowned slightly. While he was dissatisfied, he was also worried that Shen Xi was bullied by the two girls, so he immediately turned around and quickly returned to Shen Xi’s side.

Shen Xi had just taken out her phone and was still hesitating whether to give it to Gu Chen when Gu Chen had already drifted back.

Gu Chen looked at the two girls in front of him with unfriendly eyes, then looked at Shen Xi and asked, “Xi, what’s wrong?” Did something happen?”

Shen Xi shook her phone and answered honestly, “These two girls want your contact information. I was just about to give it to them.”

After Gu Chen heard this, his face under the helmet darkened a little. He grabbed Shen Xi’s phone and put it back into Shen Xi’s pocket in front of the two girls. Then, he zipped it up.

Then Gu Chen turned to the two girls. His tone was indifferent and even cold. “I’m sorry. I won’t add you!”

“Are you Gu Chen’s cousin?” One of the two girls was embarra.s.sed, while the other asked with a puzzled look.

As soon as the girl spoke, the other three people present looked at the girl in unison.

The girl quickly took off her helmet. She looked at Gu Chen and said happily, “Cousin Gu Chen, it’s me. I’m Chang Yi. My father is your mother’s cousin.”

When Chang Yi was very young, she could often see Gu Chen because Chang Yue often brought Gu Chen back to the Chang family.

At that time, although Gu Chen was also cold and arrogant, he was not as unapproachable as he was now.

After Chang Yue, who was also her Aunt, died, Gu Chen rarely returned to the Chang family.

However, this did not prevent Chang Yi from often mentioning Gu Chen in front of outsiders. This was an interpersonal resource that increased her social chips.

Therefore, Chang Yi often followed her brother or father to see Gu Chen.

However, Gu Chen did not like crowds, so Chang Yi could only wait obediently outside the meeting room or Gu Chen’s study room.

Of course, Chang Yi was unwilling to admit that she did not dare to go in to see Gu Chen because it was her first time visiting the Gu family. She relied on her family’s relationship with the Gu family to suddenly barge into Gu Chen’s study and was almost beaten to death by Gu Chen’s men.

It was her brother and father who pleaded for her to avoid this disaster. However, she was also locked up at home for three months as punishment.

Gu Chen narrowed his eyes slightly.” The Chang family?”

Gu Chen did not have much of an impression of this so-called cousin. Ever since his mother, Chang Yue, died, Gu Chen did not go to the Chang family often.

If there was anything in the business or political world, it would be directly discussed as business, so Gu Chen naturally had no impression of Chang Yi.

“Brother Chen.” The girl beside him also took off her helmet and smiled elegantly. “So it’s brother Chen.”

When Gu Chen heard the girl’s address, he first looked at Shen Xi subconsciously. Then, he said coldly, “I don’t like people calling me that.”

The girl felt a little awkward. However, she maintained a smile on her face and said, “It’s my fault. I thought that Master Gu and my brother’s relationship was good now. It’s only right that I call you Brother Chen. “But I didn’t expect Master Gu to not like such a t.i.tle.”

“Your brother?” Gu Chen raised his eyebrows and looked at the girl beside him.

“She’s Liu Dong’s sister, Liu Hui.” Chang Yi immediately introduced.

Liu Dong and Gu Chen naturally had an impression of her. Thinking that this girl was from the Liu family, Gu Chen’s expression eased a little.

He took off his helmet and nodded slightly at Liu Hui as a greeting.

Liu Hui’s heart skipped a beat when she saw that beautiful face that was so infuriating that it could anger both men and G.o.ds. That handsome face immediately aroused Liu Hui’s young girl’s heart.

Liu Hui had heard of Gu Chen before. Her brother at home often mentioned Gu Chen to her father, so she was quite curious before.

She was curious about the beautiful and resourceful Gu Chen that her father and brother talked about.

However, every time she wanted to go out with her brother or father, she would always be rejected.

The reason was very simple. Her family thought that she could not control a man like Gu Chen. They were even afraid that she would ruin the cooperation between the two families for so many years.

Therefore, it was better to not see her at first, and Liu Hui could only listen to her family.

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