Chapter 1249: Interrogation

The moment the longsword was unsheathed, there seemed to be an invisible barrier silently breaking within.

An aura—which seemed to rush over from a distant time—instantly rushed out of the Chi Xiao Sword and entered Chu Liuyue’s body. It was as if a vague line connected her and the Chi Xiao Sword.

The Chi Xiao Sword—originally as heavy as a rock—suddenly felt as light as a feather at this moment.

Chu Liuyue had suffered some internal injuries previously, which rapidly healed under the nourishment of this tremendous and gentle strength.

The aura was familiar and also strange. It was familiar because it was combined with the Long Yuan Sword’s sword soul strength, and it faintly had some of Shangguan Jing’s aura.

As for unfamiliarity… It was the original strength of the Chi Xiao Sword!

Chu Liuyue held the Chi Xiao Sword, and there seemed to be something overwhelming her heart. The next moment, she whipped out the sword—

A terrifying sword aura swept forward! After a temporary silence, the trees in front of her were all collectively cut down!

When those trees landed at the same time, Chu Liuyue shockingly realized something and couldn’t help but slightly widen her eyes. This… I only wanted to give it a try unconsciously and just waved it around randomly, but why was such a terrifying suppression generated?!

At first glance, the trees in front of her were all silently chopped!

However, this wasn’t the end. That was because some trees couldn’t hold up against this sword aura. Hence, after the lush greenery was chopped down, its speed didn’t decrease at all as it went for Million Wine Mountain’s barrier!

“Quickly stop it!” Elder Ouyang was taken aback and hurriedly yelled.

Shang Yulin was about to take action when a figure flashed across his eyes—it was Rong Xiu!

He raised his wrist, and a ray of golden light rapidly flew out!


This force was extremely quick, and it chased after the sword aura. Finally, it managed to stop the sword aura right before it reached the barrier.

The two forces harshly slammed against each other and let out a bang!

The barrier was affected by the aftershock impacts and intensely vibrated.

Elder Ouyang watched on fearfully and hurriedly rushed over.

He frequently came to Million Wine Mountain, so he was very familiar with this and hurriedly strengthened the barrier. After confirming that the barrier had no more risks of being damaged, he heaved a long sigh of relief. If this barrier broke, everything that happened on Million Wine Mountain would be rapidly known by everyone! It would be bad if this incident was blown up!

Thinking of this, his blood boiled as he raised his brows. He glared at Chu Liuyue and clenched his molar teeth. “Chu Yue, you better give me a good explanation!”

Chu Liuyue touched her nose and went to put away the Chi Xiao Sword carefully. A thought then popped up in her head, and the Chi Xiao Sword directly went to her dantian.

In this manner, she could still clearly feel everything that was happening to the Chi Xiao Sword. This made her certain that the current Chi Xiao Sword had finished refining its weapon soul and that it had completely recognized her as its owner!

Her uneasy heart finally settled down. Now that the most important thing is settled, I have to handle the troubles that come after…

She looked at Elder Ouyang with a helpless expression and clean eyes. “Elder Ouyang, I know I’m wrong.”

No matter what, it is good to admit my mistakes first.

But Elder Ouyang was already experienced, so he wouldn’t fall for her trick. He stood with one hand behind his back and snorted. “You know you’re wrong? I don’t see it at all! Chu Yue, it’s not your first time going against the rules and barging into Million Wine Mountain, right?! I remember that it has only been a little more than a month since you were last locked up at Fengmin Mountain for ten days? Not to mention that you were locked up again for a month in between because of some other mistakes!”

“What, do you feel uncomfortable if you don’t cause trouble for a day?” Elder Ouyang was enraged. “You really don’t remember your lessons, do you?!”

Chu Liuyue waited until he finished scolding her before she softly defended herself. “Elder Ouyang, I really didn’t have such intentions. You also saw the previous situation… The Yuan instrument needed to refine its weapon soul, so I could only come here. After I came here, it was uncontrollable, which caused the later incidents…”

“Don’t give me that!” Elder Ouyang interrupted Chu Liuyue’s words in frustration and felt his head ache. “Don’t you know what standards you have now? You actually wanted to use your own strength to refine that Yuan instrument’s weapon soul… Do you think you have been having too much of a great time recently, or are you really not afraid of death?!”

If something really happened, n.o.body could help him!

Chu Liuyue sighed in relief. Even though Elder Ouyang is harsh with his words, he is still caring for my well-being. Besides, if he really didn’t like me, he wouldn’t have helped me without reservations previously. At the end of the day, his bark is worse than his bite.

Chu Liuyue smiled at Elder Ouyang.”Am I not doing fine? Although I’m young and inexperienced, I know that life is precious, Elder. I would never dare to joke with it.”

If she had no confidence at all, she would never agree even if someone urged her to come over.

Elder Ouyang was stumped. This is true. After all, anyone that obtains such a treasure wouldn’t want to seek death. However, this was still too dangerous!

“What, do you think that you’ll be safe with Rong Xiu around?”

Chu Liuyue kept quiet for a moment and seriously nodded. “Yeah!”

“You—” Elder Ouyang was even more at a loss for words.

Rong Xiu’s lips curled up in a perfect angle, and he lightly laughed and said, “Elder Ouyang, since I brought him over, I’ll definitely bring him back in one piece.”

“You! You guys!” Elder Ouyang flung his sleeves. I can’t continue with this interrogation!

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