Red Envelope Group of the Three RealmsRed Envelope Group of the Three Realms Chapter 3471 - 3471 Chapter 3472-sinister and vicious

Chapter 3471 - 3471 Chapter 3472-sinister and vicious

3471 Chapter 3472-sinister and vicious

Central capital, underground secret room.

&Quot; that’s weird … The energy fluctuations just now are way beyond hou Qingfeng’s cultivation … &Quot;

Ling sheance squinted his eyes. Although he was far away, he could still sense the situation on the battlefield with his primordial spirit domain.

“Not good!”


Ling Shence’s eyes were wide open, and he said in disbelief, ” &Quot; hou Qingfeng’s Dharmakaya and primordial spirit have disappeared … They’ve lost! &Quot;

&Quot; it seems like that kid has hidden his strength! &Quot;

Ling Shence’s face twisted. He sighed and said, ” “I really miscalculated! We’ve been tricked by that kid again!”

Obviously, this result was like an invisible slap on Ling Shence’s face.

Originally, Ling Shence would have been able to capture Chen Xiaobei if he had gone there personally.

However, Ling sheance thought that he was smart and was afraid that he would fall into Chen Xiaobei’s trap again. So, he did not go there personally.

However, all the lackeys that Ling shenci had sent over had been killed by Chen Xiaobei. Not even a single hair was left!

This face slap was simply too loud!

“Should I go over now?”

Ling shenci frowned and was caught in a dilemma.

If he went, and the gate of s.p.a.ce changed, if he did not go, Chen Xiaobei could continue to get away with it.

“Forget it! I still have to go!”

Ling shenci calmed himself down and made a decision immediately.

&Quot; if I don’t move, that guy will be unscrupulous. If he escapes from the dark Whirlpool, I, Ling sheance, will suffer a double loss this time. I will lose all my face! &Quot;

Ling Shence had a brain, and his a.n.a.lysis was absolutely correct.


With a single thought, he charged out of the secret technique and headed straight for the battlefield in the distance.

Of course.

Although Ling Shence had a brain and his a.n.a.lysis was correct, Chen Xiaobei was smarter than him.

While Ling sheance was rus.h.i.+ng towards the battlefield, Chen Xiaobei and Yan Lings.h.i.+ were heading towards the secret chamber.

The celestial master of G.o.d’s strategy was being led by the nose by Chen Xiaobei!

It was simply too ironic!


At the same time, behind the door of s.p.a.ce in the secret room.

Xia Yilian had a major discovery.

“Old Huang! What are you doing here?”

It was a huge cave that looked like the nest of some large zergs.

The surroundings were filled with maze-like tunnels, and all of them led to an underground Palace in the center!

At this moment.

After exploring, Xia Yilian successfully arrived at the underground palace.

Who would have thought that old yellow would reach this place before her?

Whoosh … Whoosh …

He saw old yellow sitting in the center of the underground palace. There were dozens of red flowing lights around him, fighting to enter his body.

“Miss Xia!”

Although old yellow was sitting on the ground, it was very clear-headed and quickly explained, ” “After I fell from the sky, I fell into a secret room. After I crashed into the door, I fell into a s.p.a.ce gate, and then I came here.”

“What … What are you doing?” Xia Yilian looked at the surrounding red light, her eyes full of curiosity.

Obviously, old Huang did not know Xia Yilian’s undercover ident.i.ty. He said without hiding anything, ” “I was lucky to have obtained the inheritance of this s.p.a.ce’s master!”


Xia Yilian’s eyes lit up when she heard this. She asked,”What kind of inheritance is this? Is it powerful?”

&Quot; this inheritance includes a cultivation technique and the right to control the entire s.p.a.ce! &Quot; &Quot; the legacy is almost complete, ” old yellow said without any wariness. &Quot; when the time comes, we’ll be able to enter and leave freely! &Quot;

“Almost done?” Xia Yilian’s eyes turned cold, and she asked in a deep voice,”What happens if the inheritance fails?”

&Quot; the inheritance went smoothly. Why did it fail? ” “Don’t worry!” Old yellow laughed. After I obtain the inheritance, I can take everyone and leave this place!”

“I’m asking you! If he failed! What will happen?” Xia Yilian’s tone instantly turned cold, and her expression gradually became ferocious.

Old yellow’s expression froze for a moment, but he didn’t think too much about it. He casually replied, ” &Quot; if the inheritance fails, then try again. There’s no loss anyway. &Quot;

“Can we do it again? Good! Very good!” Xia Yilian’s emotions were unpredictable, and she revealed a cold smile.

As she laughed, she walked towards old yellow.

“Miss Xia, you … Why are you acting so weird?” Old Huang’s expression was slightly startled, and he was a little worried about Xia Yilian.

“I’m fine!”

Xia Yilian walked behind old yellow and smiled coldly.”You’re already old! His brain was not working well either! Why don’t you give me such a good inheritance?”


Old yellow was stunned for a moment, thinking that it had heard wrong.

Along the way, Xia Yilian was like an innocent little girl. Who would have thought that she would say such words?

Moreover, she was not just saying it!


The next moment, a cold short knife pierced through old yellow’s sea of Qi dantian.

Probably because he couldn’t move in the inheritance, old yellow didn’t Dodge or even protect his body with true essence. Just like that, his Dharmakaya and nascent soul were pierced through!

“Let … Let me go … Please let me go …” He begged.

Old yellow vomited a large amount of blood on the spot and pleaded, ” &Quot; I’ll give this inheritance to you … Please leave my primordial spirit behind … I still have to cure … Cure … &Quot;

“Ha, hahahaha …”

Xia Yilian laughed sinisterly. She didn’t even let old yellow finish his sentence before she immediately released a burst of celestial core power.


With an explosion, old yellow’s primordial spirit was directly blown apart, completely losing all signs of life!

Vicious! Vicious! Cold and heartless!

Xia Yilian was countless times more terrifying than a snake or Scorpion!


Xia Yilian kicked old Huang’s body away and sat down.

Whoosh … Whoosh …

Very quickly, the Crimson flowing light that contained the power of inheritance descended once again and landed on Xia Yilian’s body.

“Hahaha … I knew it! I, Xia Yilian, will definitely rise! What great emperor, immortal Lord, celestial Lord, demon ancestor! One day, I will trample all of you under my feet! Hahaha …”

With a burst of crazy laughter, Xia Yilian’s entire aura had undergone a tremendous change.

At this moment, an extremely terrifying existence slowly descended into the world.


Outside the spatial gate.

Chen Xiaobei and Yan Lings.h.i.+ had arrived.

“Hurry up! Let’s go in quickly!”

Without any delay, the two of them rushed into the s.p.a.ce gate.

That was because Ling sheance was right behind them!


Ling sheance was not stupid. He flew back immediately after checking the battlefield.

Almost as soon as Chen Xiaobei and Yan Lings.h.i.+ stepped through the s.p.a.ce gate, Ling sheance arrived at the scene.

The spatial gate’s fluctuations hadn’t subsided yet, which meant that someone had just entered!

“Let’s see where you guys can run to now!”

Ling shenci’s face was full of killing intent. He stepped into the s.p.a.ce gate.

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