Chapter 940: Tears


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Qiao Xuan removed her hands from her face, revealing a swollen left cheek. Despite the pain, she remained composed and not excessively angered.

Her original plan was to provoke Qiao Hongxi into taking action, but Shao Yunduan had intervened, causing her to reconsider. However, Qiao Hongxi had still struck her with full force, leaving a stinging sensation.

Shao Yunduan gently touched her face, filled with remorse and guilt. “I’m sorry…”

Qiao Xuan smiled and shook her head in response.

She glanced at Madame Yuezheng and the others, a sneer forming on her lips. ‘Qiao Hongxi attacked me first. Are you all blind? Is the Qiao Family always so shameless? Am I arrogant? No matter how arrogant I may be, I cannot compare to the Qiao Family. You not only exhibit arrogance, but also distort the truth and bully others!”

“Madame Lady Qiao, is this how the Qiao Family behaves? It’s truly pitiful! No wonder you find yourselves in such dire straits.”


“How dare you!’

“You have no right to speak about the Qiao Family! You’re just a concubine’s daughter, nothing more!” Madame Lady Qiao was so infuriated that she nearly lost control. If Qiao Xuan had been married, she would have been slapped and banished from the premises to repent.

“Qiao Xuan, if you refuse to kneel down and apologize, you will no longer be considered a part of the Qiao Family. From this moment onward, you will be completely disowned! ”

First Madame Qiao and Second Mrs. Qiao breathed a sigh of relief.

That would be perfect!

What purpose did it serve to keep such a bothersome concubine’s daughter around? It would be better to sever ties and avoid further trouble

Upon the return of Third Brother and his wife, Qiao Xuan planned to reveal the incident to them, intending to humiliate the couple.

They had been contemplating how to a.s.sert their dominance over the couple, eager to establish a position of advantage or superiority. However, that opportunity had already presented itself.

“In that case, we have no ties!” Qiao Xuan appeared angry and wronged. But her youth and impulsiveness became apparent when she realized Madame Lady Qiao’s words. “I am the daughter-in-law of the Shao Family, and I want nothing to do with you!’

Shao Yunduan sneered. “Words alone hold no weight. Will you dare to put it in writing?”

“Ah! Write a contract! Write it now! Inform the clan to remove this wench from our family!” Madame Lady Qiao bellowed.

Shao Yunduan grew even more arrogant, sneering. “Then hurry up, don’t waste our time.”

“What are you waiting for, Hongxi? Write it immediately! ”

Qiao Hongxi sneered, filled with pride. “Yes, Grandma!”

With those words, he instructed someone to fetch the necessary materials for writing, fully intending to do so in front of Qiao Xuan and Shao Yunduan.

He felt inwardly elated, certain that a woman without her own family’s support would never find happiness within her husband’s family. He planned to make Qiao Xuan suffer so immensely that she would have no one to defend her.

Wasn’t she arrogant? One day, she would weep!

She would pay for her actions.

Even if she knelt before her family and pleaded for forgiveness, they would not bat an eye!

She was a domineering and foolish person who deserved no sympathy.

As for Shao Yunduan, he was merely a conceited man. What true skills did he possess? How could he have the audacity to partic.i.p.ate in the spring examination in the capital?

Someone would surely teach him a lesson!

He was going to wait and see that happens!

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