Red Envelope Group of the Three RealmsRed Envelope Group of the Three Realms Chapter 3469 - 3469 The five sons of the sky

Chapter 3469 - 3469 The five sons of the sky

3469 The five sons of the sky

“F * ck! You really dare to fight us? Watch how I’ll deal with you!”

The Tian can demon Emperor was the first to lose his patience. He waved his metal whiskers and charged at Chen Xiaobei.

“Whoosh …”

At the same time, the chaos Blood Sword burned all the energy it had stored up and suddenly burst out with a power infinitely close to that of a three-star heaven immortal.


“Oh my G.o.d!”

The Tian can demon Emperor gasped. He was already halfway there when he stopped.

At this moment, the power of the chaos Blood Sword was stronger than the Tian can demon Emperor’s cultivation.

Moreover, the chaos Blood Sword also radiated with an extremely terrifying pressure and intelligence, as well as an extremely profound and mysterious aura of origin.

&Quot; that … That’s a quasi-divine sword at the level of a peak nine-star heaven immortal! &Quot;

The Tian can demon Emperor’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets when he saw what was going on. His body started to shake.

“What? The peak of a nine-star heaven immortal?”

Hou Qingfeng and the Ling Kong quintet were also stunned. They even wondered if they were dreaming!

“How is that possible? How could that kid have such a high-grade treasure!” The Tian can demon Emperor could not believe his eyes.

He trembled violently and did not dare to take another step forward. Instead, he immediately retreated behind hou Qingfeng.

“Don’t panic!”

Hou Qingfeng was a formidable man in the land after all, so he was very calm at the moment.

“That kid has a quasi-divine sword! However, he did not have enough spiritual energy! Feel it carefully! The power of that sword wasn’t even at the three-star heaven immortal level!”

Hou Qingfeng saw through it immediately. He comforted the crowd, ” “Don’t worry! I can even block that sword! It won’t be a problem to defeat that kid!”

“Phew …”

With that said, the Tian can demon Emperor and the Ling Kong five finally heaved a sigh of relief.

“Lord Marquis! Don’t give that kid a chance! Let’s form the five elements great array and take him down with one move!” At this moment, the Ling Kong quintet, who hadn’t spoken much all this time, finally spoke.

The practicing bodies of the five people flew out at the same time and asked hou Qingfeng to fight.

“Good! We’ll use the five elements great array!”

Hou Qingfeng nodded, his eyes full of confidence. &Quot; &Quot; as long as I defeat that kid, I’ll be able to take his quasi-divine sword. I’m really blessed by G.o.d! He’s giving me a great opportunity! Hahaha …”

“Congratulations, Lord Marquis! Congratulations, Marquis! Our hou clan can finally rise to power!”

The Ling Kong five were also very excited as they flew forward.

“Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+ Whoosh …”

The next moment, the five of them stood in their designated positions.

Then, their vital essence began to circulate. It just so happened to be the five elements of gold, wood, water, fire, and earth!

Moreover, the position where the five of them were standing was in accordance with the order of the five elements.


Chen Xiaobei was not in a hurry to attack. Instead, he observed the situation with great interest. &Quot; I didn’t expect hou Qingfeng to have so many mutants with five-elements spiritual roots. They can even form the minor five-elements formation. That’s impressive! &Quot;

“Bro bei!”

At this moment, Yan Lings.h.i.+, who had been hiding in the distance, rushed over and said anxiously, ” “Let’s quickly retreat! That was the hou clan’s “five elemental surge array”! Once it’s activated, it can use the law of the five elements to enhance its original combat power!”

“Hou Qingfeng’s cultivation is stronger than your chaos Blood Sword. With the five-element array, he can defeat you in an instant! If you don’t have enough energy to make a second attack, you’ll be dead!”

It was obvious that Yan Lings.h.i.+ had been paying attention to the battle and had a clear understanding of the strength of both sides.

According to normal logic, Chen Xiaobei would definitely lose and retreating was the best option.

“Hurry up! Quickly get into formation! We can’t let that kid get away!”

Even hou Qingfeng thought that Chen Xiaobei would run away, so he urged the five of them to get into formation.

“Hurry up! Hurry up! Kill that kid! Catch Yan Lings.h.i.+! We can leave this d.a.m.n place! Hurry up!”

The Tian can demon Emperor could not wait for the five elemental surge formation to be formed and kill Chen Xiaobei.

“Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+ Whoosh …”

Naturally, the Ling Kong five also used all their strength. They made every second count and tried their best to quickly form the formation.


However, just when everyone thought that Chen Xiaobei would run away, Chen Xiaobei gave them a shocking answer.

“I won’t leave!”

Chen Xiaobei smiled and said, ” “One sword strike is enough to deal with the few of them! If I use my sword a second time, I’ll lose!”


Everyone was shocked by his words.

“Bro bei! You … Where do you get your confidence from?” Yan Lings.h.i.+ was dumbfounded. This was not the time to joke around.

Even though she wanted to believe in Chen Xiaobei, she could not figure out how he was going to defeat his opponent with one sword.

“F * ck! You’re too arrogant! You’re clearly at a disadvantage, so what makes you think you can defeat us with a single sword strike?”

“I think you’ve been scared silly!” The Tian can demon Emperor cursed. That’s why you said such brainless words!”

“Don’t waste your breath on him! I’ll kill him in one move!”

Hou Qingfeng focused his eyes and activated the power of the white jade ring in his hand.

It was a three-star heaven-immortal item, and it was hou Qingfeng’s Natal item.

Although hou Qingfeng’s physical body had been destroyed and his Dharmakaya seriously injured, his strength had been greatly reduced.

However, with the help of his Natal Dharma Treasure, hou Qingfeng’s lost strength was completely made up.

In other words, hou Qingfeng could use his own celestial core power to activate the power of the white jade ring, and he could unleash the perfect power of a three-star heaven immortal without any reduction.

“Whoosh …”

Only to see a pure white spiritual light suddenly fall on the formation formed by the five of them.

Then, according to the law of the five elements, this white light flowed through the bodies of the Ling Kong five sons.

Gold begets water! Water begets wood! Wood begets fire! Fire begets earth! Earth begets gold!

Every time the white light pa.s.sed through a person, its power would be strengthened by a bit!

After one cycle of the five elements, hou Qingfeng’s three-star divine fairy power was strengthened by more than thirty percent, which made him invincible among his peers!

“You little brat! Open your dog eyes and see clearly! Not to mention one sword! You can’t defeat me even if you use a hundred or ten thousand swords! Hahaha …”

Hou Qingfeng laughed arrogantly.


“This five elements array is amazing!” The Tian can demon Emperor praised. It was enough to crush that little brat! It seems that the quasi-divine sword is destined to be yours!”

“Bro bei! It’ll be too late if we don’t retreat!” Seeing this, Yan Lings.h.i.+ was completely fl.u.s.tered. She even looked desperate.

“Ha, you have the nerve to show off in front of me with a mere inferior minor five elements formation?”

Chen Xiaobei raised his brows and smiled evilly. &Quot; “In front of my five elements Dao, you can only kneel down and call me father!”

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