Chapter 994: Make a Scene


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Maintaining his composure, Guan Qiong looked at Guan Hai and sneered, “Second Uncle, the Guan family’s fortune cannot fall into someone else’s hands. Now that the Eldest Uncle’s family has no heir, I, with a heavy heart, have sent my young grandson to Ah Lei as his son. Yet, you suspect me of having ulterior motives?”

Shooting a side glance at Guan Bo and Guan Tai, Guan Qiong continued, “Or is it that Second Uncle came out to exert your influence on us younger generations, just to make way for Guan Bo and Guan Tai?”

Guan Bo couldn’t hold back and shouted, “What nonsense are you talking about!”

Seeing Guan Bo stepping forward, Guan Qiong’s face was filled with disdain and sarcasm. “Isn’t it true? Otherwise, why did you hire someone to Guan Lei in the first place? Wasn’t it with the intention of taking his place?”

Guan Bo stared at Guan Qiong with widened eyes, disbelief written all over his face.

Guan Qiong responded with a derisive laugh, “Don’t be so surprised. If you don’t want people to know, don’t do it. So, Second Uncle, those of you who have harmed Guan Lei have no chance. Don’t entertain any delusions, alright?!”

“You!” Guan Bo’s eyes turned red with anger.

Guan Bo regretted his past actions deeply, but now, with it being exposed, he had no grounds to defend Guan Lei.

Guan Yan coldly snorted, “I didn’t expect Guan Qiong to know so much about Ah Lei’s affairs. It seems you’ve been quite busy gathering information these years.”

Feeling embarra.s.sed by Guan Yan’s remark, Guan Qiong could only awkwardly respond, “Ah Lei is the future heir of our family. It’s normal for us elders in our clan to care more. Big Brother, I’m doing it for Ah Lei’s good. Look, how clever and lovely my grandson is. As long as you agree, you’ll immediately have a grandson.”

“Guan Qiong, have you no shame? Sending your grandson away for wealth, disgusting!” Guan Tian yelled from the side.

“Guan Tian, you’re only saying this now because your grandchild is still in your daughter-in-law’s belly. You don’t even know the gender. If you already had a grandson on your side, you’d be even more loud than me. Blame your sons for being useless!” Guan Qiong mocked.

Guan Tian’s hot temper couldn’t tolerate Guan Qiong’s sarcasm. He immediately rolled up his sleeves and threatened, “Guan Qiong, try saying that nonsense again!”

Seeing the imminent fight between the two, Guan Yan shouted, “Shut up, both of you!”

As soon as Guan Yan spoke, both of them instantly quieted down.

“Don’t forget, without Guan Lei, the Guan family still has me, Guan Yan!” Guan Yan coldly stared at the people before him and declared.

Guan Tian looked incredulously at Guan Yan, saying, “Big Brother, are you still thinking of having another child at this age?”

The ridicule in Guan Tian’s words was evident.

Just then, the door that had been closed for the past two days suddenly opened.

Su Han, with bloodshot eyes, grabbed the table lamp and fiercely hurled it at Guan Tian.

The lamp flew straight toward Guan Tian’s forehead. Unable to dodge in time, he tumbled to the ground, blood instantly streaming down from his head.

Almost screaming, Su Han exclaimed, “Get out! If you don’t leave, I’ll have someone kill all you b.a.s.t.a.r.ds. My son is dead, none of you will live!”

Guan Tian’s son immediately rushed forward to support his father. Others wanted to argue, but Xue Li swiftly surrounded everyone with his men!

Guan Yan, hugging and restraining Su Han, who was on the verge of killing, said coldly, “Escort them out! Anyone who comes again, throw them out!”

“Guan Yan! We’re doing this for the continuation of the Guan family’s bloodline. If you remain obstinate, we won’t come empty-handed like today. If any conflicts arise, don’t blame us brothers for being heartless,” Guan Tian shouted.

“That’s right, we’re all for the prosperity of the family. If you kick us out today, those who come tomorrow will be our fathers. You better consider your strength to resist!” Guan Qiong’s words were full of threats.

“Throw them out!” Guan Yan ordered with a steely gaze.

Over the years, Guan Yan had been low-key, but that didn’t mean he was a pushover. Faced with the threats from the family members, he remained unyielding.

Now, his main task was to protect the Guan family and prevent the family from falling apart due to internal conflicts.

Despite the curses from the Guan family members, in the end, they were all driven away by Guan Yan.

They initially thought that with only Guan Yan left in the family, considering his soft nature over the years, he should be easy to suppress. However, Guan Yan turned out to be quite stubborn and dared to chase them out.

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