Red Envelope Group of the Three RealmsRed Envelope Group of the Three Realms Chapter 3448 - 3448 Chapter 3449-scheming

Chapter 3448 - 3448 Chapter 3449-scheming

3448 Chapter 3449-scheming

“Heh, you’re really stupid! You only realized now that you’ve been tricked!”

“You’re in such a hurry to find someone that you’ve revealed many flaws that you shouldn’t have!” The Tian can demon Emperor sneered. I believed a lot of people I shouldn’t have!”

&Quot; hiss … &Quot; as soon as he said this, Xia Yilian couldn’t help but gasp.

“It’s those three coitus faction b.i.t.c.hes who betrayed me!” Chen Xiaobei calmed down, but he was still as intelligent as ever.


“Heh, it seems that you’re not that stupid to the point of being incurable!”

“The coitus faction is searching for women with the Red Lotus mark in the entire hehuang region!” Demon Emperor Tian can said indifferently. After I received the news, I personally captured their three Palace Masters!”

&Quot; these three women have no backbone at all. I didn’t even threaten them, and they told me everything about you in one breath. They were even willing to cooperate with me and call you over! &Quot;

“If you believe in this b * tch, who will die if you don’t?” The Tian can demon Emperor laughed.

“Where are they? I want to personally make them die without a burial place!” Chen Xiaobei was already furious because of old w.a.n.g’s death, and now that he was betrayed by the three old hags, he was even angrier.

“Don’t worry, I’m not like you!”

The Tian can demon Emperor laughed coldly and said, ” “Although those three b * tches want to be loyal to me, I’d rather believe a dog than them! I’ll directly destroy their primordial spirits and make them disappear completely!”

&Quot; this … &Quot; Chen Xiaobei was taken aback. He suddenly felt that the enemy in front of him was too terrifying.

Smart! Sinister! And he was decisive in his killing!

So far, Chen Xiaobei had not found any weakness in this guy, let alone a way to break out of this situation.

“Your cultivation is too weak. I’ll deal with you later!”

The Tian can demon Emperor’s eyes narrowed as he looked at Cang Tian ao and said coldly.

“Blue Wolf Emperor! In this situation, I’ll give you two choices!”

The Tian can demon Emperor said arrogantly,”first, submit to me and the Cang clan will not be destroyed!” The second is to fight with me and die without a burial place with honor and faith!”

“What? You’re the blue Wolf Emperor?” Everyone was shocked.

Xia Yilian, old Huang, and the 33 soldiers did not know that the man who had been following Chen Xiaobei was the southern Overlord of the Hong Meng Huang domain!


Cang tianao’s ident.i.ty, Chen Xiaobei’s cultivation, and Yan Lings.h.i.+’s appearance were all told to the Tian can demon Emperor by the three old demonic hags from joyous Union Palace.


Cang tianao tore off the human skin mask on his face and glared at him, ” “Do you think I’ll submit to you like those three b * tches? That’s a big mistake!”

“Heh, I knew you would say that!”

&Quot; you’re willing to lower yourself for the sake of your faith and follow a lowly brat. This is enough to prove your devotion and pride! &Quot; the Tian can demon Emperor sneered.

“Since you already know, then don’t waste your breath!”

Cang Tian ao was full of fighting spirit and said with his blood boiling, ” “Let’s fight directly! Do you think I, Cang Tian ‘ao, would be afraid of you when we’re at the same level?”

“That’s right, a battle of the same rank!”

The Tian can demon Emperor smiled and said, ” “But you seem to have forgotten that this is my territory!”

“So what?” Cang Tian ao’s eyes narrowed as he tried to probe the other party.

However, the Tian can demon Emperor only smiled confidently and did not reveal any details. &Quot; “Won’t you know if you try?”

“Bro bei …”

Cang tianao lowered his voice and said, ” “The other party is definitely prepared, so I’m most likely going to lose! Furthermore, those three coitus faction b.i.t.c.hes must have told this devil Emperor about the matter of the primordial chaos demonic flame! Therefore, even if you make a move, I’m afraid it’ll be difficult for you to win!”

&Quot; I’ve thought of everything you’ve just said … &Quot; &Quot; now it seems like I can only seek outside help! &Quot;

&Quot; we thought of the same thing … &Quot; Cang Tian ao said in a low voice, ” “I’ll try my best to stall for time. You find a way to get out of the mountain and ask Emperor Duanmu to help! Then, we’ll ask the TU family’s Emperor Lord to come over through the teleportation array …”

“What are you guys mumbling about?”

Tian can demon Emperor squinted his eyes and sneered, ” “Let me guess! You guys must be discussing about getting reinforcements, right?”

Chen Xiaobei and Cang tianao’s faces changed.

“Don’t be naive!”

The Tian can demon Emperor said confidently, ” “I used the illusion of a young girl to lead you here to prevent you from calling for reinforcements!”

“A two-star Peak heaven immortal bewildering formation has been activated in this area. You can’t get out! Moreover, he couldn’t even use his communication magic treasure! So, stop fantasizing!”

“This …”

Chen Xiaobei and Cang tianao were stunned. Their only hope of getting out of this situation had been destroyed.

“Come on! The proud heaven! Don’t think blindly! Since you want to fight, I’ll fight you to my heart’s content!”

The Tian can demon Emperor jumped off the Tiger’s head. Like a demon descending from the heavens, it exuded a disdainful and terrifying pressure that brought along disasters!


Cang tianao knew that there was no point in retreating. He could only find a chance of survival if he fought.

“Delay them! I’ll think of a way to break out!” Chen Xiaobei quickly said.

“Chi …”

Cang tianao rushed into the air and faced the Tian can demon Emperor.

“Hualala …”

The Tian can demon Emperor raised his arms, and dozens of purple metal tentacles started to shake like snakes.

At the same time, the celestial core power of a peak two-star heaven immortal was instantly added to each tentacle, and it exuded an extremely terrifying power.

Whoosh … Whoosh …

What was even more terrifying was that the tens of thousands of mountain demons around them were emitting blood-red gas, which rushed toward the Tian can demon Emperor as if they were giving him extra power.

&Quot; this … This is the blood spirit sacrifice!? &Quot;

Cang tianao was shocked,”no wonder you have the confidence to defeat me!” It’s not even afraid of the primordial demonic flame!”

“Since I dared to lure you here, I’ll naturally make full preparations!”

The Tian can demon Emperor sneered and said,”the grandmist demonic flame in that kid’s hand is connected to the energy law of the grandmist Demon Realm.” However, what I’m using now is the blood spirit secret technique that originated from the demon race! It has nothing to do with natural energy and is completely unaffected by his primordial demonic flame!”

“Whoosh …”

As he spoke, the Tian can demon Emperor’s power continued to rise. It had increased by 30%.

In the same realm, even if Cang tianao transformed into his Demon G.o.d form, his combat power would only increase by ten percent. He was no match for the Tian can demon Emperor.

But no matter what, Cang tianao would never betray his faith!

With a roar, he transformed into a giant wolf with silver fur. He activated his celestial core power to the maximum and pounced at the Tian can demon Emperor.

“Bro bei …”

Yan Lings.h.i.+ quietly tugged at Chen Xiaobei’s sleeve.

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