Red Envelope Group of the Three RealmsRed Envelope Group of the Three Realms Chapter 3447 - 3447 Chapter 3448-Tian can demon Emperor

Chapter 3447 - 3447 Chapter 3448-Tian can demon Emperor

3447 Chapter 3448-Tian can demon Emperor

“Demon race! How could it be a demon?”

As the loud noises got closer, everyone finally saw the true face of the danger.

Tens of thousands of demons were rus.h.i.+ng in from all directions.

It had sharp horns and bone spikes, dark blue rock-like rough skin, fangs like a tiger, and a hideous face!


In the Hong Meng Demon Realm, no one had even heard of the existence of this kind of demon race, let alone seen them.

“How could this be? How could there be Devils in the Hong Meng Demon Realm?” The 33 soldiers were dumbfounded. They could not believe their eyes.

&Quot; we’ve been hunting for our entire lives, but we’ve never seen such a monster … &Quot; old Huang and old w.a.n.g were also extremely shocked.

“There’s a problem … A big problem …”

Yan Lings.h.i.+’s brows were tightly furrowed, and her heart was beating rapidly. Her intuition told her that this was an extremely dangerous tribulation!

Not only Chen Xiaobei, but everyone else present would be in a desperate situation!

Even the strongest person in the entire arena, Cang Tian ‘ao, felt uneasy. &Quot; too strong … These demons are all one-star celestial demons … And I can also sense a tyrannical aura that’s on par with mine … &Quot;

At this thought, Cang tianao and Yan Lings.h.i.+ could not help but look at each other.

It was obvious that the two of them had long felt that something was amiss.

Logically speaking, the sky Foothill mountain range was an unknown land of death. Even if the mountain was full of fiends, these fiends should also be scattered all over the mountain range!

When they entered the mountain, they didn’t see a single demon.

But at this moment, tens of thousands of otherworldly demons swarmed over. There was even a peak two-star otherworldly demon among them!

One could imagine! This was not a simple crisis!

Instead, it was a premeditated, well-prepared, and organized large-scale siege!

&Quot; how could this be … How could this be … &Quot;

Among the crowd, Xia Yilian’s emotions were undoubtedly the most complicated.

According to their agreement, hou Qingfeng and Sheng kuangzhan would only make their move after Xia Yilian had found out more about Chen Xiaobei.

It meant that the otherworldly demons were not hou Qingfeng’s men!

This way, if Chen Xiaobei could not handle it, she, Xia Yilian, would die on the spot!

To her, this was like a bolt from the blue, instantly making her body and mind tremble, and cold sweat broke out.

“Bro bei, you must be careful! You must defeat the enemy … I don’t want to die … I don’t want to die …”

Xia Yilian begged, worried for Chen Xiaobei from the bottom of her heart.

Once Chen Xiaobei died, she would die as well! All his ambitions and dreams would be gone.

“Everyone, gather together, don’t panic! I will naturally deal with these things!”

Chen Xiaobei had enough spiritual stones and a trump card. He did not need to fear these otherworldly demons.

Of course, this did not include the demon Emperor who was on the same level as Cang Tian ao!

“What big words!”

A sneer was heard, and the tens of thousands of otherworldly demons stopped and knelt on one knee.

Everyone looked in the direction of the voice.

Immediately, he saw a huge Tiger walking towards him.

The Tiger was a hundred meters long, and its mane was like sharp arrows. The sharp claws under its four feet were all golden in color, and behind it, its twenty-meter-long tail was covered with bone spikes!

Moreover, these bone spikes were emitting a dark green Yin light. They were obviously highly toxic, and it was definitely not a problem to kill them on sight!

“You animal! That’s the animal that ate my son!”

At this moment, Lao w.a.n.g lost control of his emotions. He clenched his weapon tightly and charged toward the giant Tiger.

“Old w.a.n.g, don’t be rash …”

Chen Xiaobei quickly stopped her.

Unfortunately, old w.a.n.g was not by Chen Xiaobei’s side, and his actions were too sudden.

By the time Chen Xiaobei and the others realized what was going on, old w.a.n.g had already run far away.

There was no doubt that old w.a.n.g had been suffering from pain relief after losing his son for a full ten years! To a father, this was definitely the most unbearable torture!

At that moment, his enemy was right in front of him, and Lao w.a.n.g’s emotions instantly went out of control.

Even though he was only an early one-star heaven immortal, which was three small realms lower than the giant Tiger, Lao w.a.n.g still charged forward without a care!

Although he was impulsive, he let everyone see what it meant to have a father’s love like a mountain!


In such a situation, impulsiveness was definitely the most fatal action!

A long metal whip suddenly lashed out from the Golden-clawed Tiger’s head!

“Swish …”

As the whip swept past, Lao w.a.n.g’s body and magical body exploded at the same time. Even his soul was instantly torn to pieces by the huge force!

The metal whip, which was supported by celestial core power, did not even let go of Lao w.a.n.g’s primordial spirit! With one strike, he had completely wiped out all of old w.a.n.g’s life force!

“Old w.a.n.g!”

Everyone on Chen Xiaobei’s side felt a sharp pain in their chest.

Although they had not known each other for a long time, they had already become comrades.

Old w.a.n.g did not speak much, and he was not a hero. He had bravely charged into the Tian Lu mountain range for his son, and this made everyone admire him.

His death had a strong impact on everyone’s hearts.

Especially Chen Xiaobei, who had always been a loyal person. He would never let his own people get hurt.

Death! This was something that Chen Xiaobei could not accept!

“Who did it? Stand out!”

Chen Xiaobei let out an angry roar, his eyes locked on to the Golden-clawed Tiger’s head.

It was obvious!

The Golden-clawed Giant Tiger was only a peak one-star SkyDemon!

The demon Emperor, who was on the same level as Cang tianao, was standing on the head of the giant Tiger!

It was a man with a face as pale as paper and a body as thin as a stick!


To be precise, he was also a demon!

However, it was not tall enough before and had already taken on a human form!

The iron whip he had used was not a weapon, but a tentacle on his arm!

There were dozens of such tentacles, densely packed together. It was extremely terrifying!

“How stupid! Ant-like trash, how dare you offend me, Tian can demon Emperor? Hehe …”

The emaciated man laughed coldly and looked down at the crowd.”You are the ones looking for the demonic Fire Red Lotus imprint, right?”

“You … How did you know?”

Chen Xiaobei suddenly felt that things were not as simple as they seemed.

“Whoosh …”

With a thought, a woman appeared in front of the Tian can demon Emperor!

This figure was the one that Chen Xiaobei had been looking for, the woman with the Red Lotus mark on her hand!

“So, this was all part of your scheme!”

Chen Xiaobei suddenly felt a chill in his heart, and his pupils shrank.

Chen Xiaobei had always been the one scheming against others, but this time, Chen Xiaobei’s every move was within the tiancan demon Emperor’s calculations!

More importantly, Chen Xiaobei did not even notice that he had walked into the trap!

To Chen Xiaobei, this was a huge mistake he had never made!

And this trip to the Tian Lu mountain would definitely become an unprecedented disaster!

In fact, it might really be as Yan Lings.h.i.+ said!

It would be life-threatening!

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