Reincarnation: Multi-skilled Goddess Is So Beautiful!Reincarnation: Multi-skilled Goddess Is So Beautiful! Chapter 882 - We Can't Let China's Team Win!

Chapter 882: We Can’t Let China’s Team Win!

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No one expected these two robots to be that powerful. The organizers of the compet.i.tion quickly sent drones toward the skies to capture the scenes.

Be it the audience who was present in the venue or those watching the broadcast, their eyes and mouths were wide open due to shock, and they had forgotten to react.

Inside the hotel.

Qin Ze looked at Zi Yi switching scenes quickly and he was even more shocked than others.

“Zi Yi, are you able to connect to Moonlight’s eyes?”


“This isn’t a difficult thing to do.” Zi Yi was tapping rapidly on the virtual keyboard.

When Country A’s robot was eliminated, Lu Jingye closed the bets and as of now, the stakes were at 96.57 billion.

The corner of Zi Yi’s lips curved up and she said to Lu Jingye, “There are many anonymous bets made by the higher-ups of other countries. Winning their money feels so much better than winning the money of rich bosses.”

The corner of Lu Jingye’s lips rose up. Zi Yi had also connected his view to Moonlight’s eyes. Therefore, he could follow the fight between the two Super AI robots at any point in time.

After looking for some time, he asked, “Will you let Moonlight win?”

“Of course, we have to win all the bets placed.”

Speaking of this, she said a little discontentedly, “This time around, many higher-ups from China had joined in the bet and the total sum amounted to fifteen million. I’m not happy with that.”

Qin Ze looked at Zi Yi with a bright gaze, but he was thinking excitedly deep down inside, “Fortunately, my Dad invested all my money inside. I will definitely be earning tons.”

Just then, Zi Yi glanced at Qin Ze before s.h.i.+fting her gaze back to the fighting robots.

After watching for some time, she commented, “Their robot technology is pretty good, but its battery is about to run out.”

Ten minutes after Zi Yi made that comment, Moonlight attacked with a swing of its axe and a flash of lightning followed. Zeus was struck head-on and its body trembled before falling to the ground.

Inside the compet.i.tion venue.

While looking at the fight from the display screen, the team from Country D had ever-changing expressions. From confidence to nervousness, then to anxiousness and finally their expressions turned solemn.

“Zeus has been constantly using skills and he has had no time to replenish his energy at all. If it doesn’t defeat Moonlight anytime soon, its battery will be exhausted.”

“How did China’s robots manage to continuously use their skills? Have the engineers there developed a feature that allows the replenis.h.i.+ng of energy while utilizing skills?”

“If that’s really the case, their robots would definitely be the winner.”

“We can’t let China’s team win!”

At this moment, none of the people from Country D’s team wanted Moonlight to win

However, as they saw Zeus slowing down as every second pa.s.sed and finally, falling from the skies, they knew that they could not stop the inevitable.

Carus stared at Moonlight with a sullen expression. His heart could not help but ache at the sight of Moonlight raising the axe and swinging it toward Zeus.

Zeus was one of the most powerful robots in Country D and how can it be treated like that by Moonlight?

“Immediately activate the secret feature on Moonlight.” Even if they were to lose, they have to let the whole world know the robot technology in Country D was the best.

As soon as Carus said that, all the team members were shocked. In the next second, they pressed a b.u.t.ton on their uniforms.

At the same time, Zeus released a super-powerful geomagnetic storm.

The magnetic storm rampaged around the compet.i.tion field, causing Moonlight to lose its stability and fly out. At the same time, the infrared fence around the compet.i.tion stage was shattered and the storm started to expand in all directions.


The audience at the venue had no time to escape at all. They were all involved in the storm as they flew out of their seats.

“What’s going on? What did Country D’s robot release?”

“Is their robot rioting? It’s too terrifying. Why isn’t anyone coming out to stop this?”

“The team members from Country D aren’t affected by the storm!”

“They must have done it on purpose.”

“They are too insidious. They are simply being sore losers!”

Just as the audience watching the live broadcast was panicking for those at the venue, a ray of light appeared and following that, Zeus fell down.

Those people who were lifted from the ground also dropped down, leading to shrieks and cries of pain.

The live broadcast was still running and the audience watching the live broadcast was staring at Moonlight half kneeling on the ground and the motionless Zeus. All of them quickly sent out bulleted comments.

“Was that light earlier on released by China’s robot? Was it Moonlight that rescued everyone at the venue?”

“Who else other than Moonlight is capable of this feat?”

“China’s robot is too awesome. I can’t believe Country D’s robot nearly killed them!”

“Aren’t the officials from Country D going to come out and explain what just happened earlier?”

The Robot a.s.sociation of Country D reacted very quickly. Before the netizens blew up, they held a press conference.

The President of the Robot a.s.sociation and Carus were giving out explanations on their end.

Carus revealed an apologetic expression and said, “Zeus is originally designed as a combat robot and when we designed him, we added this ability to send out a magnetic storm when Zeus encounters danger. But fortunately, when Zeus had unleashed 30% of the skill, his battery was depleted.”

What Carus meant was, if Zeus’ battery did not deplete, no one present would have survived.

Speaking of this, he purposely paused for a second. While everyone was still feeling some aftereffects due to the incident, he added and said, “It proves that China’s robot is indeed powerful, for it to have Zeus activate the magnetic storm. Therefore, we admit defeat. Of course, following this, we will improve Zeus’ energy storage function and we hope that there will be a chance to compete with Moonlight in the future.”

“What the h.e.l.l?!”

Qin Ze got so angry that he slapped his thigh after hearing Carus’ explanation. “Isn’t this person so shameless? Clearly, Moonlight was the winner and he had to explain it as though their robot accidentally allowed Moonlight to win. What a joke.”

Zi Yi agreed with him. “When one sits in the top position for too long, it’s normal that they are unable to accept being replaced.”

Just then, the President of Country D’s Robot a.s.sociation said, “Other than providing compensation for the audience members, we will be inviting all the partic.i.p.ating teams to a banquet tonight. We hope that everyone can show up then, especially China’s team. Your robot is very well-made.”

Qin Ze furrowed his brows. “Why do I feel that there are some bad intentions behind tonight’s banquet? They must be trying to do something to Moonlight. Otherwise, it’s to get information out from Professor Dou and the team.”

Zi Yi had also thought of this possibility. “We will tag along tonight.”

Qin Ze nodded his head and asked Zi Yi, “Then what kind of preparations should we make?”

“Just bring along some handy tools and that will do.”

“Ok.” Qin Ze stood up and said, “I’ll go and make the preparations.”

Having said that, he left the room.

After Qin Ze left, Zi Yi looked at Lu Jingye.

He said with a concerned expression, “Be careful tonight.”

“I know. You have to be careful too. Don’t fall for Hank’s schemes.”


They briefly mentioned the bet again.

Lu Jingye said, “We would be able to receive almost forty billion from the bet.”

“How much can China receive?”

“Over thirty billion.”

“Hmph! I will bet anonymously next time so that they can’t tag along.”

Lu Jingye could not help but laugh at this.

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