Reincarnation: Multi-skilled Goddess Is So Beautiful!Reincarnation: Multi-skilled Goddess Is So Beautiful! Chapter 891 - Lu Jingye's Ruthlessness

Chapter 891: Lu Jingye’s Ruthlessness

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Lu Jingye’s gaze darkened and he did not respond.

The person continued to speak, “The General said that Mr. Lu will definitely be interested in the present.”

Speaking of this, he purposely leaned over and said in a whisper, “It has something to do with your wife.”

Lu Jingye’s gaze turned cold and he turned around with the intention to leave. While he walked away, he said, “Tell General Hank not to use my wife as an excuse whenever he feels like it. Otherwise, I won’t be polite.”

The man did not expect Lu Jingye to disregard General Hank to such an extent. His expression turned cold and he looked at Lu Jingye’s back view as he said, “Mr. Lu, your wife is here. Are you really not planning to bring her with you?”


“My wife is in China and so she can’t possibly be here.”

After Lu Jingye said that, he had already walked quite a distance away.

The man stood there and his expression darkened even more.

Just then, a wave of footsteps came from behind him.

“What’s going on? Why didn’t you manage to keep him?”

Ravel walked over and stood next to him while speaking in a displeased tone, “If you can’t keep him back, Grandfather will be angry.”

Kevin trembled at the thought of this and could only say with a sullen expression, “He didn’t even believe me when I said Zi Yi was here. How am I supposed to keep him here?”

Traces of a crazy rage flashed past Ravel’s gaze. “Since he doesn’t believe us, bring his wife out and show him.”

Kevin paused for a moment before nodding his head and walking to another side.

Lu Jingye saw several guards quickly walking up to him when he arrived at the parking lot.

“Mr. Lu, our young master has asked you to wait for a moment.”

Even though the guard said that in a polite manner, he had forcefully stopped Lu Jingye from entering his car.

Just as the bodyguard Lu Jingye brought along with him wanted to step forward, he was stopped by Lu Jingye’s gaze.

After waiting for a short while, Lu Jingye saw a group of people making their way over from the other side. Among them, there was a familiar figure that made him squint his eyes.

The group arrived very soon to where he was standing and Zi Yi who was standing next to Kevin called out, “Ah Jing.”

There was finally a change in Lu Jingye’s expression. He looked displeased.

Kevin saw the change in Lu Jingye’s expression and the corner of his lips curved up. “Mr. Lu, I did tell you that your wife is in the General’s Estate. You didn’t believe me.”

Having said that, he turned to look at Zi Yi, and his smile deepened. “I’ll hand your wife back to you now.”

After Kevin said his piece, he even gave a gentlemanly gesture to Zi Yi and said, “Mrs. Lu, you can return to Mr. Lu’s side now.”

Zi Yi looked at Kevin with a displeased expression before she walked to where Lu Jingye was and said, “I originally wanted to look for you, but I was discovered by the people inside.”

Lu Jingye narrowed his eyes and looked at Zi Yi who was approaching him. He suddenly asked her a question, “Where’s the dress I prepared for you?”

“Hmm?” Zi Yi froze for a moment and then the corner of her lips curved up. “I found it troublesome to wear and changed out of it when I came.”

“Is that so?”

Zi Yi nodded her head and increased her pace as she suddenly ran towards him with the intention to jump into his embrace.

“Ah Jing, I miss you.”

Lu Jingye looked at her with a gentle expression, but in the very next second, he grabbed her by the neck.

“Ugh… cough, cough…”

Zi Yi’s face instantly turned red in an instant. She tried to pry his hands apart, but she could not move at all and was about to suffocate to death at any moment.

Kevin, who was standing there, was shocked. He looked at Lu Jingye who had suddenly became cruel and fierce, not to mention, he was currently releasing a strong murderous aura. Kevin was frightened deep down inside.

“Lu Jingye, are you trying to kill your wife?!”

“She’s not my wife,” Lu Jingye said with certainty. His voice was very heavy. “No one can disguise as Zi Yi.”

Without even batting an eyelid, he increased the force in his fingers, and subsequently, a cracking sound was heard. The woman in his hand had her neck broken.

She was dead.

After that, Lu Jingye headed to his car.

The guards standing around did not dare to approach him at all.

Even Kevin was overwhelmed by the murderous aura emanating from Lu Jingye that he forgot to react.

After Lu Jingye’s car drove away, Kevin suddenly recovered his senses. He thought about how he would definitely receive a punishment by allowing Lu Jingye to leave just like that and hastily said to the guards, “Drive the car over and quickly give chase!”

The guards immediately moved.

At nine o’clock in the evening, an undisguised chasing game suddenly took place in the city. In particular, the cars behind had switched on police sirens and the nearby cars all gave way.

The car in front was driving very quickly and it was headed to the suburbs.

However, the people who were giving chase had no idea that the person in the car had already been changed long ago.

After Zi Yi and Qin Ze returned to the hotel, Qin Ze was about to ask what Zi Yi did in the middle of the banquet. However, he did not expect Zi Yi to shut the door as soon as she entered her room.

His nose was almost flattened and he subconsciously rubbed it before turning back as he returned to his room.

After Zi Yi returned to her room, Shadow II said to her, “Master, the people following you hid after reaching the door.”

Zi Yi nodded and headed to the window to take a look outside before she took out her phone and sent Qin Ze a message.

[Someone followed us upstairs. I will leave here shortly, pay attention to your safety.]

Having said that, she put away her phone and took out a circular ball from her pockets. The circular ball floated above her head and subsequently, a soft light flashed before Zi Yi turned invisible.

She then openly swaggered past the people who were following her. She was well aware who had sent them here, but she had no intentions of taking care of them either.

When she reached the first floor, her phone buzzed. It was a message from Qin Ze.

Zi Yi hid in a camera blindspot and changed her face before revealing herself. She held her phone in her hand and headed outside.

Qin Ze: [Who is following us? Where are you going? Wait for me!]

Zi Yi: [Don’t come out. Those people following us are only aiming for me. They won’t do anything to you even if you stay.]

Qin Ze: [Then where are you going?]

Zi Yi: [To look for my husband.]

Qin Ze: […]

Qin Ze: [Then do be careful.]

Zi Yi did not reply to him afterward as she put away her phone and left.

This place was the most prosperous section of the city. There were plenty of restaurants, cars, and people everywhere. A car stopped in front of Zi Yi.

After Zi Yi got in the car, she said, “Go to this address.”

Having said that, a specific location was reflected in front.

The car directly drove out.

Half an hour later, the car stopped in front of an ordinary-looking two-story residential building.

When Zi Yi reached the door, she took a glance. There was an electronic lock. She took out a card from her pockets and swiped it across the lock before it opened.

There was no one inside and the lights were also switched off. She took out her phone as a light source and it took a short while before she found the switch and turned on the lights.

The inside of the living room was also rather simple. There was a fireplace, tables, chairs, and a small wine cabinet.

There were even several bottles of wine placed in the wine cabinet.

Zi Yi walked over to the cabinet and took a look. She ended up taking a bottle and a gla.s.s to the sofa to sit down. She then turned on the surveillance of the hotel she was staying at previously while waiting for Lu Jingye to arrive.

By the time Lu Jingye walked into the living room, he saw a bottle of wine in front of Zi Yi that was about to be emptied.

Zi Yi heard the door opening and turned around. At the sight of his arrival, she smiled and her tone of voice sounded light. “Ah Jing, you’re here.”

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