Chapter 991: Friends


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Chang Yi did not reject Shen Xi and Gu Chen being together. Shen Xi had the backing of Shen Lu and the other two big financial groups.

If the Gu family and the Shen Lu were to be connected by marriage, then the Gu family’s status would rise. Since the Chang family was related to the Gu family by marriage, their status would naturally rise as well.

Moreover, Shen Xi was also good-looking. If he were to bring her out to introduce her, it would be a lot of face.

On the other hand, Liu Hui, who was at the side, felt a little uncomfortable after taking a look at Shen Xi.

If Shen Xi was a young lady from a small family, then she would not mind. But Shen Xi was the young miss of the Shen family and was not inferior to their Liu family.

Besides, anyone with a discerning eye could see Gu Chen’s att.i.tude towards Shen Xi just now. He was interested in Shen Xi.

Liu Hui sighed slightly in her heart. It was not easy to find someone she liked, but in the end, she already had someone in her heart, and that person was very powerful.

“Yes, we are friends,” Shen Xi said calmly as he took off her gloves.

Shen Xi’s decisive answer made Chang Yi feel slightly disappointed, while Liu Hui secretly felt a little happy.

Liu Hui looked in the direction where Gu Chen had just gone out and said, “I’ll go and see if there are any desserts here. You two sit first. I’ll be back in a while.”

Chang Yi nodded repeatedly. She was now even more interested in Shen Xi.

“Let me ask you something. I heard that you were quite close to Guan Lei before. Are you and Guan Lei a couple?” Chang Yi asked curiously.

Shen Xi thought for a moment and then said, “Guan Lei and I used to be together, but we broke up.”

Chang Yi nodded in understanding. “When did you split it?”

“I heard it was about four years ago.” Shen Xi said with certainty.

Chang Yi immediately frowned in confusion. “Did you hear? Roughly? No, Sister Shen, don’t you even know your matters?”

Chang Yi, on the other hand, called her sister naturally.

“Yes, I heard about it.” Shen Xi nodded.

Chang Yi was confused by Shen Xi’s confused answer. Who would need to hear about their matters?

Liu Hui, who was using the excuse of going to see the desserts, was looking for Gu Chen. At the corner outside, she saw Gu Chen who was walking back after making a call.

Liu Hui stepped forward and said with a smile, “Master Gu, I’ve been hearing about you from my brother and father, so I’ve been looking for an opportunity to meet you. I didn’t expect to meet you today.”

Gu Chen looked at Liu Hui in front of him indifferently, and a not-so-warm smile appeared on the corner of his mouth. “What a coincidence.”

“Yes, it’s quite a coincidence.” Liu Hui said happily, “By the way, the Liu family is having a banquet this weekend. I wonder if Master Gu has some time on your side. I’d like to invite you to come along.”

“I’m sorry. I’ve been very busy recently. I’m not free. Please forgive me.” Gu Chen refused without thinking.

For the sake of cooperating with the Liu family, Gu Chen was more polite to Liu Hui than others, but it was just a little.

Liu Hui was a little embarra.s.sed. She did not expect the boy who was so arrogant on the ice arena to be so cold in front of her. This made her a little discouraged. She even agreed with what her family said. She could not control a man like Gu Chen.

“Miss Liu, let’s go in. Xi and the others are probably still waiting for us.” Gu Chen didn’t want to waste time facing the woman in front of him.

Liu Hui originally wanted to get closer to Gu Chen, but she didn’t expect that there would be any progress at all. Even with the Liu family’s face, she couldn’t invite Gu Chen to the banquet.

Liu Hui sighed slightly in her heart, then nodded. After saying yes, she followed Gu Chen back to her seat.

Shen Xi raised her eyebrows at Gu Chen with a gossipy expression. He even directed Gu Chen’s gaze to Liu Hui.

Gu Chen felt a little depressed. Suddenly, he wanted to ask himself what kind of girl he liked.

She knew that he liked her, but she was still teasing him and another girl. Especially just now, she even wanted to give his contact information to another girl.

Gu Chen sighed in his heart.

From his point of view, even if Shen Xi did not like him, she could not push him to someone else. It would make him feel terrible.

Gu Chen immediately looked at Shen Xi with resentment. Shen Xi was also a little uncomfortable when Gu Chen stared at her with his sad eyes.

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