The Legend of FutianThe Legend of Futian Chapter 2894

Chapter 2894: The Death of a Divine Emperor

Ye Futian raised his head to look at the battle above the skies. In the high regions of the boundless sky, two superbly powerful characters were having a whirlwind of a battle.

Currently, on the battlefield, the divine domains released by both of them were intersecting with each other. The dazzling silver world overlapped with the Revelation world, its many silver pillars of light keeping the area in captivity. The whole world was flooded in an icy-cold silver color.

Divine Emperor Pojun’s physical body transformed into a beam of silver light and traversed within the silver-colored world. He repeatedly attacked Donghuang the Great from a close range, causing Donghuang the Great to be forced out again and again.

As someone who could be compared with Shenjia the Great Emperor, his physical prowess was next to none.

Donghuang the Great’s attacking power was not weak, but he could not hurt Shenjia the Great Emperor’s body of the Path.

A beam of silver light struck across the sky and Divine Emperor Pojun’s body transformed into an enormous silver spear using the powers of the Path. It directly pierced the heavens and the earth, leaving a ray of silver light trailing in its wake in the skies as it charged at Donghuang the Great.

Donghuang the Great lifted and stretched out his hand. The surrounding defense made of the Revelation Divine Power once again got penetrated. This time it was by the Silver Divine Spear. The Revelation Divine Sword clashed with it but was smashed to pieces. The Silver Divine Spear was like a supreme treasure, and its a.s.sault was continuous.

Donghuang the Great released the Revelation Divine Power within him to its maximum capacity. It enveloped the spear so that it was blocked again when it attacked. However, the silver spear started to vibrate violently, and its divine glow grew brighter and brighter.

The remarkable silver divine light held Donghuang the Great’s body captive, causing it also to turn silver and become like a statue.


A command was cried out, and Divine Emperor Pojun’s silver spear pierced straight into Donghuang the Great’s body. The silver light was brightest at that moment, and Donghuang the Great’s body was a cold and stiff silver ice statue.

Ye Futian, who was at the lower sky region, felt his heart skip a beat when he witnessed this scene. He immediately hovered up, wanting to enter the battlefield, but was stopped by Lady Qin. He looked at Lady Qin, puzzled. Lady Qin nodded at him and said, “The opponent’s divine power can break practically anything and, of course, supremely powerful, but in this ultimate match up of divine powers, Revelation Divine Power will be the victor. This has been destined from the start.”

Ye Futian was surprised by Lady Qin’s extraordinary confidence in his father. However, she must have a reason for saying that.

He continued watching the skies above with his gaze piercing through the boundless s.p.a.ce to the scene of battle. Presently, Donghuang the Great was just a statue and did not seem to have any advantage.

“The greatest Great Emperor of the present age is nothing much after all.” Divine Emperor Pojun’s figure appeared, and he was carrying the spear in his hands. His voice betrayed the emotions of someone who had seen much throughout the years. The current world somehow left him feeling disappointed.


Yet, just as he finished speaking, he frowned and blasted out his divine power, but it did not manage to smash the statue that was Donghuang the Great into pieces. On the contrary, he could sense the divine power within Donghuang the Great’s body exploding fiercely. It was as if Donghuang the Great’s body was hollow, and in there, his divine power could not survive.

Divine Emperor Pojun heard a sigh just then as if someone was sighing for him.

Surprisingly, the sigh came in the direction of the statue that Donghuang the Great had turned into.

Divine Emperor Pojun felt the color drain from his face and was about to retreat when he realized that he had been surrounded by divine power already. The moment he thrust the spear into Donghuang the Great’s body, all had been predestined.

Bang! Divine Emperor Pojun’s body was suddenly blown to pieces. A piece of his physical body in the middle turned into nothingness and was destroyed. He lowered his head to take a look and saw that his body had broken apart.

A horrifying divine power seeped frantically into his body, and Divine Emperor Pojun started to tremble.

At the same time, the statue turned back into the form of Donghuang the Great, as if he had not suffered any harm at all.

Fear appeared in Divine Emperor Pojun’s eyes. Were the current six Great Emperors that strong?

“Divine Emperor Pojun, your attacking prowess is next to none, but your enlightenment needs work. You’ve lost,” Donghuang the Great remarked to him. Divine light encircled him, and he looked remarkably n.o.ble. Although he was a junior to Divine Emperor Pojun, his magnanimity made it seem like he was the one who should command respect instead.

Divine Emperor Pojun looked at Donghuang the Great. Donghuang the Great naturally understood what the look in his eyes meant. Being a divine Emperor, Divine Emperor Pojun had every reason to be proud, and even at such a time, he would not open his mouth to beg for mercy. His prideful nature just would not allow it.

But Donghuang the Great merely sighed and said, “Although you are my senior, I am unable to let you go. Please forgive me.”

At that, divine power immediately devoured Divine Emperor Pojun’s body, causing him to slowly turn into nothingness bit by bit and disappear from the world as if he had never existed before.

Donghuang the Great looked at Divine Emperor Pojun’s vanis.h.i.+ng form and was filled with emotions. From the beginning, he had made the preparations to finish off Divine Emperor Pojun. Thus, he had lured him into this trap such that he would have no chance of escape.

He and Ye Futian would have to face the Human Ancestor and his supporters in a fierce battle one day. A Divine Emperor would have dealt a lot of damage, so he definitely could not have let him go alive. He chose the most suitable solution to keep him here forever.

He hovered down, and the cultivators in Heavenly Imperial City were shocked to see Donghuang the Great return.

That day, nine Great Emperors had arrived to set up a fight, including a Divine Emperor from the ancient times, and Donghuang the Great had finished all of them off, with not even one remaining.

Nine Great Emperors, all gone.

Seeing the return of Donghuang the Great surprised Ye Futian also.

“Futian,” Donghuang the Great shouted. “Why are you awake?”

“I sensed father’s battle taking place and came here to watch,” Ye Futian replied. Donghuang the Great was momentarily stunned by hearing how Ye Futian addressed him, but a gratified smile soon grew on his face.

“The divine power that father used to kill Divine Emperor Pojun seems to have overtaken the Revelation Divine Power. Was that the evolution of the Revelation Divine Power?” Ye Futian was curious to know.

“I’ll explain it when we get back.” Donghuang the Great stalled on his reply, and the few of them returned to the ninety-nine heavens.

“In the past, when I was cultivating and meditating with your mother, we were looking for a way to get to the end of the cultivation journey. The Revelation Divine Power is a divine power that has the capability of helping us to reach that end, so your mother did some tests on me in the hope that I could better draw out the mysteries regarding the evolution of the Revelation Divine Power. And we did, in fact, succeed. The end of Revelation Divine Power is nothingness, but up until now, I have not really mastered nothingness. If not, things won’t be the way they are now.”

Ye Futian slightly nodded upon hearing Donghuang the Great’s explanation. It seemed that it was very much thanks to his mother that his father could be on the same level as Devil Emperor and the others.

“Although the Revelation Divine Power can point the way to the end of cultivation, it is not the right way. Therefore, you need not go down this way. Just fully incorporate all that your mother has left for you, and you will reach the end of the cultivation journey earlier than I,” Donghuang the Great continued with his explanation. This was what they all hoped for!

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