Chapter 1243: Try Her Best

Chu Liuyue had never seen such a scene before.

The countless lightning bolts surged toward them as though they were free of charge! It was like a gigantic silver sword that shot out of the clouds and struck down!

Looking up at it, it was like it directly split the sky into two!

The light was bright, and the sound reverberated throughout the sky!

The strong impact almost caused Chu Liuyue to fly away, but she immediately stabbed the Long Yuan Sword into the ground! She clutched it tightly to prevent herself from being blown away by this violent wind!

Her clothes blew with the wind, and only the crazy howls of the wind could be heard beside her ear!

Shangguan Jing’s gaze had never been this stern and solemn! This was because he knew that it would definitely be a tough fight as soon as he saw the lightning bolts!

He was afraid that… this would be the most intense fight with the most number of lightning bolts summoned in his entire lifetime!

After the lightning bolts landed, new lightning bolts quickly appeared!

Shangguan Jing’s strength quickly diminished along with the terrifying refinement process!

Time seemed to pa.s.s especially slowly!

Just when Chu Liuyue felt that her face was about to be sc.r.a.ped by the terrifying force, the Chi Xiao Sword finally moved!

A glow of golden light appeared on the sword sheath, glowing quietly!

The light from the surrounding lightning bolts was very sharp, but this golden glow wasn’t dimmer than the rest.

Chu Liuyue saw clearly that the golden pattern on the sword sheath had exploded with a crystalized light!

“Girlie! Go forward!” Shangguan Jing hollered!

Chu Liuyue immediately jumped up and held the Chi Xiao Sword by its hilt!

Countless rays of silver light flashed on the sword sheath!

The sword sheath was cold to touch, but the strength of the lightning was scorching hot! The two extreme forces merged with each other!

Chu Liuyue clenched her teeth and held the sword tightly!

A familiar aura gradually surged up her heart—this was the Long Yuan Sword’s sword soul!

If one wanted to refine it to become a weapon soul, the Chi Xiao Sword had to undergo the impact from these lightning bolts!

For some reason, the lightning bolts respectively avoided Chu Liuyue when they went past her. This helped reduce the pressure she felt.

As the lightning bolts kept landing, there seemed to be a seal on the sheath that gradually weakened.

The patterns—which had been originally dim for thousands of years—finally glowed a little with their original golden light!

Chu Liuyue tightly held the sword hilt as the surrounding violent strength kept rus.h.i.+ng toward her, yet she didn’t move at all!

Force was silently injected into the Chi Xiao Sword!

Time seemed to pa.s.s especially slowly.

After some time, Chu Liuyue’s hands had been struck numb by the terrifying force, and her bodily strength seemed hard to constrain. It vaguely had the signs of erupting.

However, the lightning bolts kept striking downward! It was as if there were no end to them!

Chu Liuyue forced herself to open her eyes and looked up.

She couldn’t see anything clearly in the sky filled with bright lights. This meant that the attack from the lightning bolts hadn’t ended!

She clenched her teeth and urged her force to circulate!

As she injected more force into the Chi Xiao Sword, the golden pattern on the sword sheath became increasingly clear.

She could clearly feel that the strange connection between her and the Chi Xiao Sword kept deepening! As long as she persisted to the end, she could definitely succeed!

But at this moment, a strange and sudden phenomenon suddenly occurred in her body.

Chu Liuyue turned around, and through the sparkling light, she shockingly saw that her ancestor seemed to collapse onto the ground as his body couldn’t hold on any longer!

His body became much weaker as if it would be blown away by the wind at any time! His face was even paler. His originally energized appearance looked much older and frailer instantly.

Chu Liuyue was overwhelmed. “Ancestor!”

She nervously yelled, “What’s wrong with you?!”

Hearing the voice, Shangguan Jing forced his body up. “N-nothing… It’s just that there are too many lightning bolts, so I used too much of my strength…”

Hearing the weakness in his voice, Chu Liuyue felt increasingly worried. Even though Ancestor doesn’t have a physical body, he is very strong. This is my first time seeing him in such a frail manner.

One couldn’t help but worry about him.


Lightning bolts kept landing!

Shangguan Jing’s aura started weakening at an observable speed!

Chu Liuyue quickly glanced at the Chi Xiao Sword.

Only one-third of the pattern on the sheath had lit up!

This cannot go on! Chu Liuyue calmly thought. Seeing Ancestor’s current look, he definitely can’t last till the end. The Chi Xiao Sword is a supreme Yuan instrument. The lightning bolts required to nourish the sword soul into a weapon soul will definitely be shocking. I definitely can’t finish it with Ancestor’s strength alone!

Chu Liuyue didn’t want to risk her ancestor’s life just because of this!

“Ancestor, please stop triggering the lightning bolts!” Chu Liuyue rapidly made a decision and yelled loudly.

Shangguan Jing outright rejected her. “No!”

The supreme Yuan instrument is a treasure. Girlie was lucky enough to get it—it’s in her fate. Many people can’t even see one in their lives, yet she took it so luckily. How can she not treasure it? Even if it means exhausting my last bit of strength, I have to help her to the end! Shangguan Jing then focused, gathered his strength, and flew up again!

Many lightning bolts appeared in the dark sky again!

The winds howled crazily, and Shangguan Jing’s figure seemed to move.

Chu Liuyue looked down nervously and felt her heart ache. She knew very clearly that her ancestor had reached his limits. If this doesn’t stop, the consequences will be unimaginable! This isn’t Ancestor’s remaining sense of consciousness but his true soul! If anything happens to him today, the consequences will be irreversible!

Fire burned in Chu Liuyue’s heart as her eyes turned red. “Ancestor, please go back!”

Shangguan Jing stood in mid-air and straightened his back. He didn’t turn back.

Darkness and brightness intertwined with each other in the sky. It was as if he were going to leave the world alone and take on everything by himself!

As time pa.s.sed, Shangguan Jing’s aura became increasingly weak.

Gradually, lightning bolts didn’t appear in the sky any longer.

Shangguan Jing’s heart harshly sank. With my current cultivation level… Even if I use my life, I can’t summon enough lightning bolts!


The last lightning bolt struck down!

Shangguan Jing’s face flushed white. He finally turned around, looked at his descendant, and felt apologetic.

His lips trembled. “I-I was useless…”

Chu Liuyue shook her head. “You’ve already done your best. I am very grateful!”

At this point, the pattern on the Chi Xiao Sword had only lit up by half!

Chu Liuyue closed her eyes. When she opened them again, her black gem-like eyes seemed to have some ripples in them as they burned brightly!

She held her Chi Xiao Sword tightly and stood up!

The lower half of her body had long been affected by the terrifying force—she couldn’t feel anything anymore. At this point, she relied on her last bit of consciousness to hold onto the Chi Xiao Sword tightly!

Shangguan Jing sighed deeply. “It’s a pity… I actually wasted your efforts…”

However, Chu Liuyue said, “Not exactly.”

The Tianling Dynasty’s ancestor was dazed. “What other methods do you have?”

Chu Liuyue squinted and looked in another direction. Lightning bolts… There’s a place that has plenty!

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