Chapter 1247: Quick!

At this point, the entire peak of Million Wine Mountain was covered by the bright, silver lightning bolts. Amidst the roar of the sparks, it was very hard to see what was going on.

One could only faintly see Shang Yulin in mid-air.

As for the place where the lightning bolts gathered, one could only see a tall and slim figure vaguely.

Seeing this scene, Rong Xiu stopped not far away. I originally planned on helping her, but since someone else has taken action, I can just observe quietly.

It seemed like everything was progressing rather smoothly, but such a ‘harmonious’ scene was quickly ruined. This was because… someone else came!

Elder Ouyang originally heard that Shang Yulin had come out of seclusion and was going to refine his weapon at Million Wine Mountain at night, so he came over to take a look. But the moment he stepped through the barrier, he realized something was wrong.

This ripple… is too stunning! He almost instantly looked up and was taken aback by the scene before his eyes.

Lightning bolts kept striking, but they weren’t targeting Shang Yulin. However, Shang Yulin—who was in mid-air—kept triggering lightning bolts.

What kind of situation is this?! Elder Ouyang wanted to go forward immediately.

Suddenly, a figure appeared from the side and blocked his path. “Elder Ouyang, please hold on.”

The deep, melodious, and familiar voice caused Elder Ouyang to be dazed. When he saw the person in front of him clearly, Elder Ouyang widened his eyes in even more shock. “Rong Xiu?! Why are you here too?”

Rong Xiu smiled slightly. “I just arrived. I’m waiting for someone.”

Elder Ouyang glanced at the mountain peak suspiciously. “Who are you waiting for?”

There wasn’t much meaning in lying at such a time as they would all know about it eventually. Hence, Rong Xiu answered very honestly, “Chu Yue.”

“Chu Yue?!” Elder Ouyang’s eyelids twitched harshly. He was ever so familiar with this name! Isn’t that the kid who caused trouble here only a while ago?!

He reacted, and the change in his expression was incredulous. He pointed at the blurred figure enveloped by the lightning bolts at the mountain peak in disbelief. “You’re saying… that’s Chu Yue?!”

Rong Xiu nodded and gently explained, “She’s busy with some urgent matters now and can’t be distracted. Elder Ouyang, if you can be considerate, please go over later.”

Elder Ouyang was speechless. Busy with some urgent matters? With so many lightning bolts on Million Wine Mountain, isn’t it obvious what this kid is busy with?!

“Y-you-you… H-he… What is he doing again?!” Elder Ouyang was agitated and started stammering. “Oh yes, and that Shang Yulin! What is he doing again?”

It’s fine if Chu Yue is being ridiculous, but why is Shang Yulin helping him?! Elder Ouyang was confused, and his entire person was unwell.

“You’ll know after you ask them when they come down,” said Rong Xiu with a smile.

Elder Ouyang was also an Armory Refinement Master. He naturally knew that outsiders couldn’t casually disturb them in such a scenario.

If something really happened, the consequences would likely be irreversible. Hence, even if he found this scene extremely strange, he could only hold himself back and wait.

“This kid was previously punished once because he stayed at Million Wine Mountain during the restricted hours. Logically speaking, he shouldn’t commit that mistake again in such a short period of time. Yet, he appeared again today… Does he not have a brain, or did you give him the courage?” Elder Ouyang glanced at Rong Xiu suspiciously.

A faint light flashed across Rong Xiu’s deep eyes, and his thin lips rose slightly. “Nothing can escape your eyes, Elder Ouyang.”

“Hmph! It is you!” Elder Ouyang flung his sleeves. “Previously, they said that you thought highly of this Chu Yue, and I didn’t really believe it. However, it seems like it’s true!”

If it were someone else, it was impossible for Rong Xiu to bring them to Million Wine Mountain at this time!

Seeing Rong Xiu smiling and not speaking, Elder Ouyang couldn’t help but raise his voice. “Rong Xiu, you can come in and out as you wish, but that kid can’t! Don’t think that Chu Yue will be absolved of all responsibility just because you’re standing up for him!”

Not to mention that he has knowingly gone against the rules, but he has done so repeatedly! If he isn’t taught a lesson to remember this time, he will be rebellious in the future!

Rong Xiu thought to himself, If the punishment is still locking her up at Fengmin Mountain, she will probably be elated.

However, he had to give Elder Ouyang face, so he nodded in seeming agreement. “Elder Ouyang, you’re right.”

Seeing how he was nonchalant and unaffected, Elder Ouyang felt suppressed. He isn’t very old, but his maturity and thoughts are very deep. Even I—at my old age—can’t guess what exactly Rong Xiu is thinking. That is the case now. Rong Xiu clearly wants to stand on Chu Yue’s side. Not only did he bring Chu Yue over during the restricted hours, but he even let the latter do all of that at the mountain peak!

The fountain was right there, but Rong Xiu’s appearance caused people to be unable to rage—just because he was Rong Xiu.

Elder Ouyang glared at him. “It’s not wrong for you to protect Chu Yue, but you have to tell me clearly first. What exactly is that kid doing at the mountaintop?”

Rong Xiu paused. “She’s holding onto the Yuan instrument that appeared in Ancient Feather Abyss.”

Elder Ouyang was dazed and immediately understood. “Weapon soul?!”

That Yuan instrument was extraordinary, so he naturally heard of the incident. However, he was agitated just now and didn’t recall it in time.

But with Rong Xiu’s reminder, he instantly understood: Chu Yue was refining the weapon soul for that Yuan instrument!

No wonder! Given Chu Yue’s strength, he probably can’t even trigger lightning bolts, so he came over. Shang Yulin is also problematic. He actually tried his best to help Chu Yue?!

“He still can’t give up on that thing!” Elder Ouyang rolled his eyes. Even if he thought with his toes, he knew that Shang Yulin definitely went for that Yuan instrument.


Thunder could be heard again!

The surroundings of Million Wine Mountain were entirely lit up!

As lightning bolts kept striking, the repeated refinement caused the golden pattern on the Chi Xiao Sword to appear gradually.

Chu Liuyue held the sword hilt tightly, took a deep breath in, and stared at the sword sheath tightly. Finally, the final pattern lit up!


The dragon eyes on the sword hilt suddenly burned with fire! One gold and one blue!

It was as if a gigantic dragon—which had been hibernating for a long time—finally woke up!


The dragon seemed to roar, and it reverberated throughout the area!

Chu Liuyue clenched her teeth tightly and tried to pull at the sword hilt!


The sword body finally left the sheath gradually! Right at this moment, all the lightning bolts in the sky suddenly seemed to land in unison!

Shang Yulin’s heart harshly skipped a beat. There aren’t enough lightning bolts!

He immediately turned around and yelled toward Elder Ouyang, “Ouyang, don’t talk nonsense there! Hurry—come up and help!”

Elder Ouyang was dazed for a moment. Is he… yelling at me?!

Shang Yulin raised his voice. “Hurry up!”

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