Chapter 992: Followers


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No, there were two people beside her. Gu Chen looked at her with such a gaze. It felt like she had done something to Gu Chen as if she had committed a heinous crime.

Chang Yi watched the interaction between Shen Xi and Gu Chen from the side and was overjoyed. She even secretly cheered for her cousin and hoped that Gu Chen would kidnap Shen Xi home to get married.

Liu Hui’s gaze looked back and forth between Shen Xi and Gu Chen, and the annoyance in her heart deepened.

She had a feeling that she had just fallen in love, and then she was immediately faced with the sadness of falling out of love.

The four people at the table had their thoughts.

As soon as the coffee was served, Gu Chen obediently retracted his resentful gaze and added sugar and milk to Shen Xi’s coffee without complaint.

Chang Yi’s lips suddenly broke into a grin again. “Cousin, you didn’t even ask Sister Shen about her preferences and directly helped her make coffee. It seems like you know Sister Shen’s preferences very well!”

Shen Xi also looked at Gu Chen curiously, as if she was also surprised that Gu Chen knew how much sugar and milk she wanted.

Gu Chen stirred the coffee for Shen Xi and smiled.

Chang Yi giggled. “Sister Shen said that you two are just friends. I don’t think so at all. When the two of you are together, you have that kind of sweet bubble of love.”

When Gu Chen heard Chang Yi’s words, he was a little happy. He was even willing to look up at Chang Yi, which surprised Chang Yi.

So Chang Yi picked out what Gu Chen wanted to hear.

Chang Yi was now very sure that as long as she made fun of Shen Xi as Gu Chen’s girlfriend, she would make Gu Chen happy.

Liu Hui, who was at the side, drank her coffee silently. Coffee without sugar was bitter.

She silently scrolled through her phone and saw an article about Shen Xi and Gu Chen’s past.

Chang Yi saw that Liu Hui did not speak, so she curiously went over and asked, “Xiaohui, what are you looking at?” Why are you so serious and not talking to us?”

However, when Chang Yi’s gaze fell on Liu Hui’s phone screen, her eyes lit up slightly. Then, she looked up and said, Cousin, someone posted about you and Shen Xi.”

“Really?” Gu Chen asked with interest. “What did he say?”

Chang Yi picked up her phone and excitedly searched for the blogger that Liu Hui was reading. Then, she opened the post and browsed through it at a glance.

She didn’t forget to tell him what she saw in real time. “It’s probably that Sister Shen was born into the Shen Lu family’s financial group. Her family background is prominent. She doesn’t need to curry favor with the Guan family and Gu family at all. Then, the blogger also said that you and Sister Shen have been in contact for a long time and that you have always liked Sister Shen. It’s just that Sister Shen has been engrossed in her studies for the past four years, so she hasn’t been in a relationship. That’s why Sister Shen can’t seduce Young Master Guan’s cousin you, because…”

Chang Yi suddenly shut her mouth and stopped reading. Instead, she looked up at Gu Chen and asked uneasily, “Can I continue reading?”

“Of course!” Gu Chen nodded and even gave Chang Yi an encouraging look.

Chang Yi was instantly filled with courage as she continued, “Because all this while, it was Master Gu, who was also cousin, who was shamelessly pestering the Eldest Miss of the Shen family, who was also Sister Shen. There were also many photos and screenshots posted on it. This is a photo of Cousin You and Sister Shen at the masquerade party four years ago. Wow, it’s so beautiful.”

Chang Yi flipped through all kinds of photos while mumbling non-stop. “There’s also Sister Shen Xi’s performance at school. Cousin, you went to watch it too? Oh my G.o.d, Sister Shen, you’re a pilot. Aren’t you amazing? But Sister Shen, there are so many planes in the sky. Which one of them is yours?”

“She’s the one who’s the fiercest and has all kinds of handstands. Take a look and you’ll be able to find the most special plane.” Gu Chen said lightly.

Then, Gu Chen seemed to have thought of something and smiled. “There was a school exercise one year. The person who was on the same plane as her was their dean. She directly made the dean vomit and lost face. After that, the dean didn’t dare to take her plane anymore.”

Liu Hui saw that when Gu Chen mentioned Shen Xi, his face was full of affection and affection. Thinking of Gu Chen’s coldness towards her just now, Liu Hui sighed deeply again.

Chang Yi widened her eyes and gave Shen Xi a thumbs up. Then, she shook her head and looked at Gu Chen. “I understand now. How did you know Sister Shen’s taste? All these years, you’ve been secretly watching Sister Shen, right?”

Shen Xi’s gaze turned to Gu Chen. Gu Chen just smiled at Shen Xi and agreed.

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