Chapter 883: Framing Lu Jingye

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Before long, someone knocked on Lu Jingye’s room. It was someone from the Ministry of Finance who was reminding him to leave for the banquet soon.

Before Lu Jingye disconnected the video call, he asked Zi Yi, “Did you bring any dresses?”

Zi Yi shook her head. “Nope. I’ll go out and buy some later.”

Lu Jingye thought for a moment and said, “I’ll have someone send some over to you later. You don’t have to buy them yourself.”

Lu Jingye was used to arranging food, clothing, housing, and transportation for Zi Yi as her husband. He was not at ease if he allowed her to buy her clothes herself.


He was worried that she would buy clothes that were too revealing.

Zi Yi did not know what Lu Jingye’s concerns were about at all. After hearing him offering to settle her clothes for her, she would certainly be willing.

After disconnecting the video call, Zi Yi sent a message to Professor Dou to tell him that she would also be there later.

Professor Dou had just received the award not long ago and was currently accepting congratulations from everyone.

“I didn’t expect the robot technology in China to be so advanced. Professor Dou, we should communicate more in the future if the opportunity arises.”

“Your robot is really too stunning.”

On the other side, Country D’s team members were standing there with dark expressions while receiving congratulations from others.

However, the congratulatory words sounded extremely irritating to them.

For them, everyone’s congratulations were merely laughing at them instead of truly applauding them.

In the end, one of the team members said in an unfriendly tone, “There’s nothing to congratulate us about. We merely won second place.”

Another team member immediately added on. “Our energy storage is indeed inferior compared to China’s. In the future, we will immediately work on improving this aspect and have a showdown with China’s robots again.”

A few team members started talking about what the next compet.i.tion would be like and basically, they were dissatisfied with the fact that China’s robot could win first place.

The people who surrounded them came with the intention to curry favor with them and so, all of them agreed to what the team members said.

This made Country D’s team members feel much better.

Suddenly, there was quite a huge commotion coming from another side.

Following that, they saw Professor Dou and the other two leaders from China leading their team members and making their way over.

The people who were surrounding Country D’s team members quickly made way for them.

One of the team members from Country D whispered with a sneer, “Don’t tell me these people are here to show off in front of us?”

Another team member also sneered in response. “They don’t have the ability to do so yet.”

While they were talking, Carus who was speaking with the President of the Robot a.s.sociation noticed the situation and also made his way over.

Those who were standing elsewhere had also come and surrounded the s.p.a.ce.

The two parties met each other face to face.

One of the team members from Country D took the initiative to question them. “What are you trying to do? Even if China’s robot won, we won’t accept you showing off in front of us.”

The team members from China smiled at his words. However, their smiles failed to reach their eyes.

Professor Dou looked at Carus and the Robot a.s.sociation President and said with a serious expression, “Someone from your side touched Moonlight before the compet.i.tion. Before the finals, you mentioned you would be providing us with a satisfactory explanation after the compet.i.tion. Now that the compet.i.tion has ended, you can provide us with an explanation now.”

The expressions of Carus and the President of the Robot a.s.sociation had a slight change.

The crowd surrounding them started whispering among themselves.

“What’s going on? Someone from Country D’s team touched China’s Moonlight before the start of the compet.i.tion?”

“No way. Why would they want to touch Moonlight?”

“It must be that they guessed that Moonlight would win and did it on purpose?”

Country D’s team members were so angry that veins bulged out on their foreheads when they heard the comments made around them.

“Don’t talk nonsense. It was clearly the logistics staff and a temp worker who touched that robot. What does it have to do with us?”

Engineer Chu sneered and said, “How is it unrelated to you? With a single command from you, those two can complete what you tasked them to do. There’s no need for you to personally do it yourselves.”

“We didn’t!”

The team members from Country D were boiling in anger as their faces were flushed red.

“We didn’t instruct anyone to touch your robot at all!”

Country D’s robot technology was the top worldwide and the team members were all engineers. Before the finals, they were all confident that they would win first place in the finals and they could not be bothered to touch China’s robot at all.

Professor Dou and the two leaders did not listen to their fl.u.s.tered explanation at all. “A few hours have pa.s.sed. Please give us a satisfactory explanation now.”

The President of the Robot a.s.sociation stepped out and said apologetically, “We did indeed find out who the culprit was, but…”

Speaking of this, he deliberately paused for a moment. While everyone was putting their full attention on him, he continued speaking with some hint of hesitation in his voice, “The ident.i.ties of these two people aren’t suitable for us to openly disclose.”

“What do you mean it’s not suitable to disclose?” Engineer Peng did not have the patience for his bureaucratic jargon here and he said, “Since you refuse to disclose the culprits, then apologize to us.”

Engineer Chu spoke up too. “That’s right. You guys tampered with Moonlight before the finals and if not for its automatic repair system, we would have lost the compet.i.tion at the beginning. How are you going to compensate us for our loss?”

Carus became angry at his words and he said with a heavy voice, “The two individuals who tampered with Moonlight were sent by Lu Jingye from China. Both of them have already confessed.”


Everyone from China’s team exploded.

The others were also extremely surprised.

Carus sneered. The two people who were captured were his people and they would say whatever they wanted them to say. Right now, the higher-ups tasked him to push all the responsibility onto Lu Jingye, and what else was there that he dared not say?

“Lu Jingye’s wife is very skilled at making robots but she did not come here this time around. I heard that it was your country’s headquarters that stopped her from coming and so, Lu Jingye sent those two people. Moreover…”

Speaking of this, Carus paused for some time. Country D had sent people to investigate before. The reason why Zi Yi did not tag along this time was because of her pregnancy and she was currently resting at home. They also had people monitor Lu Jingye constantly and they would not know of this incident at all. Therefore, he was extremely confident as he talked nonsense. “If you don’t believe it, we can invite Zi Yi out to have her explain it to everyone.”

“Zi Yi is here?”

Everyone was extremely surprised. Even the team members from China asked Professor Dou in surprise, “Professor Dou, did Zi Yi come here?”

How could Professor Dou not know Carus was purposely s.h.i.+fting everyone’s attention? He said with a solemn voice, “She didn’t come.”

Having said that, he took out his phone and noticed he had received a few messages. After reading through the messages, he looked up at Carus and said, “I have the restored surveillance video here. I request for it to be played here.”

“What video?”

Everyone was extremely curious.

Carus sneered in his heart: “If you are capable of playing the original video of the situation then, I’ll swallow that screen whole.”

“Oh, I remember! I heard that Professor Dou is Zi Yi’s Uncle. It’s right for you to protect your niece. Since you have a video, just go ahead and play it. However, I need to clarify with you about this beforehand. If the video you show is unable to prove anything, please ask those from your country to keep their mouths shut. Stop thinking that our team wants to do something to your robot!”

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