Red Envelope Group of the Three RealmsRed Envelope Group of the Three Realms Chapter 3460 - 3460 The return of the foodie

Chapter 3460 - 3460 The return of the foodie

3460 The return of the foodie

The seed of the blood Bodhi Divine Tree came from a drop of blood Kirin’s blood essence given to him by sect leader Tongtian!

The blood Kirin was almost extinct in the heavenly realm. This drop of divine blood was extremely rare and precious. Only sect leader Tongtian would be willing to give it away.

After that, Chen Xiaobei spent a lot of time and energy to finally cultivate the blood Bodhi Divine Tree.

Severe injuries must be treated, and no injuries will increase your strength! These two effects were enough for Chen Xiaobei to make up for all his previous efforts.


And today, Chen Xiaobei had just discovered the third effect of the tree!

Infinite divine items!

As long as the tree of G.o.d didn’t die, it could grow an infinite number of divine fruits! The leaves were also endless!

Although the leaf contained less spirituality and energy, it was still a one-star divine item!

A starving camel was still bigger than a horse!

Before Chen Xiaobei reached G.o.d-tier, he would be of great use to him!

The prime of Tongtian had predicted this, and that was why he had given the blood Kirin’s blood essence to Chen Xiaobei. He had also reminded Chen Xiaobei that the earlier he raised the tree, the more benefits he would get.

At this moment.

Chen Xiaobei recalled the prime of Tongtian’s warning, and his heart was filled with respect!

Chen Xiaobei finally understood what scheming was after he saw the prime of Tongtian’s plan.

In comparison, he was simply too weak.

“Serious injuries must be treated! Gain power without injury! Infinite divine items!”

Chen Xiaobei calmed himself down and had full confidence in the prime of Tongtian. &Quot; I believe that other than these three great effects, the blood Bodhi Divine Tree will definitely bring me other benefits! &Quot;

Of course, Chen Xiaobei did not have the time to think about how he could use the tree of G.o.d.

The most important thing right now was to quickly upgrade the chaos Blood Sword to the highest level.

“Shua shua shua …”

Chen Xiaobei flew up to the tree of G.o.d and swung his chaos Blood Sword, devouring the leaves of the tree.

As time pa.s.sed, Chen Xiaobei could not remember how many leaves the chaos Blood Sword had consumed.

All Chen Xiaobei knew was that if it was a normal tree, it would have been completely bald by now!

Of course, the blood Bodhi Divine Tree was huge enough and had enough leaves. Even if a huge amount of leaves were devoured, it would still be lush and green. It would not be affected in the slightest.


Chen Xiaobei returned and handed the chaos Blood Sword to her.

Next, it would be up to Fu Tian Xin ‘er.

“Chi …”

Fu Tian Xin ‘er activated the divine sunlight treasure box and once again enveloped the chaos Blood Sword.

Whoosh … Whoosh … Whoosh …

Soon, waves after waves of spiritual fluctuations burst out from the chaos Blood Sword, and each time was stronger than the last!

This meant that the chaos Blood sword’s level was constantly increasing with each minor realm.

In theory, as long as it devoured enough leaves, the chaos Blood Sword could become a peak nine-star heaven immortal artifact in one go!

He was invincible below the G.o.d-level!

Of course, the prerequisite was that Chen Xiaobei had enough spiritual Qi!

After all, the yin-yang life and death Ring was only a three-star heaven-immortal item. Chen Xiaobei had not been able to activate its special ability even once.

In the end, it was because of the lack of spiritual energy!

In other words, even if the chaos Blood Sword could be upgraded to the peak of a nine-star celestial immortal, Chen Xiaobei would not be able to use its full power.

Of course, there were also benefits to having a high level!

As long as Chen Xiaobei had enough spiritual jades, he would be able to activate the power of the corresponding level, and would not be limited by the level of the magical treasure.

All in all, the benefits of this upgrade definitely outweighed the disadvantages!

Moreover, Chen Xiaobei had not invested any resources into this business. It was a profit that he had earned!

“Chi …”

Chen Xiaobei then took out Xiao ‘er from his ring.

After all, upgrading the chaos Blood Sword required time. The higher the level, the longer it would take.

When Chen Xiaobei thought of the infinite divine item, he naturally thought of the glutton.

“Bro bei! What took you so long to let me out! You didn’t forget about me, did you?” The waiter complained as soon as he came out.

“From what you’re saying, you’ve already woken up?” Chen Xiaobei asked.

“Of course! I feel like hundreds of thousands of years have pa.s.sed!” The waiter said.

&Quot; uh … &Quot; Chen Xiaobei was stunned for a moment before he realized that Xiao ‘er had been by his side when he was using the divine sunlight cache to train and refine his body.

In other words, the waiter had been asleep for a long time.

The other half of the underworld mountain armor he had devoured last time had clearly been completely digested.

[ ding Yingying’s cultivation base: half-step heaven immortal, lifespan: 666.6 billion, combat power: 666.6 billion Yuan, primordial spirit attack-quasi-Sage!

“As expected! You’ve broken through so many realms, and you’re already a half-step heaven immortal!”

Chen Xiaobei could tell what was going on with Xiao ‘er.

Even though it was a huge improvement, Chen Xiaobei did not look satisfied.

“The underworld mountain armor is a nine-star celestial immortal item! You’ve eaten half of it, but why haven’t you broken through to the celestial immortal realm? It still only has a pair of wings on its back!”

Obviously, the investment and reward for this result were not proportional.

To Chen Xiaobei, this was a bad deal, a huge loss.

“Bro bei, don’t worry!”

&Quot; I only need to cross the Tribulation and ascend now, ” the waiter said. &Quot; I’ll be able to grow a second pair of wings. Moreover, I still have more than half of the energy in my body that hasn’t been consumed. When I reach the heaven realm, I’ll be able to grow to the level of a three-star heaven immortal very soon! &Quot;

“I see!” Chen Xiaobei heaved a sigh of relief. &Quot; “If I calculate it this way, I won’t be losing money!”

After all, Chen Xiaobei had never married Xiao ‘er off before.

Therefore, it was very time-consuming and resource-consuming to improve it bit by bit.

If half of the underworld mountain armor could help Xiao ‘er advance to the realm of three stars heaven immortal, it was definitely a good deal!

&Quot; by the way, bro bei, why did you let me out this time? is there anything I can help you with? ” The waiter asked.

“I originally wanted to let you eat some divine items!” Chen Xiaobei pointed at the divine blood Bodhi tree and smiled. &Quot; “However, since you’ve already acc.u.mulated enough energy, you can skip this meal!”

“Huh? Don’t!”

The moment the waiter saw the blood Bodhi Divine Tree, he immediately revealed his gluttonous nature.”Bro bei! Just let me have a little! Anyway, the energy can be acc.u.mulated, and I can upgrade when I reach the heavenly realm! Of course, it’s better to eat now than later!”

“Heh, I knew it! You little fellow, you will never be full!”

&Quot; go ahead. You can eat all the leaves and branches you want. The fruits are too precious. I have a use for them. You have to save them for me! &Quot; Chen Xiaobei said.

“Understood!” The waiter was overjoyed,”I’m not a prodigal!” I won’t eat any of the fruits!”


“Make me a wooden sword while you eat!” Chen Xiaobei said. Use the tree trunk to make it, as long as it’s the size of a palm, it’ll do!”

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