Red Envelope Group of the Three RealmsRed Envelope Group of the Three Realms Chapter 3444 - 3444 Great ambition

Chapter 3444 - 3444 Great ambition

3444 Great ambition

“Marquis Xie … Marquis Xie …”

Xia Bai, this old ghost, had a good back. The speed at which he kowtowed was so fast that it dazzled the eyes.

“Alright, don’t make me wait too long! Hurry up and pack up, then we can go!”

Hou Qingfeng stood up and twisted the white jade ring on his left thumb. He said, ” “Keep a close eye! Don’t miss any details!”


“Lord Marquis, be at ease! This old servant will definitely tell Yi Lian what to do!” Xia Bai kept nodding.

Hou Qingfeng turned around and left the room.

Sheng kuangzhan glanced at Xia Bai and said with a deeper meaning, ” “Xia Bai! You old brat, your ancestors ‘graves are really emitting green smoke! He had actually received the Lord Marquis’s support! In the future, your Xia family might even be on equal footing with my Sheng family!”

“I don’t dare! I don’t dare!”

Xia Bai’s face was full of smiles. He shook his head and said, ” &Quot; even if we go to another region in the future, the Xia family will still be your subjects. If you need anything, just tell me! &Quot;

“Heh, you’re sensible!”

Sheng kuangzhan narrowed his eyes and coldly said, ” “I don’t want anything else. I just want that kid to die without a burial place and return my son his freedom!”

Xia Bai nodded and said,”don’t worry!” Since the Marquis is involved in this matter! As long as we can figure out that brat’s true strength, he’ll definitely die!”

“I hope you can figure it out as soon as possible!”

“Don’t forget!” Sheng kuangzhan said viciously. Before your Xia family goes to the territory, I can decide your life and death with a single thought!”

“Yes, yes, yes … This old servant will remember!” Xia Bai nodded his head like a chicken pecking at rice.

“Good luck!” Sheng kuangzhan sighed and walked out with the mottled dog in his arms.

“Yi Lian! You know what to do, right?”

Xia Bai stood up, narrowed his eyes, and looked at Xia Yilian.

“Grandpa! You’re getting carried away again!”

Xia Yilian also stood up. In her clear eyes, there was a cold glint.”This was my plan all along! If I didn’t ask you to bring Sheng kuangzhan back! How did you get to know hou Qingfeng?”

“Lord Marquis! Call him Lord Marquis!” &Quot; what? ” Xia Bai said nervously, ” you’re calling the Marquis’s full name. Do you want to die? ”

Xia Yilian smiled coldly and said,”ha, what’s so great about hou Qingfeng?” No matter how powerful he is, isn’t he still a chess piece on my chessboard? Aren’t you still being used by me?”

“Hiss …”

Xia Bai gasped and quickly ran over to close the doors and windows. &Quot; “Great aunt! You want to die! Don’t drag the entire clan down with you!”

“Just wait and see!”

Xia Yilian sneered and said,”I have a feeling that this is my chance to rise!” I’ll be stronger than hou Qingfeng sooner or later! I will stand at the peak of primordial chaos and become a trusted Fey ancestor!”

“This is crazy! I think you’ve really gone crazy!”

Xia Bai’s face turned green. &Quot; you’re in such a state. How can I be at ease letting you be a spy? ”

“What are you worried about?”

Xia Yilian laughed coldly and said,”my acting skills have already dumbfounded bro bei and hou Qingfeng!” Not only do I want to be a spy, but I also want to be a double agent! This time, all the benefits will be mine!”

“You …”

Xia Bai rubbed his forehead and sighed. &Quot; “Forget it! My Xia clan has existed for eight million years, and only today has we produced such an ambitious and capable genius like you! Just do it! Even if we have to bet our entire clan, we won’t hesitate!”

“Don’t worry!”

Xia Yilian smiled coldly and said seriously, &Quot; the glory of the Xia clan will rise from today on to the peak of primordial chaos! &Quot;


“Young master … Sorry for making you wait …”

Xia Yilian had changed into a set of casual clothes and looked very energetic. She had a pure smile on her face and looked prettier than flowers.

“Let’s go! Shall we set off?”

Chen Xiaobei nodded and led the group to the portal to the Western Region of the yellow region.

Duanmu imperial capital.

This was Duanmu Baoshu’s territory.

After arranging for everyone to rest in the Prince’s residence, Duanmu Baoshu was going to gather some people before heading to the sky Foothill mountain range.

In the living room.

Xia Yilian obediently poured tea for everyone and took the initiative to ask,”Young master, I still don’t know how I should address you.”

“Me?” &Quot; bro bei! &Quot; Chen Xiaobei said, ” you can call me bro bei like the rest of them. &Quot;


Xia Yilian smiled and asked,”how should I address this sister?”

“You can just call her sister half fairy!” Said Chen Xiaobei with a smile.

“Half immortal … Who has such a name?” Xia Yilian was a little hesitant.

&Quot; she loves to predict good fortune, bad fortune, and misfortune. But, she can only predict half of it and the other half. She has never been able to predict anything right. So, she can only be called a half-deity! &Quot;


&Quot; you! &Quot; Yan Lings.h.i.+ panicked and threw the spiritual fruit she had just taken two bites of at Chen Xiaobei.

“Yi Lian! Don’t listen to his nonsense!” “My surname is Yan. You can just call me sister Yan!” Yan Lings.h.i.+ composed herself and said.

&Quot; okay … &Quot; Xia Yilian stuck out her little tongue awkwardly. She was very playful.

“Where is this uncle? How should I address you?” Xia Yilian looked at Cang Tian ao.

At this moment, Yan Lings.h.i.+ and Cang tianao were still wearing their masks, so Xia Yilian could not recognize Cang tianao, the Sovereign Lord of the South of the yellow region.

“You … Can call him uncle Tian.” Chen Xiaobei said.

“Alright, I’ll remember that.” Xia Yilian nodded. She had the expression of an ignorant girl, innocent and romantic.

She had secretly recorded their conversation with her communication magical equipment and sent it to hou Qingfeng and Sheng kuangzhan.

Hou Qingfeng and Sheng kuangzhan had already started to investigate Chen Xiaobei and the others according to their names.

“Bro bei! I’ve already gathered the manpower!”

Not long after, Duanmu Baoshu rushed back and said excitedly, ” &Quot; the team is full of elite warriors. There are also two old hunters who have been to the Tian Lu mountain range. We can set off at any time. &Quot;


“You don’t have to go!” Chen Xiaobei nodded. After all, he’s a Prince. If he’s in danger, your parents will be worried!”

&Quot; this … &Quot; Duanmu Baoshu was stunned. He sighed and said, ” &Quot; alright then … The Tian Lu mountain range is an unknown land of death to begin with … To be honest, I don’t have the courage to go in either … &Quot;

After a pause, Duanmu Baoshu continued, ” but, bro bei, don’t worry! I will definitely do my best to help you investigate the young lady with the Red Lotus mark!”

As soon as he said this, Xia Yilian’s eyes suddenly flashed with a glimmer of light, and she immediately remembered this clue.

“Yi Lian! You don’t have to go either!”

&Nbsp; ” I don’t know! &Quot; Chen Xiaobei said, ” the place we’re going is too dangerous. I can only rest a.s.sured if you stay here! &Quot;

“No! I want to go with you!”

Xia Yilian said with determination,”bro bei, if you want to abandon me, I’d rather die now!” Bro bei, if you don’t abandon me, then let me go on this adventure with you! We’ll go through thick and thin together!”

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