Red Envelope Group of the Three RealmsRed Envelope Group of the Three Realms Chapter 3463 - 3463 Chapter 3464-super huge

Chapter 3463 - 3463 Chapter 3464-super huge

3463 Chapter 3464-super huge

The effect of this special ability was similar to that of the G.o.d’s Eye talisman.

However, the G.o.d’s Eye talisman could only see what was on the surface-people and objects. It could not see what was hidden.

However, the blood Spirit’s astral projection could sense all high-value treasures.

As long as he released his special ability, a huge map would appear in Chen Xiaobei’s mind. There would also be a special light indicating the exact location of the treasure.


With the scholar heart, Chen Xiaobei memorized the locations of all the hidden treasures.

At the same time, Chen Xiaobei also found a surprise!

It was a super huge spiritual vein. If it was filled with spiritual Qi, it might be equivalent to more than ten giant spiritual veins, which was equivalent to three trillion upper spiritual stones.

“Chi …”

After confirming the location of the treasure and the spiritual vein’s core, Chen Xiaobei immediately retracted his blood descendant ability.

[ ding Yingying’s cultivation base: peak of the dongxu stage. Lifespan: 6.34 million years, physical strength … Combat power: 10 billion, primordial spirit attack-sacred level!

Of course, even though the blood descendant’s special ability was powerful, it had consumed a total of 136000 years of Chen Xiaobei’s lifespan!

In the past, he had not consumed so much of his lifespan.

This was mainly because the s.p.a.ce they were in now was of a higher level and larger than before.

Naturally, the consumption of exploring the current s.p.a.ce would be even greater.

Luckily, Chen Xiaobei had a long lifespan. 136000 years was not a big deal.

“Let’s go!”

“Let’s go to the South First!” Chen Xiaobei quickly said. Three hundred thousand li away from here, there’s the ruins of a giant Imperial City!”


Yan Lings.h.i.+ did not hesitate. She immediately used her fastest speed and flew South with Chen Xiaobei.


Less than ten seconds after the two walked, a Platinum shadow suddenly appeared at the scene at an unbelievable speed.

That’s right!

It was Ling sheance, who was wearing a Platinum feather coat!

Just now, the blood clan’s special ability had only released a small blood-red light ball. It didn’t escape Ling sheance’s eyes.

Luckily, Chen Xiaobei had the heart of a scholar. He took a look at the map and memorized all the locations.

Otherwise, Yan Lings.h.i.+ and Chen Xiaobei would not have been able to escape if they had been delayed for a few more seconds. They would have fallen into Ling sheance’s hands!

The power of a nine-star celestial immortal was no joke!

&Quot; I clearly saw some movement. Why is there no one? ”

Ling sheance squinted and looked at the woman in his arms.

Maybe it’s just an anomaly in this s.p.a.ce. Don’t worry about it, brother Shen CE. &Quot;

The woman’s clothes were disheveled, and her face was flushed. She was kissing Ling sheance’s face and neck while talking.

“When I catch them, I’ll make that kid suffer the most extreme despair! I’ll make Yan Lings.h.i.+ listen to me and listen to me like you!”

Ling Shence’s eyes were cold, and his aura was overbearing.

&Quot; as long as they are still in this s.p.a.ce, they will not be able to escape from brother G.o.d’s will! &Quot;

“Yan Lings.h.i.+ will be like me sooner or later. She will experience true happiness from brother G.o.d’s will, and she will be loyal and obedient to him!” The woman said, trying her best to please him.

“You still have a sweet mouth!”

Ling sheance smiled evilly and said, ” “Use your little mouth to help me one more time!”

“It’s my greatest honor to be able to serve brother G.o.d’s will!” The woman knelt on the ground without hesitation.

That’s right!

Other than Yan Lings.h.i.+, the only other woman who had entered this s.p.a.ce was Xia Yilian!

This woman was ambitious and cunning. At the same time, she tried to please Ling sheance without any bottom line.

Objectively speaking, she already possessed the three great qualities that were necessary to become a formidable character!

All she needed was an opportunity!

“Phew … So comfortable …”

While Ling Shence was enjoying it, he thought to himself, ” “There’s only one entrance and exit to this s.p.a.ce! It’s that dark vortex!”

“Right now, the repulsive force of the vortex has already reached the level of a nine-star heaven immortal artifact! Even if I wanted to get out, I would have to put in a lot of effort! The two of them will definitely not be able to escape!”

“Now, the only thing I have to do is to get those lackeys to help me find the two of them! He would s.n.a.t.c.h that brat’s primordial chaos demonic flame and divine fruit, and then subdue this unruly woman, Yan Lings.h.i.+! My trip out this time can be said to be perfect!”

While Chen Xiaobei was preparing his trump card, Ling sheance was not idle either.

Everyone who had entered the Meru s.p.a.ce had been found by Ling sheance and they had all submitted to him.

Xia Yilian’s brain worked quickly, and she took the initiative to throw herself into his arms.

Coincidentally, Ling Shence was a lecherous sc.u.mbag.

The two of them hit it off and immediately became a pair.

As for the others.

Hou Qingfeng, the demonic Emperor tiancan, Sheng kuangzhan, the five sons of Ling Kong, and nearly 20000 mountain demons had begun their search for Chen Xiaobei and Yan Lings.h.i.+.

Cang tianao and the 33 soldiers were all captured by Ling sheance and imprisoned in his Meru s.p.a.ce.

Obviously, these people were all hostages. If necessary, they could be used to threaten Chen Xiaobei.

However, Xia Yilian told Ling sheance that there was one person missing in the team!

This person was old yellow!

As one of Chen Xiaobei’s guides, old yellow was an experienced Hunter in the Duanmu capital.

In theory, he was only a one-star heaven immortal, so it was impossible for him to escape from Ling sheance’s search.

However, it was as if he had evaporated into thin air, completely without a trace.

Ling Shence had been brooding over this for a long time. He had a feeling that Huang would become a huge variable.

However, Xia Yilian didn’t put old yellow in her eyes, and she told Ling Shence not to care about such a weak ant.

Since he could not find old Huang, Ling sheance had no choice but to ignore him for the time being and focus on searching for Chen Xiaobei and Yan Lings.h.i.+.

Although Yan Lings.h.i.+’s purple clouds could not be sensed, it could be seen with the naked eye.

In the s.p.a.ce, even the weakest mountain Esper demon was at the one-star heaven immortal realm. Their speed was much faster than Yan Lings.h.i.+’s.

As long as the demonic body of the purple Qi was seen, Yan Lings.h.i.+ would basically have no way of escaping.

Ling Shence would be there as soon as possible.

Because of this, even though Chen Xiaobei and Yan Lings.h.i.+ had made a lot of preparations, there was still a high chance that they would be discovered.


In the southern part of the s.p.a.ce.

Yan Lings.h.i.+ had successfully found the ruins of the Imperial City that Chen Xiaobei had mentioned.

&Quot; this Royal City is simply too huge … &Quot;

Yan Lings.h.i.+ could not help but exclaim,”In terms of scale, this place is ten times larger than the yellow region’s imperial capital! It was even comparable to the main city of the dark domain! If I’m not wrong, this must be the core capital of this independent s.p.a.ce, right?”


&Quot; no! &Quot; Chen Xiaobei shook his head and said, ” there are four such imperial cities in total! The core capital of this independent s.p.a.ce is in the center of the s.p.a.ce, and its scale is more than a hundred times that of this Royal City!”


Yan Lings.h.i.+ was shocked,”such a terrifying scale! It’s comparable to the Tianyu capital!” Why don’t we just go there?”

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