Rebirth: The Fake Young Lady Is A Real Young LadyRebirth: The Fake Young Lady Is A Real Young Lady Chapter 993: Digging Up Dark Past

Chapter 993: Digging Up Dark Past


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Chang Yi continued to scroll down, unable to contain her laughter. She picked up her phone and opened a photo, holding it up in front of Shen Xi.

“Shen Jiejie, is this you in the cute cartoon outfit with pink hair?” she asked.

Shen Xi examined the photo and reluctantly admitted, “It does look a bit like me.”

Gu Chen couldn’t help but chuckle on the side.

Shen Xi found the blogger utterly outrageous. How could someone dig up others’ dark past like this?

Seeing the screenshots and another picture below, Chang Yi’s eyes lit up. She turned to Shen Xi and said, “I know this photo. You and cousin were attacked and locked in a room together. You two hugged all night. The photo was taken and posted online, right?”

Without waiting for Shen Xi’s response, Chang Yi turned to Gu Chen and said, “I remember it caused quite a stir. Netizens thought cousin was Young Master Guan, but in the end, Guan Lei couldn’t stand it and posted his own picture. People were speculating about the three of you, calling it a love triangle. Finally, cousin came out and clarified, stating that Shen Jiejie is single, and you two were just good friends, right?”

Gu Chen nodded slightly.

Chang Yi nodded with a smile. “Exactly, so this blogger’s point is that these events happened not long ago. At that time, you, Shen Jiejie, were single. Plus, since Guan Lei publicly stated his pursuit of Shen Jiejie, it’s impossible for her to be trying to seduce him. In short, the blogger maliciously spread false rumors about you.”

Shen Xi remained silent, just listening.

Chang Yi grinned and looked at Shen Xi. “Shen Jiejie, now that someone has cleared things up for you, do you feel better?”

Shen Xi nodded with a smile. “This blogger went to a lot of trouble. I’ll find a time to thank them properly.”

The resolution of Shen Xi’s rumor did not sit well with some people.

In the Guan family’s reception hall, Su Rui sneered, “I was looking forward to more laughs at Shen Xi’s expense, but it seems it’s over. What a shame. I regret not taking photos at Grandfather’s banquet, showing everyone how Shen Xi attended as a member of the Guan family. Such an unreliable person. I really feel sorry for Guan Lei.”

“This online stuff is like that. Without concrete evidence, even if it’s true, so what? But, ultimately, it’s not Shen Xi’s fault. Even if their relationship was ambiguous, it was never officially announced,” sighed Ye Yu.

Ye Yu’s gaze shifted to the Guan family mansion, now both eerie and lively.

Guan Yi was under house arrest, with various people outside his courtyard: investigators sent from above, spies from the Liu family and Gu family, and guards protecting the Guan family.

Since Guan Lei’s death, Su Han had been guarding his body, allowing no one to approach.

Guan Yan stood outside Su Han’s yard, dealing with the Guan family members causing a commotion.

“Big brother, it’s time to arrange Ah Lei’s funeral properly. It’s not right for sister-in-law to keep guarding Ah Lei’s body like this. It’s hot these days, and the smell will get unpleasant soon,” remarked Guan Tian from the third branch, looking at Guan Yan, who was standing at the door.

“Yeah, now everyone in the family is on edge. Let’s quickly handle Ah Lei’s affairs. Since he didn’t leave behind any children, why don’t we select someone from the clan to be considered his child? It will be good to have someone carry the memorial tablet during the funeral. Consider it as fulfilling filial piety for Ah Lei,” Guan Qiong, from the fourth branch of the Guan family, said sympathetically, patting his grandson beside him.

Seeing the displeasure on Guan Yan’s face, Guan Qiong no longer held the same respect as before. All he thought about was the benefits of marrying off his children early.

Guan Yan’s eyes flickered with anger. His son hadn’t been dead for two days, yet these demons and monsters from the family were here to watch the show.

Guan Hai from the second branch couldn’t bear it and said, “Don’t think I don’t see through your schemes. You’d better put away any ulterior motives.”

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