Chapter 990: Rumors


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After all, the family’s interests were the most important for high-cla.s.s disciples like them.

He did not expect to meet the person he had always wanted to meet today. It was a pleasant surprise.

Liu Hui also nodded at Gu Chen generously. Then, she smiled and said, “It’s such a coincidence to meet Master Gu today. Why don’t we go to the coffee shop nearby and have a drink?”

“I’m here with someone today, so it’s not convenient. Please forgive me!” Gu Chen rejected politely.

Liu Hui was a little disappointed. The two girls also sized up Shen Xi, who had yet to take off her helmet.

Then, Liu Hui looked at Shen Xi with a gentle expression and invited him sincerely. “I wonder if you would do me the honor of having coffee with me?”

Since she couldn’t get Gu Chen, she might as well change the direction and ask the girl next to Gu Chen.

Gu Chen had already said that he was there to accompany someone. If this girl agreed, wouldn’t they be together?

The main reason was that Liu Hui wanted more time to get to know Gu Chen, whom she had wanted to see for a long time.

Chang Yi, who was beside them, also laughed. “Yeah, I saw that you guys have been skating for a long time. You must be thirsty too. How about we take a break first?”

Looking at Chang Yi’s eager gaze, Shen Xi did not want to reject it. It was just a cup of coffee. It was not a big deal.

Moreover, Liu Hui was interested in Gu Chen. Shen Xi inexplicably wanted to see Gu Chen’s excitement.

“Alright! Let’s go together!” Shen Xi nodded in agreement.

When Shen Xi took off her helmet, the two girls’ expressions changed from happiness to surprise.

“Shen Xi? Young miss Shen?” Chang Yi stared at Shen Xi with wide eyes.

Liu Hui, who was at the side, also sized up Shen Xi curiously.

“Yes, I am Shen Xi. Do you know me?” Shen Xi revealed a puzzled expression.

Chang Yi looked at Liu Hui and said, “I’ve heard of you before. I’ve also seen you on the Internet a few times, especially this morning. We even saw you on the news just now.”

“What news?” Shen Xi was curious.

“Many reports are saying that you…” Chang Yi looked at Gu Chen carefully. Seeing that Gu Chen didn’t seem to have any intention of stopping her, Chang Yi continued, “They said that you’re a fickle woman. First, you seduced the Guan family’s young master. Now that the Guan family’s young master is dead, you’re seducing the Gu family’s leader.”

When Gu Chen heard this, his gentle gaze that was originally looking at Shen Xi instantly turned sharp and turned to Chang Yi.

Chang Yi was so shocked that her back was covered in cold sweat. She immediately explained, “I didn’t say that. That’s what the report said. It has nothing to do with me. There was even a photo of the two of you dating in the Starry Sky With You last night. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but that’s what the report said.”

Chang Yi’s voice became softer and softer because she saw that Gu Chen’s face was already very cold.

Although it was not that fierce, on the contrary, it was a very calm and cold expression, Chang Yi could not help but think of the expression on Gu Chen’s face when he wanted to kill her back then.

They were the same.

That was why Chang Yi was afraid.

She regretted blurting out those words just now.

“Ms. Shen Xi, please don’t be angry.” Liu Hui explained. “We read about this in the report. Xiaoyi just blurted it out on the spot. She didn’t mean any harm.”

Liu Hui did not know why Chang Yi was so panicked, but as Chang Yi’s good friend, she naturally had to say something to Chang Yi.

Shen Xi smiled. “It’s okay. I’m not angry. They can say whatever they want. I don’t mind.”

Shen Xi did not care, but it did not mean that Gu Chen did not care.

Gu Chen picked up his phone and was about to call Qian Tong when Shen Xi stopped him. He smiled and said, “It’s okay. Let’s go. I’m thirsty. Let’s go for coffee.”

Seeing that Shen Xi was holding her hand tightly, Gu Chen had no choice but to obediently put the phone into his pocket.

Gu Chen didn’t care if his intimate relationship with Shen Xi was leaked. He even wanted everyone to know.

However, he didn’t want anyone to attack Shen Xi with any nasty words.

So even though Shen Xi told him not to care, he still found an excuse to come out after entering the coffee shop for a while.

Chang Yi saw that Gu Chen was not around and asked Shen Xi in a low voice with a little curiosity and gossip, “Are you not related to my cousin? Are you just friends?”

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