Reincarnation: Multi-skilled Goddess Is So Beautiful!Reincarnation: Multi-skilled Goddess Is So Beautiful! Chapter 884 - With a Video As Proof, Face Slapping Happens

Chapter 884: With a Video As Proof, Face Slapping Happens

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When Carus finished speaking, he revealed a stern expression while releasing a strong raging aura.

However, Professor Dou was not frightened by his expression in the slightest.

On the other hand, the spectators around them started to whisper among themselves.

“I feel that people from the Country D team would not touch China’s robot. They have always been the top in robot technology and how could they possibly have tampered with China’s robot?”

“I have similar thoughts as you. Before this, no one expected China’s robot to win.”


Even Engineer Meng standing next to Professor Dou could not help but ask in a whisper, “Professor Dou, do you really have evidence?”

Professor Dou replied affirmatively and said to the President of Country D’s Robot a.s.sociation, “Please help me connect to the screen here.”

The President stretched out his hand wanting to take the phone from Professor Dou.

However, Professor Dou moved his hand behind his back and said, “Tell me how to connect it and I’ll do it myself.”

Even though the President was a little displeased by this, he did not reveal his displeasure on the surface. He stood next to Professor Dou and taught him how to connect to the screen.

Soon a video appeared on the big screen.

When everyone saw Carus and another two higher-ups entering the bas.e.m.e.nt during the time they weren’t around, everyone’s gaze s.h.i.+fted to Carus and the rest.

There was a huge change in Carus’ expression and two seconds later, he quickly recovered his calm and said, “This video is a composite. We didn’t head down to the bas.e.m.e.nt at that time!”

The other two higher-ups who were frightened badly also immediately agreed with Carus. “Yes, we didn’t head down to the bas.e.m.e.nt during that time either!”

Professor Dou said with a sneer, “Just now when you mentioned my niece and nephew-in-law, how could you be so sure when you didn’t even have any evidence? Now that the evidence is conclusive, you are still refusing to admit it!”

Carus instantly turned red from getting lectured.

However, he certainly would not admit to this. “How could I possibly do something like that? I didn’t go down to the bas.e.m.e.nt at that time at all.”

“The video has yet to finish playing. Mr. Carus, why don’t you wait until the video ends before you speak?”

The video continued playing.

Everyone was staring at the screen. Even though there was no sound from the recording, it was not difficult for them to lip-read.

Someone translated what was being said in the video while watching.

By the time the whole video had finished playing, everyone s.h.i.+fted their gazes to Carus and the two higher-ups again.

At that moment, the expressions of the trio had changed greatly. There was no longer the calmness or confidence they displayed previously.

Professor Dou asked with a stern expression, “How are you going to explain this?”

“This video is fake!” Carus stomped in anger.

“Fake? I still have another video. It’s a video about you people forcing those two individuals to frame my niece and nephew-in-law. Why don’t I show it to everyone?”

Carus finally turned silent.

His head was buzzing at that moment and the situation was simply unbelievable for him. How did the deleted video get restored? Also, the other video Professor Dou mentioned… He did not know how the military personnel got the two individuals who suddenly appeared in the video to confess and he was afraid that Professor Dou would release it.

The two higher-ups from China were also questioning them with stern expressions. “How do you intend to explain this?”

“I… it’s not like that.” Carus only thought of wanting to push the blame. “The situation is not as what you saw.”

“Are you still refusing to admit to your mistakes at this point in time? In that case, we can only release this video on the internet and have those experts discern if this is a real video or not.”

“You dare!”

The surrounding atmosphere instantly changed with Carus’ shout.

The expressions of the team members from China turned unfriendly.

The President of Country D’s Robot a.s.sociation was feeling cold sweat trickle down his forehead. He did not know the specific situation about this and he was also unable to stop the China team from releasing the video onto the internet. As a result, he gave a call to the higher-ups.

Soon, a group of armed guards came in quickly.

These armed guards stood on two sides and soon, a tall man wearing a Major General’s uniform came in from the door.

He looked to be around in his thirties and he had deep and sharp facial features. In particular, those eyes of his were almost as sharp as an unsheathed sword.

Everyone from Country D revealed respectful expressions at the sight of the man coming over.

Runge walked to where Professor Dou and his team were. He had a straight posture with both hands hanging by his side. The imposing aura he released deterred people from looking him straight in the eye. “I am Runge, the Major General of X team. What happened here?”

Professor Dou recounted what happened to him.

Carus tried to get a word in several times, but he was stopped by Runge’s sharp gaze.

After Professor Dou finished his explanation, Runge looked at the video and asked, “Did Zi Yi send you this video?”

Professor Dou did not answer him and instead, he said, “This video is absolutely real. If you have doubts, you can have it sent for verification.”

“No need.” Runge looked at Carus and the two higher-ups.

Their nerves were stretched taut and a layer of cold sweat broke out on their backs in an instant.

“Tell the truth.”

Runge’s voice was cold and stern. The moment he spoke, the three of them started sweating even more.

“Major General Runge, we…”

“You had better consolidate your thoughts before you speak. If you dare to lie in front of me, you should know of the consequences.”

One of the higher-ups could not withstand the pressure and said with trembling lips, “Major General, we…”

“It’s me who wanted to see the control panel of Moonlight. This has nothing to do with the two leaders.”

Carus said with lowered eyes, “I was only curious to know how their robot technology had suddenly improved so much.”

Runge’s expression became even sharper. He held out his hand and gestured to his men behind him. Following that, two armed guards walked over and had Carus surrounded.

Carus did not struggle either. He only heard Runge saying, “Bring him away. Deal with it by military law.”

Carus’s body suddenly jerked and soon, the two guards brought him away.

Runge turned to look at Professor Dou again and said with a strong aura, “It’s impossible for China to surpa.s.s Country D’s robot technology in such a short period of time. Next time, have Zi Yi personally lead your team to attend instead.”

Having said that, he turned around and left with the group of armed guards.

The moment Runge took his leave, many people subconsciously breathed a sigh of relief. The aura this man released was too domineering.

Professor Dou took out his phone again to take a look, only to notice that Zi Yi sent him a message.

After he finished reading the message, there was an indiscernible frown on his face.

This girl actually wanted to join the dinner banquet? What if someone were to recognize her?

At the thought of this, Professor Dou suddenly thought of how the young Major General had seen his phone just moments ago and he got a fright. Could it be that the Major General had seen the message?

Zi Yi did not have to wait for long before someone delivered a dress to her

After she changed into the dress, Lu Jingye’s video call came.

When she saw that her man had changed into a suit through the screen, Zi Yi raised the hem of her dress and did a turn. “Ah Jing, do I look good?”

“Yes.” Lu Jingye looked at her and said, “Wear your mask.”

Zi Yi nodded her head and went over to take the mask before putting it on.

Instantly, she transformed from a Chinese beauty into a beauty that exuded an exotic charm.

“Do I look good?”


Lu Jingye’s finger moved and he did not manage to restrain himself as he said, “I’ll come look for you after the banquet ends.”

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