Red Envelope Group of the Three RealmsRed Envelope Group of the Three Realms Chapter 3461 - 3461 Chapter 3462-blessing and misfortune

Chapter 3461 - 3461 Chapter 3462-blessing and misfortune

3461 Chapter 3462-blessing and misfortune

“Alright! Just leave it to me!”

The waiter was overjoyed as he charged towards the blood Bodhi Divine Tree.

He had always been very obedient. As soon as he went over, he found a thick tree trunk and began to gnaw on it.

At first, Yan Lings.h.i.+ and Fu Tian Xin ‘er did not understand why Chen Xiaobei wanted Xiao’ er to make a wooden sword.


It was only when they saw the waiter’s teeth that they finally understood.

The tree trunk, which was a one-star divine item, was like tofu in Xiao ‘er’s mouth. With two to three bites, it formed the shape of a small sword.

If it were anyone else, unless they had a one-star divine weapon, they would not be able to use the trunk of the tree of G.o.d to make a wooden sword.

Not long after, Xiao ‘er followed Chen Xiaobei’s request and took out a wooden sword the size of a palm from the tree trunk.

Moreover, the waiter had also carefully trimmed the small wooden sword, making it look particularly exquisite.

After completing Chen Xiaobei’s task, Xiao ‘er began to focus on his meal.

It had to be said that the waiter ate really fast. It was as if there was an infinitely large independent s.p.a.ce in his small body. Not only did he eat fast, but he would never be full.

Luckily, the divine blood Bodhi tree was big enough. Otherwise, Chen Xiaobei was worried that he would have eaten the entire tree.

“Xiaobei Gege! It’s done!”

Soon, Fu Tian Xin ‘er retracted her sunlight territory and returned the chaos Blood Sword to Chen Xiaobei.

“Whoosh …”

The moment Chen Xiaobei took the chaos Blood Sword, the sword’s body exploded with a terrifying aura and spirituality.

The b.l.o.o.d.y light almost covered the entire s.p.a.ce, and the terrifying pressure made everyone on the planet tremble in fear.

Of course, the chaos Blood Sword was Chen Xiaobei’s earliest treasure. It had been hidden in Chen Xiaobei’s body for a long time and had formed a mysterious connection with Chen Xiaobei.

Therefore, not only did the spiritual pressure not affect Chen Xiaobei, but it even gave him a boost of power.

Chen Xiaobei’s depleted physical strength, ethereal force, and mental power were instantly restored.

“This is too good! It’s truly a peak nine-star heaven immortal artifact!”

Chen Xiaobei’s mood was indescribable. He looked at Yan Lings.h.i.+ excitedly and said, ” “Lings.h.i.+! Your calculations were indeed correct! Although the journey was filled with danger, I really did obtain a huge opportunity!”

Yan Lings.h.i.+ smiled charmingly. Her fair face was slightly flushed, making her look extremely beautiful.

She really liked Chen Xiaobei, and when she saw Chen Xiaobei happy, she was happy too.

&Quot; it’s a pity that I don’t have enough spiritual Qi. Otherwise, I could have killed Ling sheance with one sword! &Quot;

Chen Xiaobei’s brows furrowed. He had to face this reality.

&Quot; bro bei! &Quot; Yan Lings.h.i.+ immediately said. &Quot; if you can refine this Blood Sword into your Natal Dharma Treasure, it will give you a huge boost of power even without spiritual Qi! &Quot;

“A life-bound magic weapon?”

Chen Xiaobei was surprised. &Quot; “I’ve heard that to refine a life source magic treasure, one needs to bind their origin soul to the magic treasure! After binding, the master and the magic treasure can support and nourish each other, and both parties can benefit!”

“That’s right! This is a life-bound magic weapon!”

&Quot; yes! &Quot; Yan Lings.h.i.+ nodded and said, ” although you can’t defeat Ling sheance with your current cultivation, a peak nine-star heaven immortal Natal Dharma Treasure can give you more power. At least, you can have more protection! &Quot;

“I understand what you mean, but I don’t know how to bind it to my life source magic weapon!” &Quot; but it’s not that difficult. I’ll ask Luo Yi and the others. I’ll find a way! &Quot; Chen Xiaobei said.

“No need to find them! I understand this!”

&Quot; there are two ways to bind one’s Natal Dharma Treasure, ” Futian Xin ‘er said. &Quot; the first is to use a secret technique and train one’s energy to resonate with the Dharma Treasure for a long time. When the resonance reaches the state of being one with the Dharma Treasure, the binding will be completed! &Quot;

“The other method is more mysterious! In some mysterious state, the magic treasure and the master will resonate perfectly due to luck, directly reaching the state of being one with the treasure, instantly completing the binding, greatly saving time!”


&Quot; yes! &Quot; Chen Xiaobei nodded and said, ” I don’t have the time right now. I’m in the mood to practice my secret technique! In any case, my cultivation is too low. Even if I bind myself to my life magic weapon, I can’t fight those enemies. So, I’ll leave everything to fate!”

“Leave it to fate?” Fu Tian Xin ‘er was very confused.

&Quot; I have the chaos Blood Sword with me. It’s best to bind it to me if I’m lucky. It won’t affect me much if I’m not lucky! &Quot; Chen Xiaobei explained.

“Well, that’s true …”

&Nbsp; ” okay! &Quot; Futian Xin ‘er nodded. &Quot; but, Xiaobei Gege, you have to keep this in mind. Although the Natal Dharma Treasure can’t help you improve now, when your cultivation level gets higher, it will improve by a lot! Almost all of the true immortals in the heaven realm have a Natal Dharma Treasure!”

“I know that!” &Quot; yes! &Quot; Chen Xiaobei nodded. &Quot; it’s only a matter of time before I bind it to my Natal Dharma Treasure! However, there’s no need to rus.h.!.+”

Chen Xiaobei then took out 40399 pieces of low-grade spiritual Jade.

Among them, 399 of them were injected into the dragon’s edge, replenis.h.i.+ng the energy it had consumed.

The remaining 40000 were all injected into the chaos Blood Sword.

Previously, the chaos Blood Sword had used the special ability of the death Blood Crystal to devour Xue changgong’s primordial spirit and turn it into power.

In addition, there was already a lot of spiritual energy in the chaos Blood Sword. With these 40000 pieces of lower-grade spiritual Jade, he could activate the power of a peak two-star heaven immortal once.

This way, Chen Xiaobei would be able to fight both Sheng kuangzhan and the tiancan demon Emperor.

On top of that, Chen Xiaobei still had the nine luminaries h.e.l.l cutting saber. The spiritual Qi in it could activate the power of a two-star mid-tier heaven immortal once. It was more than enough to deal with small fries.

In fact, if Chen Xiaobei had not been reluctant to part with the spiritual Qi that was equivalent to 10000 low-grade spiritual jade pieces, he would have used the chaos Blood Sword to swallow the nine luminaries h.e.l.l cutting saber.

The higher the grade of a heaven immortal artifact, the more energy it would consume!

By rough estimation, the chaos Blood Sword would consume no less than 50000 lower-grade spirit Jade, which was no less than 5 trillion upper-grade spirit stones, to activate the power of a peak two-star heaven immortal!

From this, it could be seen that the energy needed to activate a peak nine-star heaven-immortal instrument would be calculated in terms of upper-grade spiritual Jade, and a large amount of upper-grade spiritual Jade at that!

Chen Xiaobei suddenly realized that not only was his cultivation low, but he was also extremely poor.

After all that, Chen Xiaobei was left with only 12000 low-grade spiritual Jade! It wouldn’t even be enough for the next cultivation session!

“I hope everything goes well! As long as we can take down Ling sheance, we can earn back all the spiritual jades we spent this time with interest!”

Chen Xiaobei was filled with motivation.

As the saying goes, good and bad come together!

As a nine-star celestial being, although Ling sheance posed a huge threat to Chen Xiaobei, he also brought Chen Xiaobei a wave of benefits!

Wealth! A magic treasure! Resources! It had everything!

Let’s see if Chen Xiaobei has the ability to get it!

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