Chapter 1246: Help

Shang Yulin thought that he was hallucinating.

“What did you say?” He clenched his teeth and said every word clearly. Every word was as if squeezed out of the gaps of his teeth, with hints of teeth-grinding aura.

Chu Liuyue shrank her neck back. I don’t have a choice. I stole his item, and I’m guilty, but I really didn’t have a choice in this! Who knew that he was refining weapons here? Besides, I didn’t do anything after I arrived. The Chi Xiao Sword ran out on its own, so I can’t be completely blamed!

However, she didn’t really dare to say these words to defend herself, and it seemed like there wasn’t much use even if she did.

She lowered her head. “I know I’m wrong.”

Her genuine repentant behavior caused Shang Yulin to be unable to rage.

“Hmph, you’re really capable! ‘Borrow’ lightning… To think you could say such a thing!” Shang Yulin flung his sleeves and looked at the mountain peak again.

A longsword could be vaguely seen under the lightning bolts that kept striking.

He squinted his eyes and asked, “Is that the Chi Xiao Sword?”

Chu Liuyue was quite shocked that he recognized the sword, but a thought popped up in her head. He is an elder at the academy after all, so it is nothing strange for him to know this. This was originally a Yuan instrument that an academy senior produced, and that notebook had been kept preciously in the academy.


“You really lucked out.” Shang Yulin grunted softly. I’ve thought about this item for so many years, but I still couldn’t see it. Who would’ve thought I would coincidentally miss it just when I went into seclusion for a short period. The key is that this Chi Xiao Sword has even recognized an owner! It isn’t that simple for a supreme Yuan instrument to recognize an owner. I wonder how this kid did it.

Chu Liuyue hung her head even lower. “I’m guilty.”

She faintly felt that this elder had a rather different att.i.tude toward the Chi Xiao Sword compared to the other elders. Elder Bo Yan—even Elder Shu Feng and the other elders who went to s.n.a.t.c.h the Chi Xiao Sword personally—didn’t seem to have such a deep understanding of the Chi Xiao Sword.

“Is it refining its weapon soul?”

Shang Yulin’s next sentence caused Chu Liuyue to be slightly shocked, but she thought about it and understood. The other party is originally an Armory Refinement Master, and it seems like he has quite a high standard, so it is normal for him to tell at one glance.

“Elder, you’re very observant. I admire you.”

“Hmph, you don’t have to lick my boots! Strictly speaking, I am much more familiar with this Chi Xiao Sword than you are!”

It’s a pity I don’t have that fate! Since this supreme Yuan instrument could recognize a new owner, it proves that it didn’t have a weapon soul.

Thinking of what Bo Yan had told him earlier, he roughly guessed what situation this was. The sword soul moved to the supreme Yuan instrument without a weapon soul and forced it to recognize an owner… Such a situation has a one-in-a-million chance, but it really happened!

This caused others to be unable to feel envy.

“Why are you still standing here? Are you not going to go up?” Shang Yulin glanced at Chu Liuyue in contempt. “Do you not even know how to do this?”

Chu Liuyue was dazed for a moment and realized that he was rus.h.i.+ng her. This… Didn’t he really want to teach me a lesson a moment ago? Why did he suddenly become so supportive?

“…Elder, um… Don’t you mind?” Chu Liuyue tried to ask.

“Why are you so wishy-washy! Even if I mind, haven’t you already stolen the lightning bolts?!” Shang Yulin wanted to take over directly. This kid looks sensible, but why is he so stupid at such a crucial time? The Yuan instrument I wanted to refine is already ruined, and it can’t be salvaged. There isn’t much use in thinking about it, but this Chi Xiao Sword is at a very crucial stage!

“If anything happens during the refinement of the weapon soul, it could cause failure! If you don’t go up now, do you want to see such a treasure get ruined?” Shang Yulin finally couldn’t hold back as he grabbed Chu Liuyue’s shoulders and pushed her. “Hurry up and get there!”

Chu Liuyue didn’t hesitate any longer. “Thank you, elder!”

Then, she went on her toes and rapidly flew toward the top of the mountain!

Shang Yulin looked up.

The number of lightning bolts in the sky was decreasing. All those were previously summoned when he was about to refine his weapon, and he was interrupted in the middle, so other lightning bolts naturally didn’t appear later.

And the previous few were used up very quickly—only about half was left.

But until now, the Chi Xiao Sword didn’t move much. This also meant that it was still very far away from refining its weapon soul.

Shang Yulin glanced at it and couldn’t help but snort. “You still need me to take action! How troublesome!”

As he spoke, he stepped on the ground heavily and rushed up to the sky!

Chu Liuyue rushed to the mountain peak, where the Chi Xiao Sword floated in mid-air.

Two-thirds of the golden pattern on the sword sheath had appeared. However, the aura surrounding the sword seemed to be much more chaotic, and it had signs of erupting.

“Girlie, you must hold this sword properly! If you don’t control it well, the weapon soul might not be suppressed. That will cause the entire process to fail!” Although Shangguan Jing’s voice was weak, it was especially stern and serious.

Even though this wasn’t Armory Refinement, it was still very hard to refine a weapon soul for a supreme Yuan instrument.

Chu Liuyue nodded. “I know.”

She took a deep breath in and walked forward, pa.s.sing through the countless s.h.i.+ning lightning bolts while holding the Chi Xiao Sword in her hands. Then, she continued to insert her force within!

There were immediate results.

Very quickly, the violent aura surrounding the Chi Xiao Sword became stable again. The familiar and strange connection gradually strengthened!

Suddenly, Tuan Zi ran out of her body and stuck its head into the fountain below!


Chu Liuyue looked down.

The calm water surface rippled slightly, but one could still see the countless lightning bolts crazily swimming within.


Another wave of commotion came over.

Chu Liuyue was stunned and rapidly looked up!

Many lightning bolts appeared again in the sky that had originally quietened down! It was a thunderstorm between the sky and the ground.

A figure stood in mid-air—it was Shang Yulin!

His clothes flowed with the wind as he whipped his sleeves, causing his surrounding aura to rush around in an oppressive manner!

When he did such movements, increasingly more lightning bolts appeared in the sky!

Chu Liuyue instantly understood that he was helping her to trigger the lightning bolts! She felt a wave of grat.i.tude. “Thank you, Elder!”

Shang Yulin didn’t turn back and yelled, “Why are you thanking me!? Focus on refining the weapon soul. If it fails, see how I’ll punish you!”

I used so much effort to help him. This definitely can’t fail!

Chu Liuyue couldn’t help but smile and didn’t speak further. She retracted her vision and focused on the Chi Xiao Sword!

Finally, the sword sheath seemed to move a little!

Chu Liuyue’s heart skipped a beat, and she held the hilt tightly!

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