Red Envelope Group of the Three RealmsRed Envelope Group of the Three Realms Chapter 3458 - 3458 Nourishing the heavens with the saint's heart

Chapter 3458 - 3458 Nouris.h.i.+ng the heavens with the saint's heart

3458 Nouris.h.i.+ng the heavens with the saint’s heart

“First, help me ripen ten blood Bodhi fruits!”

Chen Xiaobei took out the sunlight cache and 30000 low-grade spiritual jades and handed them to her.

So far, Chen Xiaobei had only returned 42399 pieces of low-grade spiritual Jade.

“Waa! What a beautiful lady!”


Fu Tian Xin ‘er used her true essence to catch all the spirit stones and sunlight treasure boxes. Her bright eyes immediately fixed on Yan Lings.h.i.+’s body, as if she was admiring a beautiful scenery. She couldn’t take her eyes off her.

Yan Lings.h.i.+’s face was slightly red, and she said shyly,”This little sister is too kind, you’re the one who’s delicate and lovely, beautiful like a flower!”

“Hehe! Thank you for your praise, miss!” Fu Tian Xin ‘er had always been a little girl, so she was naturally happy to be praised. She immediately had a good impression of Yan Lings.h.i.+.

“Hey! Little girl!” “This is not the time to chat!” Chen Xiaobei urged. Hurry up and help me deal with the blood Bodhi, I have more important things to do!”

“Alright!” Fu Tian Xin ‘er nodded her head obediently and flew towards the blood Bodhi Divine Tree.

Before she left, Futian Xin ‘er even turned around to look at Yan Lings.h.i.+, as if she could see something special about her.

However, Fu Tian Xin ‘er couldn’t tell what was so special about it.

“Who is she? How … How could it be half-human and half-snake?” Yan Lings.h.i.+ was also very curious about Futian Xin ‘er.

“The ancient Xiu clan, this is their true form!”

Chen Xiaobei was surprised. &Quot; “Aren’t you also a monster? Do you not believe in mother Nuwa?”

Obviously, Nuwa was the ancestor and symbol of the Xiu clan. As a member of the demon clan, it was impossible for him not to know about Nuwa.

“Xiu clan? Nüwa?”

Yan Lings.h.i.+’s expression changed slightly, and she said solemnly,”Our Hong Meng Demon Realm believes in demon ancestor Jun Moxie! In the teachings of our orthodoxy, Nuwa is the sworn enemy of the demon ancestor! Not only do we not believe in Nuwa, but we also view the Xiu clan as our greatest enemy!”

&Quot; this … &Quot; Chen Xiaobei was taken aback, but after some thought, he realized that this was normal.

After all, Hong Meng demon ancestor was suppressed and sealed by Dao ancestor Hong Jun.

Furthermore, Nuwa was the direct disciple of Hongjun, the Dao ancestor.

Naturally, the entire Hong Meng Demon Realm regarded Dao ancestor Hongjun and Nuwa as enemies.

“Xin ‘er is my good friend! I treat her as my own sister!”

Chen Xiaobei quickly explained his relations.h.i.+p with Futian Xin ‘er, afraid that Yan Lings.h.i.+ and Futian Xin’ er would not get along.

“Don’t worry …”

“The demon ancestor has been sealed for countless years. The influence of her orthodoxy in the Hong Meng Demon Realm is getting weaker and weaker, and the loyalty of her believers is also getting weaker and weaker …” Yan Lings.h.i.+ said with a smile.

“For the younger generation like me, I’m just learning about faith, not blindly loyal! Moreover, the hatred between the demon ancestor and the Dao ancestor should not be blamed on the later generations!”

Yan Lings.h.i.+’s smile was extremely gentle, and the way she looked at Futian Xin ‘er was also filled with genuine love. &Quot; “This little sister is as pure and innocent as a little angel. Don’t say that I can’t bear to bully her! Even if others want to bully her, I will never allow it!”

Obviously, Yan Lings.h.i.+ was very smart. She immediately understood Chen Xiaobei’s intention and told him the truth.

Moreover, Yan Lings.h.i.+ was also very kind and reasonable. She would definitely not involve a little girl in the hatred between the Dao ancestors and the demon ancestors.

“I’m relieved …”

Chen Xiaobei smiled. He had absolute trust in Yan Lings.h.i.+’s character!

“Xiaobei Gege! I’m back!”

With the sunlight cache in hand, it only took her a few seconds to ripen the ten blood Bodhi.

Soon, she flew back and returned the blood Bodhi and sunlight cache to Chen Xiaobei.

“You hold on to the sunlight cache, I still have other things to do!”

Chen Xiaobei kept the blood Bodhi and said, ” &Quot; look at my clothes now. They’re torn and tattered. Can you help me ‘sew’ them? ”

Yan Lings.h.i.+ could not help but frown.”Bro bei! This black suit of yours is a one-star heaven immortal artifact, how can you possibly sew it?”

“Of course you can!”

Fu Tian Xin ‘er smiled and proudly raised her chin, ” &Quot; give me enough mind power. I can even make up for the universe, s.p.a.cetime! &Quot;

Yan Lings.h.i.+’s face was filled with shock. She did not understand what he meant.

&Quot; saint’s heart, heaven mending!!! &Quot;

Fu Tian Xin ‘er shouted and immediately activated her most powerful Yuan Shen special ability!

“Whoosh …”

A five-colored spiritual light descended from the sky and enveloped Chen Xiaobei.

Then, the shattered Nightstalker outfit was actually repaired bit by bit! As the cracks healed, the entire set of clothes was restored to its original state!

&Quot; how … How is this possible?! &Quot;

Yan Lings.h.i.+ was dumbfounded by the scene before her. She could not believe her eyes.

“Little girl! Amazing!”

Chen Xiaobei gave her a thumbs up, praising her.

Chen Xiaobei knew that Futian Xin ‘er’s ability was powerful, but he did not expect it to be this powerful.

In less than half a minute, the Nightstalker outfit, which had been torn and tattered like rags, was completely restored.

Moreover, not only did he recover his form, but his special ability and level were also completely restored, and it didn’t affect his use at all!

“Of course I’m amazing! Why don’t you think about what my true form is?” Fu Tian Xin ‘er raised her chin and had a look of accomplishment on her face.

When the chaos was first created, there was only the chaos Green Lotus of creation in the world!

When the green Lotus withered, the heavenly Lord of the origin obtained the Lotus and turned it into the three treasure Jade Ruyi! Taishang Laojun obtained the Lotus root and turned it into a Taiyi horsetail whisk! Sect master Tongtian got the Lotus leaf and turned it into the Qingping sword! Mother Nuwa obtained the Lotus soil and turned it into a sky-mending divine stone!

And Fu Tian Xin ‘er was a demon race life that was born from the sky-mending divine stone that was blessed by G.o.ddess nüwa with her boundless virtues that could mend the heavens and save the world!

The special abilities and characteristics of the sky-mending divine stone were all on Fu Tian Xin ‘er!

The only problem was that these abilities and characteristics all required mental strength to activate.

For example, Fu Tian Xin ‘er could repair the Nightstalker ghostly robe of an early one-star heaven immortal, but if it was a universe Battle G.o.d robe of a peak one-star heaven immortal, even if all the fragments were found, Fu Tian Xin’ er’s mind power would not be enough to repair it.

Of course, as one’s cultivation level increased, one’s spiritual energy would also become stronger.

At that time, Fu Tian Xin ‘er would naturally be able to use her powerful and heaven-defying abilities.

Just as she said, even if the universe was broken and time and s.p.a.ce collapsed, she could still make up for it.

“Xiner, eat this!”

Chen Xiaobei took out a Wuji soul-essence pill and gave it to Futian Xin ‘er to recover her mental power.

&Quot; the Nightstalker outfit has been repaired. Next, I need to upgrade the chaos Blood Sword! &Quot;

Chen Xiaobei then took out the chaos Blood Sword and a few other items.

In Chen Xiaobei’s plan, as long as he could upgrade the chaos Blood Sword, he would not have to worry about any enemy in the realm other than Ling sheance!

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