Red Envelope Group of the Three RealmsRed Envelope Group of the Three Realms Chapter 3465 - 3465 Chapter 3466-instant kill

Chapter 3465 - 3465 Chapter 3466-instant kill

3465 Chapter 3466-instant kill

“Hmph! You two are too greedy!”

Sheng kuangzhan laughed coldly. &Quot; originally, all you had to do was to hide obediently and you could have lived on. But you’re putting your interests at stake. You don’t even care about your lives. How stupid! &Quot;

&Quot; oh no… Sheng kuangzhan has discovered us. Ling Shence will definitely rush over immediately. We’re dead … &Quot; Yan Lings.h.i.+ was shocked by who it was, and she became nervous.

&Quot; heh, why bother the celestial master of G.o.d’s will to deal with you two useless things? ”


Sheng kuangzhan laughed arrogantly and said,”I can defeat you 800 times with one finger!” After that, I’ll take you to the celestial master of G.o.d’s strategy to claim your reward!”

“The celestial master of G.o.d’s strategy said that he would get 10000 lower spiritual jades as long as he found your traces! If I can capture the two of you alive, I’ll get 100000! In addition, I’ll have a place to stand in the dark domain!”

The more Sheng kuangzhan spoke, the prouder he got. It was as if he had already captured Chen Xiaobei and Yan Lings.h.i.+ alive and was about to get his reward.

“Do you think you can capture us alive if Ling sheance didn’t come?” Chen Xiaobei was smiling, but he was laughing inside.

If Sheng kuangzhan had informed Ling sheance, Chen Xiaobei would have had a headache.

However, Shen kuangzhan didn’t inform Ling sheance. Therefore, no matter what happened, the outside world would not know.

Sheng kuangzhan still wanted to capture Chen Xiaobei and Yan Lings.h.i.+ alive, but he did not know that Chen Xiaobei had already made up his mind to kill him.


Sheng kuangzhan said arrogantly,”kid, don’t you just have a second heaven immortal physique?” Although my physical body has been destroyed and my dharma body is seriously injured, I can still crush you like an ant!”

In the battle in the mountains, hou Qingfeng had crippled the Tian can demon Emperor.

Hou Qingfeng, Sheng kuangzhan, and the five disciples of Ling Kong were all crushed by Ling sheance with a thought, and their dharmakayas were seriously injured.

Therefore, their strength had been greatly reduced.

However, in Sheng kuangzhan’s eyes, even if he were to reduce his strength by half, he would still be able to defeat Chen Xiaobei with ease.

Because of this, Sheng kuangzhan didn’t inform anyone when he noticed the commotion here. He wanted to take all the credit for it.

&Quot; this time, although my son and I have suffered a great loss, all the losses before are insignificant compared to the reward from celestial master Shen CE! &Quot;

“Do you know what 100000 pieces of lower spiritual Jade mean?” Sheng kuangzhan asked excitedly. Do you know what a piece of territory in the dark domain means? Hahaha … The Sheng family is going to Rise Up!”

“Then I must congratulate you!” Chen Xiaobei almost burst out laughing.

“Kneel down! Surrender! I can make you suffer less! &Quot; hahaha … &Quot; Sheng kuangzhan really thought that Chen Xiaobei was afraid of him, and his att.i.tude became even more arrogant.


But just as Sheng kuangzhan’s laughter was at its loudest and his mood was at its peak, Chen Xiaobei made his move!

A blood-red light shot out of Chen Xiaobei’s palm and turned into a sharp sword!

In an instant, the energy equivalent to five trillion upper-grade spirit stones was burned out, and the power of a peak two-star heaven immortal was directly activated!

An explosive blood-red light filled the entire secret chamber. It was dazzling, as if the sun had exploded in front of them.

Yan Lings.h.i.+ was hiding behind Chen Xiaobei, but she could not even open her eyes. She could not even stand properly. She had to hold onto Chen Xiaobei’s other hand to prevent herself from falling.

One could only imagine how terrifying the pressure and impact was in the direction Chen Xiaobei was pointing at!

&Quot; this … How is this possible??? ”

Sheng kuangzhan, who had been laughing a second ago, was now dumbfounded. If he still had his physical body, he would have peed his pants in fear.

That was because he could clearly feel an extremely powerful, fiendish, and overbearing pressure coming down on him. It was as if an ancient dragon had descended and could tear him into pieces at any time!

In addition to the terrifying pressure, there was also an absolutely crus.h.i.+ng power that erupted.

Sheng kuangzhan could feel that it was the power of a peak two-star divine immortal. Although it was at the same level as his own cultivation, this pressure had purer power and a higher level of origin. It was enough to make him invincible among those of the same level!

In other words, even if Sheng kuangzhan was in his best condition, he would not be able to withstand Chen Xiaobei’s attack.

Moreover, Sheng kuangzhan’s physical body had been destroyed, and his dharma body was severely injured. His strength had been greatly reduced.

There was absolutely no suspense in this sword!

It was enough to kill Sheng kuangzhan!

He was extremely afraid of death, so it was natural that he would pee his pants!

“Swish …”

Of course, Chen Xiaobei had already decided to kill Sheng kuangzhan.

A sharp whistle was heard.

The chaos Blood Sword slashed out nine layers of sword Qi, as if nine Blood Dragons had come out of their nests!

In the blink of an eye, Sheng kuangzhan’s already injured avatar was crushed by the nine Blood Dragons, and his nascent soul was destroyed!

“Boom boom boom …”

Then, the nine Blood Dragons charged backward, directly cutting nine huge chasms that were thousands of meters long on the ground.

“Spare me … Spare me …”

After the sword strike, Sheng kuangzhan was only left with his primordial spirit. He knelt on the ground and begged for mercy.


Chen Xiaobei did not want to waste any more time. He summoned the death G.o.d’s cage and captured Sheng kuangzhan’s primordial spirit.

They were quickly converted into energy and stored in the chaos Blood Sword.

Obviously, Chen Xiaobei did not have any more spiritual jades on hand. If he wanted to continue fighting, he would have to keep devouring primordial spirits.

The death Blood Crystal had given the chaos Blood Sword a new ability.

After devouring Sheng kuangzhan’s primordial spirit, Chen Xiaobei could once again activate the power of a peak two-star divine immortal without spending a single spiritual stone.

This way, Chen Xiaobei could continue to fight.


Chen Xiaobei released his ethereal force and swept up Sheng kuangzhan’s storage treasure.

“Phew … Phew …”

Chen Xiaobei then took out two high-tier prosperous monkey fur.

One of them turned into his own appearance and was left on the spot.

The other one turned himself into a small ant and immediately said, ” “Lings.h.i.+! Let’s go! Immediately head to the central capital!”


Chen Xiaobei had purposely split the ground to lure all the enemies over.

In addition, the monkey fur could delay the enemy for a while after transforming into his own appearance.

This way, he could successfully lure the Tiger away from the mountain and let the treasure in the central capital fall into Chen Xiaobei’s hands.


Without another word, Yan Lings.h.i.+ turned back into her demon form, picked up Chen Xiaobei, and flew northeast.


“Woof! Buzzzzzz! Yi …”

They had only left for a short while when many people arrived at the scene.

Ling Shence arrived first with Xia Yilian in his arms, followed by hou Qingfeng and the five sons of Ling Kong, and finally demon Emperor Tian can.

“You little brat! We’ve finally found you!”

Everyone immediately surrounded the fake Chen Xiaobei, afraid that he would run away.

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