Reincarnation: Multi-skilled Goddess Is So Beautiful!Reincarnation: Multi-skilled Goddess Is So Beautiful! Chapter 887 - Country D's Youngest Major General, Runge

Chapter 887: Country D’s Youngest Major General, Runge

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Zi Yi recognized who he was from his deep-set, sharp facial features and a pair of eyes which were even sharper than his features.

He was Country D’s youngest Major General, Runge.

“You aren’t coming out?” Runge’s voice sounded a little displeased.

In the next second, his body moved and at the same time, a bullet was shot in Zi Yi’s direction.

However, the bullet was stopped when it was around a one-meter distance away from her.


“You are Lu Jingye, or are you Zi Yi?”

Runge started walking towards her in large strides.

All of a sudden, there was a loud noise from outside.

Zi Yi furrowed her eyebrows and turned around as she ran in that direction.

There were the sounds of footsteps chasing her from behind.

Zi Yi paid no heed to him. She swiftly ran to the middle of the yard and realized that there was nothing out of the ordinary going on in the hall.

Just then, countless bodyguards came from all directions and had her surrounded.

At the same time, the s.p.a.ce in her surroundings was distorted. Obviously, someone had created a magnetic field.

“Sure enough, the worm race has indeed invaded the higher ranks of Country D.”

Zi Yi called out, “Shadow.”

Shadow appeared next to her in an instant.

“Take care of these people.”

“Yes, Master.”

After Shadow responded, all the bodyguards besieged them.

Shadow quickly went into combat mode.

The surrounding s.p.a.ce was being rapidly distorted and the scenery outside the s.p.a.ce became blurred.

Zi Yi took out two circular b.a.l.l.s from the pockets of her skirt and swiftly a.s.sembled them together. She planned to break the magnetic field here.


Runge and another young man were standing near the courtyard as they looked at the distorted s.p.a.ce in the middle.

The young man had a smug expression on his face as he said, “Isn’t this friend of mine pretty good? He directly distorted the s.p.a.ce with a magnetic field. As long as she is trapped inside, she will never get out if my friend doesn’t release her.”

Runge looked at the distorted s.p.a.ce with a cold expression and asked, “Where did you meet this friend of yours that has such great skills?”

“At my robot club. This person also likes robots and the robots he makes are extremely powerful.”

“How powerful? Is your friend as good as those researchers in the national research center?”

The young man did not expect this question from Runge. He thought for a moment and said, “I think that he’s even better than them. However, he has never created a robot with his own hands before. He only casually gave a few pointers to the engineers in my club and our robot’s ability increased greatly.”

Runge fell into silence for a few seconds before he asked again, “Where is this person?”

The young man beamed and said, “I invited him here tonight. However, he doesn’t like crowded places so I let him stay in my study room. Cousin, do you want to meet him?”


As soon as Runge agreed, the young man led him to his study room.

What they weren’t aware of was that as soon as they made a turn in the corridor, Zi Yi came out from the magnetic field.

She looked at the two young men heading elsewhere and quickly followed behind them.

Both of them walked for some time in the corridor and went up to the second floor before they reached the young man’s study room.

Inside the study room, there was a beautiful person seated inside who was waiting for their arrival. The person was so beautiful that it was hard to discern their gender.

“Cousin, he’s my friend, Luca.”

“Luca, this is my cousin which I mentioned to you before. Country D’s youngest Major General, Runge.”

Runge’s sharp eyes sized up Luca who remained seated without standing up even after the introduction was done.

Luca did not reveal any expressions of fear when he faced him and instead, he laughed. “You are indeed worthy of becoming the youngest Major General in Country D. Your mental energy is really strong. If you were to develop it, you’ll definitely be able to achieve the S-level. In that case, you’ll be able to withstand the strong pressure from s.p.a.ce.”

The young man and Runge did not understand anything he said.

However, Runge discovered that he was not exactly fond of the man named Luca in front of him.

Just then, Luca suddenly said to the young man, “Abner, I wish to talk to Major General Runge alone.”

Abner was a little unwilling. “Luca, what do you have to say to my cousin that I can’t listen to?”

Luca looked into his eyes and said, “Mr. Runge and I have something related to the military that we have to discuss. Do you still want to listen in?”

Abner shook his head, turned around and left the room.

After the door was closed, Runge’s expression turned stern. In the next second, he held his gun against Luca’s temple and asked with a heavy voice, “What did you do to Abner?”

“As expected of Major General Runge to have noticed what I did to your cousin.”

Luca looked at Runge. Instead of being frightened by the gun pressed against his temple, he laughed.

“Abner was only hypnotized. The hypnotism will automatically dispel in around ten minutes… Major General Runge, what do you think of the s.p.a.ce magnetic field I set up in the courtyard? If this were to be used in the military, wouldn’t it make your country become invincible?”

Runge narrowed his eyes and looked at him as if he was thinking about what he meant.

Luca added fuel to the fire and said, “There will be a huge change very soon that will be felt worldwide. When the time comes, one can only win by relying on advanced technology. It is especially the case in terms of artificial intelligence and universe exploration… Does Mr. Runge believe that there are higher cla.s.s species on different Earths compared to the humans here?

“The people there are capable of creating s.p.a.ces.h.i.+ps and traveling to various galaxies to rule over the other species. Each and every one of them has a long life span and even if their bodies’ functions are failing, they can transplant their consciousness to another vessel.”

Luca’s voice sounded like a hypnotic melody. After Runge heard what he said, his eyes were filled with strong ambition.

However, he did not make any comments right away. Instead, he asked, “How can you be so sure of this?”

“Because I have a method to create s.p.a.ces.h.i.+ps capable of flying out of the galaxy, as long as Major General Runge is willing to cooperate with me.”

Runge’s sharp gaze stared at Luca. “What kind of cooperation?”

“If Major General Runge is willing to cooperate, you only have to do one thing.”

“What is it?”

“Be one of the pioneers in exploring the universe.” Luca said, “Only people with strong mental energy like you can walk out of the inner s.p.a.ce. In general, humans are too weak. They can’t even get out of the Milky Way.”

Runge furrowed his brows. He did not quite believe in what Luca said.

Just then, Luca stirred him more and said, “Mr. Runge, you can rest a.s.sured. The Third Young Master Lu from China will also be going.”

“Lu Yunxiao?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“How am I supposed to trust what you have said?”

“Major General Runge will know after you watch this video.”

Subsequently, a virtual screen appeared in front of him. There were several people lying in a machine that looked like a sleeping cabin. Unexpectedly, there were some that Runge recognized. “They are Lu Yunxiao’s men.”


“What are they doing?”

“They are currently being trained to activate their mental energy.”

Luca was about to put away the virtual screen when Runge asked, “Where’s Lu Yunxiao?”

“His training is very special, so we will not make it public.”

“He’s doing it voluntarily?”



All of a sudden, a chilly snort caused the both of them to turn their heads in wariness.

In the next second, Runge and Luca attacked at the same time.

However, the weapons they shot out were blocked by an invisible force.

Following that, they saw the door being pushed open.

After Zi Yi made her way in, she looked at Luca with a chilly expression. “A worm like you dares to spout nonsense everywhere you go? Do you think you can really get out of the inner s.p.a.ce with your abilities?”

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