Red Envelope Group of the Three RealmsRed Envelope Group of the Three Realms Chapter 3450 - 3450 Chapter 3451-Oriole behind

Chapter 3450 - 3450 Chapter 3451-Oriole behind

3450 Chapter 3451-Oriole behind

&Quot; bro bei … Don’t come near me … Cough cough … &Quot;

Cang Tian ao fell to the ground and coughed out a lot of blood, ” “I can’t hold on any longer … You … You have to find a way to escape …”

Without any hesitation, Chen Xiaobei rushed to Cang tianao’s side and said, ” “I’m fine! Believe me! If we work together, we can definitely hold on!”

“Hold on? What are you holding on to?”


&Quot; you’re courting death! &Quot; Tian can demon Emperor sneered, ” even if you gather all the emperors of the yellow region, don’t even think about living in my territory! &Quot;

Just as Chen Xiaobei had thought, the Tian can demon Emperor was an unprecedented enemy!

His plan was perfect, and he had a powerful trump card!

The surrounding bewildering formation most likely had an attack power! Moreover, these tens of thousands of mountain demons could also form a powerful battle formation at the peak of two-star heaven immortal level.

Even if they gathered all four great emperors, it would be hard for them to escape.

Asking for help would only bring harm to the Emperor. So, Chen Xiaobei had to fight on his own, not wanting to drag Emperor Duanmu and the Emperor of the TU family down with him.

“I know you’re very strong!”

Chen Xiaobei said, ” “However, we have to fight to the death! You want me to kneel and surrender? no way!”

“Heh, actually, I didn’t draw you here to kill you! Instead, he has his eyes on the primordial chaos demonic flame in your hands!”

&Quot; hehe! &Quot; Tian can demon Emperor sneered. &Quot; as long as you hand over the primordial demonic flame and accept my demonization, I’m willing to recruit you and train you! &Quot;

The Tian can demon Emperor had no enmity with Chen Xiaobei.

It was because of the three coitus faction old hags who told him about the primordial demonic fire that the tiancan demonic Emperor started to plot against Chen Xiaobei.

“Stop dreaming!”

Chen Xiaobei did not hesitate and said, ” “If you had said that you wanted the grandmist demonic flame from the start, I might have had a chat with you! But now, you’ve killed old w.a.n.g, which is the same as making me an enemy that will not rest until I die!”

“Heh, I gave you face, but you don’t want it! Since that’s the case, then die!” The Tian can demon Emperor was not a kind person.

It was just that after seeing Chen Xiaobei’s heroic spirit, she suddenly wanted to demonize him and recruit him.

Since Chen Xiaobei did not appreciate his kindness, the Tian can demon Emperor would not show any mercy.

&Quot; bro bei, run! You’re not his match! &Quot;

Cang tianao panicked on the spot.

With his cultivation, he was already heavily injured after two to three rounds. If Chen Xiaobei were to fight him, wouldn’t he be killed in one hit?

“Eat this …”

Chen Xiaobei then took out a blood-red fruit.

That’s right!

This was the one-star divine fruit, blood Bodhi!

Obviously, Chen Xiaobei knew that he was not strong enough to fight against the crippled demon Emperor. He only had a chance of survival if he joined forces with Cang tianao.

“What’s wrong? You’re already at death’s door and you still want to heal your injuries and fight again?”

Seeing this, the Tian can demon Emperor laughed.”Do you think I’ll wait for half a month before making my move? What a joke!”

It was obvious that healing was not something that could be done in a short time.

From Tian can demon Emperor’s perspective, Cang Tian ao would need at least ten days to half a month to recover from such a serious injury, no matter how powerful the pill was.

It was really stupid to heal in the middle of a battle like this.

“Phew … It’s a good tie …”

However, just as Cang Tian ao consumed the blood Bodhi, his complexion instantly turned for the better. Furthermore, the injuries on his body also recovered at an extremely fast speed.

Not only that, the celestial core power that Cang Tian ao had just used up was completely replenished, and he was instantly restored to his best state.


To be precise, Cang Tian ao had never felt so good in his entire life!

At this moment, Cang Tian ao even felt that he had reached an unprecedented peak in his life!

“Chi …”

Cang tianao stood up and looked at Chen Xiaobei in surprise. &Quot; “Bro bei, what did you give me? Not only have my injuries completely healed, I’ve never felt so good before!”

“Blood Bodhi!”

&Quot; no! &Quot; Chen Xiaobei said, ” anyone below G.o.d-tier will be healed! &Quot;

&Quot; how … How is this possible?! &Quot;

Everyone was shocked.

He would never have thought that Chen Xiaobei would be able to take out such a divine item.

Cang tianao couldn’t help but swallow his saliva.

Yan Lings.h.i.+ and the others were even more dumbfounded.

The Tian can demon Emperor’s face turned red as if he had been slapped.

A second ago, he was laughed at by Chen Xiaobei, but the next second, Cang tianao had completely recovered.

Healing in the face of battle was not foolish, but heaven-defying!

“Very good! Little brat! You’ve really surprised me!”

The Tian can demon Emperor looked at Chen Xiaobei with interest and said, ” “I didn’t expect that you not only have the grandmist demonic flame, but also a two-star heaven immortal artifact, and even a divine item! I’ve really picked up a treasure by luring you here!”

“Picked up a treasure?”

“I’m afraid that you won’t be able to spend the money even if you pick it up!”

“Heh, what big words!”

The Tian can demon Emperor laughed in disdain,”even if you can cure Cang Tian ‘ao, so what if the two of you join forces?” Are you going to fly out of my Five Finger Mountain?”

“Whoosh …”

As soon as he finished speaking, the Tian can demon Emperor channeled his celestial core power and added it to his metal tentacles.

The battle was about to start.

Everyone’s nerves were tense.

No one noticed that Xia Yilian, who had been shouting that she was afraid, had not made a sound for a long time.

Hiding behind the crowd, Xia Yilian was secretly sending the conversation to hou Qingfeng with a communication magical treasure.

Obviously, Xia Yilian had been inspired by Yan Lings.h.i.+.

Hou Qingfeng had given her a three-star heaven-immortal level communication Dharma Treasure, which was one level higher than the surrounding maze.

Because of this, Xia Yilian immediately sent out the news.

After all, Xia Yilian thought that Chen Xiaobei and Cang tianao would definitely lose, and she would be buried with them.

If she wanted to live, the only way was to summon hou Qingfeng.

That was because hou Qingfeng was a three-star sky demon of the earth realm. He was more than enough to deal with the crippled demon Emperor and Chen Xiaobei’s people.


Hong Meng Huang domain, the Sheng family’s imperial capital.

“Did you hear that?”

Hou Qingfeng was sitting on a luxurious throne. He was extremely excited.”Primordial chaos demonic flame! A G.o.d-tier item! I didn’t expect that kid to have so many good things on him!”

“Congratulations, Lord Marquis!”

Sheng kuangzhan was all smiles. &Quot; the tiancan demon Emperor is like the Mantis stalking the cicada. You’re the Oriole behind him, my Lord. All the benefits will belong to you, my Lord. &Quot;

“Well said!”

Hou Qingfeng was excited,’that kid has so many good things, but his cultivation is not as good as the tiancan demon Emperor? If I had known earlier, I would have killed him in the Xia family!”

“It doesn’t matter if I kill him earlier or later. He can’t escape anyway!” Sheng kuangzhan sneered,”I’ll go and mobilize the troops now!” We can set off at any time!”

“Your soldiers don’t need to go!”

&Quot; I’ll bring the Ling Kong quintet with me, ” hou Qingfeng said with a smile. &Quot; they’ll be enough! &Quot;

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