Springtime Farming: A Happy Wife At HomeSpringtime Farming: A Happy Wife At Home Chapter 941: Severance Letter

Chapter 941: Severance Letter


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Observing Qiao Hongxi’s hostile glare, Qiao Xuan remained calm and composed, her heart filled with a cold detachment.

It was understandable that Madame Lady Qiao and the others despised her. After all, they shared blood ties, albeit with a layer of separation between them.

But Qiao Hongxi, as her biological brother, had not defended her when Madame Yuezheng declared their disa.s.sociation. Instead, he displayed a smug and proud expression.

It appeared that he didn’t consider her as family.


Qiao Xuan realized that she had no true familial connection with the Qiao Family, which made things simpler.

Soon, the letter of disa.s.sociation was written.

Madame Yuezheng sneered. “If you kneel and kowtow to me now, perhaps I might forgive you. Otherwise, you will never have the opportunity. You are no longer allowed to set foot in the Qiao Family, and you must never utter a word about the Qiao Family to anyone. If you cause any trouble, the Qiao Family will not intervene!”

Qiao Hongxi seemed concerned that Qiao Xuan and Shao Yunduan might have regrets. Before they could respond to Madame Yuezheng, he handed them the letter. “Take it and leave! Remember, you are forbidden from returning to the Qiao Family, and you cannot claim any affiliation with us!”

Qiao Xuan glanced at him and smiled. “I cannot accept this letter of disa.s.sociation.”

“What do you mean?” Qiao Hongxi sneered. “Regretting your decision? It’s too late!”

“Madame Yuezheng and the Old Master of the Qiao Family did not affix their fingerprints to the letter, so I’m concerned that you may go back on your word.”

Qiao Xuan’s seemingly casual remark caused an uproar within the Qiao Family.

“How dare you!”

“How unreasonable!”

“You… Fine! Bring me the letter of disa.s.sociation, and I will sign it!” Madame Yuezheng glared at Qiao Xuan, her gaze filled with a desire to inflict harm. She scowled. “You certainly hold yourself in high regard!”

First Madame Qiao sneered as well. She turned to the relative beside her and ordered, “Go fetch the Old Master and inform him that something is amiss at home.”

Second Mrs. Qiao didn’t want to be left behind. “Bring Second Old Master here too!”

Soon, the two Qiao Family patriarchs returned to the mansion, their expressions far from pleasant upon seeing Shao Yunduan and Qiao Xuan.

Old Master Qiao exuded an air of dignity, even emitting a contemptuous snort through pursed lips.

Evidently, Qiao Xuan had divulged everything to the servants during their journey.

They held no fondness for Qiao Xuan and Shao Yunduan either.

However, their overconfidence failed to intimidate Qiao Xuan and Shao Yunduan.

Shao Yunduan spoke, “You must be the Old Master and Second Old Master of the Qiao Family. Please sign the contract and provide us with the letter. We shall take our leave.”

Shao Yunduan’s tone and expression irked the two patriarchs, fueling their annoyance further.

It was no wonder the entire family found these two individuals exasperating. They were insufferable!

“How impolite of you!”

“You don’t even know how to address me as ‘Uncle.’ How ill-mannered!”

“Sign it!”

The Second Old Master sneered. “Are you serious? Don’t you dare regret this!”

Qiao Xuan retorted, “Why would we regret it? Or is it you who regrets? Madame Lady Qiao made the promise, and you lack the filial devotion to honor it!”

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